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Everyone should be familiar with the common disease in pets, especially dogs, rabies. Rabies is generally known as rabid dog disease. This disease is classified as a quite serious and quite dangerous disease because the parts of the body that are attacked are the brain and the nervous system, so it has a very vital impact. However, this disease is not only experienced in dogs, but cats can also suffer from this disease, so we must know the characteristics of a rabid cat and how to deal with it.

According to several veterinary references, the cause of this rabid cat disease is a virus lyssavirus. What we do know is that some viruses are a source of deadly diseases like swine flu, SARS and others, and the rabies virus can be transmitted from animals infected with rabies to anyone who is exposed to the saliva of a person with rabies in the human body even though at first it was only touching hands. (read: Causes that cats do not eat)

Cat rabies disease is classified as a disease that is quite deadly as described above, and must be treated quickly and accurately medically and non-medically, because it turns out that some information explains that this disease is classified as very dangerous and can transmitted to all living things, including humans.

Therefore, if there are cats around us, even if we have cats, you should pay attention to some of the characteristics of a rabid cat, maybe your cat has this disease. Here are 10 characteristics of a rabid cat:

1. Rabies is indiscriminate

This symptom of rabies is often also called hydrophobia What do we know hydro is water and phobia afraid, then hydrophobia he is afraid of water. So cats that have symptoms like this cause great fear of water, when the cat encounters water either accidentally or intentionally when watered by humans, the muscles in rabies affected cats go into irregular spasms. so that the cat looks very scared of the water and looks weird.

In fact, as a consequence of this symptom, the cat will be very thirsty because, let alone drink, just finding water is already very scary. If you want to try it, you can splash your cat with water and see how he reacts.

2. Rage is normal

When this cat has rabies and has normal rabies symptoms, it does not mean that the cat looks and behaves normally. However, this cat will be seen actively behaving by running as if looking for an object that has not been found, it looks restless and looks very confused, this cat with rage is also very easily aroused by environmental conditions and also likes to act unnaturally by behaving by biting any visible moving object that the cat believes to be a potential threat or not. So be careful when you get close to the cat, it can be attacked. (read: How to fatten cats)

3. Rage is silent

The characteristics of a cat with rabies is that it has symptoms of silent rage, just like normal rage, which does not mean that it is silent because it cannot be seen, but these symptoms are related to its inactivity in acting and behaving. With this symptom of silent rage, this rabid cat also loses vitality and quickly tires during activities, it likes to be alone, so it seems to stay away from other cats that come near it. (read: Signs of a pregnant cat)

Another feature, cats will respond less to moving stimuli from those that are potentially threatening to those that are not paralyzed or difficult to move. Then, because this rage also attacks the muscles that cause the seizures, so at first glance it seems that this cat’s body is shaking, and he has an apathetic attitude by not caring about the conditions of the surrounding environment, even being distant with cats and humans. around him.

4. As if there were no symptoms of rage

Until the fourth symptom, pay attention to the cat you find on the street or the cat you have at home, whether it has symptoms of rabies. If so, immediately give medical and non-medical action. This symptom does not mean that the cat with rabies does not have any symptoms. The rippling water is not deep, and the calm water is washed. (read: Characteristics of the Angora Cat)

As the proverb says, the symptoms are recurring, like symptoms of itching on the body, so it is seen that he often rubs his body or limbs against objects around him so that the itching reduces, then muscle spasms until the muscles stiffen. you can see the body of this cat in rage, sometimes moving or still, then incomprehensible constipation.

5. The cat will appear thirsty

The characteristics of this rabid cat are related to the first symptom, namely this category of disease that we know as hydrophobia which we know from the explanation above or in the first point hydro is water and phobia is fear, so hydrophobia he is afraid of flowing or stagnant water. However, from various references, people mention the characteristics of this rabid cat, only humans suspected of having rabies experience the disease. hydrophobia or fear of water.

But some others believe that not only humans are afraid of water. This statement is confirmed when a thirsty rabid cat is given water to drink, then the response given by this cat is muscle spasms, then the cat appears to be afraid of water and behaves away from water and is reluctant to drink. (read: How to thicken a cat’s fur)

6. The restlessness that strikes

The next characteristic of a rabid cat is that it seems easily agitated and confused. The restlessness seems to have no particular reason, sometimes this cat walks here and there and then comes back and repeats it again. As if looking for an object that has not been found, this symptom of rabies has a tendency for this rabid cat to move, which this rabid cat believes can calm his mind when he moves.

However, this cat, because it is often restless moving from here to there, will look tired for other activities. However, if you seem weak, that does not mean that you definitely have anger, maybe he is sick and needs you. Therefore, you must know how to deal with a weak cat. So, try to see if the cat around you has the characteristics of this rabid cat or not.

7. React unnaturally

Because this rage attacks the nerves, his behavior will change. So a rabid cat will look very vicious and unfriendly which makes it like to bite anything and attack any moving object, causing this cat to react unnaturally which makes it difficult for us to guess, beware of cats with this symptom

8. Formless Rage

Characteristics with these characteristics are unpredictable because this cat sometimes feels itchy, a symptom spasm which refers to the tension of the muscles, sudden activity. In the medical field, this term is often used to indicate muscle contractions that appear suddenly and involuntarily.

9. Sensitive to sound, vibration and light.

The characteristics of this rabid cat are very susceptible to sound, vibration and light. If there is this rabid cat, when we make a sound or in the form of a call or song, the cat’s response is not calm. Just as we give vibrations, if we give vibrations to the ground where the cat is, the cat’s response tends to be aggressive and unpleasant. Then, when given light when it is dark by giving it a flashlight or turning on a light, this cat reacts unnaturally and may attack.

10. Cats become aggressive

In the end, the characteristics of this rabid cat are widely aggressive. Therefore, never approach a rabid cat with these symptoms. This cat will respond to any moving object as a threat, this cat will react unnaturally and may attack without cause even though the moving object is not doing anything.

After the explanation above, the characteristics of a rabid cat are many, but protecting yourself and your family from the transmission of the rabies virus is the most important thing and it is not really difficult. It can be done by avoiding the interaction of a cat with rabies anywhere, but first check if it has the potential for rabies or not, because the disease should not be the dog, okay? (kn)

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