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10 causes of hair loss in Angora cats
Owning an angora cat with thick fur is certainly a pleasure in itself because it looks beautiful and looks healthy. Therefore, every owner of an Angora cat must provide the best care and avoid these 10 causes of hair loss in Angora cats to achieve beauty and quality fur.

1. Malnutrition

The most frequent cause of hair loss in Angora cats is due to lack of nutrition, a lot of food does not guarantee that the Angora cat has enough nutrition, the Angora cat certainly not only needs a lot of food, but also food that has a balanced nutrition according to your needs. (Also read about vitamins for cats to gain weight fast).

Angora cats need vitamin A and vitamin E for healthy skin and coat. So try to give him a food menu that can fulfill this so that the Angora cat has a healthy coat and is protected from all diseases, the food can be obtained directly from quality packaged food. (Also read about the role of B vitamins for cats.)

2. Excess vitamins

Angora cats need vitamins to have a healthy body, skin and coat, but that does not mean that they should be given something that exceeds their needs because they will accumulate and cannot be digested by the body so it will become a skin disease and will cause hair. loss, one of which is if the Angora cat is given the same food menu. (Also read about the benefits of vitamin A for cats).

For example, he always eats meat every day and never gets other useful things like egg yolks or fiber that he also needs, so give him a variety of foods like a combination of wet food and dry food so he gets balanced nutrition and doesn’t have excess of any of the vitamins. . (Also read about vitamins for cats to increase appetite).

3. Wrong product

Angora cats in your care should get the best, from the shampoo to the tools used, if it doesn’t match the shampoo used, you may be at risk of experiencing hair loss and unhealthy skin, so try to use the best. special products for the care of cats. (Also read about vitamins for sick cats.)

4. Allergies

It is the loss of cat hair caused by allergies due to certain chemical products, for example by having given a product that should be for human use until it is suitable and produces allergies or allergies due to certain food products that are not suitable and are not they can digest by the body, always give the best for the Angora cat to achieve the best health.

5. Temperature change

The Angora cat naturally has the ability to protect the body from the weather or its surroundings with its fur, in winter generally the Angora cat’s fur will grow thicker and longer to warm its body so that the Angora cat’s body avoids cold and hair loss. tends to decrease.

Unlike in the summer, the angora cat’s coat tends to shed and thin to protect the body from overheating. Therefore, whatever the weather, the angora cat should be placed in a place with a suitable and moderate climate so that it does not affect health or hair loss.

6. Fleas

The next cause of hair loss in Angora cats is cat fleas, which is a skin disease caused by parasitic animals that damage the skin and interfere with hair growth, fleas in Angora cats can also occur due to a dirty environment or cat infection. or other animals.

Therefore, the Angora cat should always be kept clean so as not to be exposed to fleas, by routinely bathing it and giving it curtain oil after bathing, and paying attention to daily skin health, such as diligently combing and diligently paying attention to the skin. health and development. of the skin

7. Mites

It is a parasite in the skin that can cause infection and make the Angora cat’s hair fall out to baldness, this disease must be cured with antibiotics and oral medication, as it is mandatory to pay attention to daily care and ensure that the Angora cat is in good health. the best health condition.

8. Environmental cleaning

That is the cause of hair loss in Angora cats that is caused by the lack of cleanliness of the environment that surrounds the Angora cat both in its cage and in the environment that surrounds it in such a way that it dirty the skin and makes it the fur is affected, that is, it cannot grow healthy and cannot grow thick like the Angora cat in its environment.

Make sure that the cleanliness of the environment around the Angora cat’s residence is always kept clean, such as regular cleaning and maintenance so that the condition is always dry to prevent moisture and germs. It can also be cleaned once and dried directly in the sun so that it is completely dry and the germs are killed and do not cause problems with the cat’s fur.

9. Stress

Just as humans who are stressed or depressed will experience hair loss, Angora cats will also experience the same, stressed Angora cats will experience problems with their skin health and affect their hair growth, hair of cats become thinner and there is a lot of hair loss.

Angora cats that get stressed can be for various reasons, for example, because they are pregnant, because they are moved from a cage, because they do not like the food they are given, or it may be because they feel that they do not receive their affection. their owners and lack of friends, they become stressed and grow unhealthy hair.

This, of course, must be overcome, that is, by providing the best care for the cat, both in physical terms and in terms of happiness, the way is to pay attention to it regularly, that is, by inviting it to play and making time for it. , so that he gets enough love and gets away from stress.

10. Autoimmune

That is a cat’s skin health problem that occurs because its body has an abnormality in the immune system or its immune system, it has excessive immunity so the nutrition that enters is difficult to digest, this method can be known by examination at the vet namely a special examination and also given special veterinary drugs.

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