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10 Easy Ways To Kroto Cattle In JarsMany people have an assumption that Kroto is a type of small animal that cannot be farmed.

However, in reality there are still many who want to open a Kroto cattle business because the results that will be obtained are promising.

Especially at this time, too many people need kroto for pet food, so growing kroto is a business that is currently trending in society.

But before doing the business, of course you have to choose what medium or container is going to be used to carry it out.

However, most Kroto breeders prefer to use jars as a medium for Kroto seedlings. The use of jars as a medium for Kroto cattle is considered more efficient and effective. This is because in the media search is very easy.

Not only that, this container can be had at a low price. Selecting a jar as a medium for Kroto cattle will greatly facilitate the breeder in the development and growth of Kroto due to its light color.

Well, if you are still a beginner who is quite new to this business, then you should check out the discussion on easy way to earn kroto cattle in the next jar.

Easy Ways for Kroto Cattle in Jars

  1. Studying the character of Kroto

The first step that must be done is to recognize the character of the Kroto that will be raised by the livestock itself.

That is because recognizing Kroto’s character will be very helpful in carrying out Kroto care. (Also Read: How To Breed Kroto Using Water Bottles)

There are 4 types of characters in Kroto, namely:

  • Kroto soldier, in charge of maintaining and protecting the ant colony and food.
  • Kroto workers, tasked with raising the young Kroto
  • Male Kroto, tasked with marrying Queen Kroto so she can lay eggs
  • Kroto Ratu, in charge of producing eggs
  1. Preparation of Kroto seeds

You can get Kroto seeds from the wild or from cultivation that you can get from other breeders.

Compared to purchased seeds, kroto seeds from the wild are easier to feed because they tend to like any food.

While types taken from other breeders generally have to be given certain feeds, this is due to the habit of kroto cattle being too spoiled.

  1. Queenless kroto cattle

One of the things that can be a hindrance in running a business is capital. If you experience this in kroto cattle, you can make kroto cattle without queen seeds, the time it takes to breed is also quite fast if you don’t use queen seeds, because you don’t start from scratch. (Also Read: How To Breed Kroto With Bamboo Media)

  1. Jar Container Preparation

You can choose a jar with a medium size and enough holes. Next, the bottom of the jar is pierced with a diameter of about 5-7 cm, then it is closed again with adhesive tape.

  1. Stage of Filling Seeds in Bottles
  • The seedlings or rang tang ants that have been prepared are put in a jar and then closed so they do not come out.
  • Prepare a container, such as a flat tray that has been filled with water to half the height of the container. Then place a brick in the center of the tray and place the jar on top of the tray. The purpose of using these containers or trays is to prevent weaver ants from escaping and other animals, such as black ants, from eating the food.
  • If you do cattle on a large scale, you can make cages in the form of shelves as a place to keep jar nests.
  1. Preparing the place of Kroto’s cage

The shelves used as Kroto cages can be in the form of shelves with fiber material or can be adapted to the seeds being grown.

But try not to have too many shelves because they can interfere with air circulation. At the foot of the shelf, do not forget to put a tray full of water. (Also Read: How To Raise Kroto With Cardboard Media)

  1. Cattle location selection

Site selection is very important to support the productivity of Kroto. A good place to raise Kroto cattle is 50 to 500 meters away from crowds, an altitude of 1,500 to 1,800 m/dpl, a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, and a humidity of 60-70%.

  1. Feeding

The food consumed by Kroto must have a high nutritional value to produce a good and abundant production. You can feed Kroto in the form of Hong Kong Caterpillars, Banana Caterpillars, and Earthworms.

  1. Maintenance

The steps that can be taken in the care of Kroto cattle in jars are:

  • Provide regular feeding
  • Maintain the temperature and humidity of the air.
  • Pay attention to the light factor.
  • Clean Kroto’s cage regularly
  • Check Kroto’s cage regularly
  • Keep the cage safe from various disturbances, including other animals.
  1. Pkroto

With the correct and optimal steps in the execution of livestock, the Kroto harvest will be optimal. Generally, the Kroto harvest can be done after the cattle nest is 4-6 months after it is done.

However, if before entering the month it has stabilized, then it is better to bring forward the harvest to wait for the colony to multiply and the harvest to be more abundant.

Each nest can typically produce 1-2 ounces of Kroto. (Also Read: How To Grow Kroto For A Quick Harvest)

You can apply the Kroto cattle in the jar to the Kroto business that is currently running or desired to be run. With passion and patience, the Kroto cattle you manage will achieve maximum results. Good luck.

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