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10 Benefits of Cheese for Persian Cats
Sometimes Persian cat food for pets is more luxurious than pet owner’s food for Persian cats. This shows that the Persian cat owner is very fond of his pet Persian cat.

Some Persian cat lovers give their pet Persian cat cheese. In fact, maybe your employer rarely eats cheese.

If you want to give your Persian cat pet cheese, then you should pay attention to whether your Persian cat is fit to eat cheese or not.

Usually, if the Persian cat is not fit to eat cheese, they will have an upset stomach and diarrhea. However, if your Persian cat is adept at consuming cheese, feed only a little so that the cheese is easily digested by your Persian cat pet. Many Persian cats like to eat cheese. But most of them are allergic and get diarrhea.

So first identify the nature of your Persian cat before giving him cheese. Check with your vet first to find out the level and how to give it correctly. Well, if cheese is given correctly to Persian cats, it has good benefits, here is more, 10 Benefits of Cheese for Persian Cats.

1. Maintain skin health

Cheese is one of the best foods for the Persian cat’s fur. The high content of fat and protein and the low content of carbohydrates will help maintain the health of the coat. (Also read about the benefits of milk for Persian cats)

2. Increase body weight

Other nutritional content of cheese will help to increase the body weight of Persian cats in a healthy way.

3. Good for the cells of the body.

Cheese is very good for Persian cats because it contains protein and vitamin B12. If your Persian cat is sick, just crush the Persian cat medicine until smooth and then sprinkle it on the cheese, your Persian cat will definitely want to eat it. But if this is the first time you have given your Persian cat cheese, try giving it in small portions to see your Persian cat’s reaction. (Also read about the benefits of cats in everyday life)

Not all Persian cats can eat cheese, especially old Persian cats. Persian cats experiencing digestive problems or diarrhea after eating cheese means that they cannot eat other dairy products, such as milk and yogurt.

4. Increase Calcium Intake

Cheese is high in protein and calcium, Persian cats can be given cheese but in small amounts because cheese still contains lactose from milk. (Also read about aloe vera in cats)

5. Benefits for body development

  • It helps the growth and formation of bones and teeth, and prevents the risk of bone loss (osteoporosis) because it contains a lot of calcium (Ca) and phosphorus (P).
  • Its high protein content helps the growth and development process, and strengthens the muscles of the Persian cat’s body. (Also read about post-embryonic stages in cats)
  • Helps the development of nerve cells and brain fibers because they contain linoleic and linolenic fatty acids.
  • Helps maintain eye function because it contains vitamin A.
  • It helps prevent free radicals because it contains magnesium, zinc and selenium, which act as antioxidants.
  • It helps the metabolic process of various nutrients because it contains riboflavin and folic acid. (Also read about the stages of vaccinations in cats)

6. Formation of better bones and teeth

The process of bone and tooth formation in Persian cats, Persian cats, must begin when the Persian cat is small. One of them is paying attention to the food menu that will be given to Persian cats. Cheese is high in calcium which can help build strong bones. Strong bones should be considered as the Persian cat is a more optimal animal.

Teeth that are cared for from a young age will also make them strong when the Persian cat grows up. Persian cat owners are advised to give them cheese for Persian cats because it is very good for healthy bones and teeth. Giving cheese regularly from a young age can prevent bone diseases such as joint pain, osteoporosis, and other bone disorders.

7. Provides optimal energy

Persian cats that are in their infancy should be given more food that contains good energy. Cheese has better energy content than rice. As seen by the basic ingredient of the cheese which is made from milk, it is very suitable for Persian cats who will later become more energetic and active Persian cats.

Cheese is also very good for pregnant Persian cats because it will give them more energy so they don’t tire easily. Pregnant Persian cats that ate cheese had less fatigue than those that ate no cheese.

8. Contains good fats for the body

The fat contained in cheese is not bad fat that contains a large amount of cholesterol. Bad fats make you more susceptible to high blood pressure. But the fat in cheese is very good and can be used to stop the growth of cancer cells.

Cancer is a disease that is the greatest enemy of all. For that, prevention must start early. One of them is giving cheese to the Persian cat, because prevention is better than cure, right?

9. As an antioxidant

Antioxidants are very important for the body. Persian cats are very sensitive to something, so Persian cat owners should be careful when providing them with food. Unhealthy foods can affect the health of Persian cats, making them susceptible to disease.

To be safer when feeding your Persian cat, you should feed it foods that contain antioxidants such as those found in cheese. Cheese also contains selenium, zinc and magnesium which are good for counteracting free radicals and make Persian cats avoid dangerous diseases.

10. Maintain eye health

The eyes are one of the most important organs in the body for seeing. So it must be properly maintained so that the vision is always healthy. To maintain eye health, it is advisable to consume more foods or drinks that contain a lot of vitamin A. Like the one found in cheese. Cheese contains many vitamins, one of which is vitamin A, which is good for maintaining eye health.

The health of the Persian cat’s animal organs is the most important thing to pay attention to, one of which is the eye. Healthy eyes are taken care of since the Persian cat was given food containing vitamins for eye health.

That’s all I can say, don’t forget to feed all Persian cat food at the proper levels and on the advice of a vet. See you in the next article, thanks.

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