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10 effects of flea injections on dogs

Dogs are one of the pets that many people have. We also often meet in all areas, although not in all. There are many types and uses of the dog itself.

For lovers, having a dog has become something habitual to care for and educate. But for a police agency, dogs are often used as patrol aids. For example, like a bloodhound who is very good at sniffing out the presence of the object he is looking for.

Whereas for some other people, dogs are kept deliberately maybe because it is to keep safety within their reach. For example, to protect the house from thieves, so that people who want to have bad intentions will find it difficult. Owning a dog is certainly a lot of fun.

We can nurture and train to be smart. Lovers, of course, always give their best for their pets. One form or component of dog care itself is through injections.

The purpose of this injection is to provide immunity to the dog. In fact, many types of injections can be given, such as lice removal. Do you know about flea injections for dogs? There are several effects of injecting fleas into dogs that you need to be aware of when you want to do it. (Also read: How to clean tartar in dogs)

8 effects of flea injections on dogs

  1. Jaw

The first and common effect that occurs when a dog is injected with fleas is nausea, whereby the dog may vomit. Vomiting like this is a common effect for all conditions. Even humans can experience it, due to the effects of a single drug.

  1. seizures

In addition to vomiting, the second effect is seizures. Usually, a dog that is injected with fleas can have seizures. This is one of the side effects of the injection, but sometimes it’s okay. However, if the seizures are very frequent and worrying, you should see your doctor as soon as possible so that the problem of prolonged seizures is revealed. (Also read: How to treat dogs affected by the Parvo virus)

  1. Weak

Weakness is common in dogs that have received flea injections. Medicine that has penetrated your body sometimes has a weak effect. However, this situation usually occurs shortly after the dog has finished the injection.

  1. unresponsive eyes

Unresponsive eyes is also one of the effects that arise due to flea injection in dogs. The point is, when the dog has been given a flea shot, if he doesn’t experience some of the above things, the dog will generally have an effect like the eyes are unresponsive, ie glassy. If the dog is usually agile with a sharp look and is doing well, then the effect of the injection is melancholic. He does not need to worry, this is often experienced. (Also read: How to get over a stuffy nose in dogs)

  1. Hot

Hot conditions are common in all animals when conditions are unhealthy. But in the case of flea injections, the heat becomes an effect or part of the injection itself. Usually, a dog experiencing heat can be felt by the state of his body. It can support the dog’s body and can be felt directly from the skin. The heat will feel very bad when the tick is injected.

  1. moaning pain

When a dog whimpers in pain, it is natural because it is one of the effects of flea injections. Usually the dog’s voice will feel different than usual, this is the dog’s way of transmitting complaints after tick injection. If your dog whines in pain frequently, he should call the doctor right away. But if it’s just for a moment, it’s a temporary effect when his body is hit by a syringe. (Also read: How to remove the fear of dogs)

  1. tend to be silent

After the injection, the dog usually prefers to be quiet. This is normal in any dog ​​or animal when it has been injected. After a while, the dog will usually return to normal and perform his activities as usual.

  1. Dehydration

After the injection, the dog will drink more frequently, but perhaps not all dogs. This is called a dehydrated dog. Therefore, you must provide drinking water for yourself at any time. Therefore, you should periodically check its availability so as not to run out of water.

  1. Appetite Down

For the first time, the effect of the flea injection itself will cause the dog to lose its appetite. This situation will not last long, but only shortly after the dog is injected with fleas. You shouldn’t provide too much food, just a little. When the food runs out, immediately take a little more until the dog’s wishes are fulfilled. (Also read: How to feed a 2-month-old puppy)

  1. Pale

The dog’s body will look paler where the skin changes from its usual color. This is the effect of tick injection. It is best to ask your doctor first if this condition is dangerous or not. If it’s not dangerous, then you don’t need to worry, but if it’s worrying enough, you should ask your doctor to do something about it.

In fact, fleas are a nuisance to dogs and must be eradicated. But the effect of the injection itself is certainly there. Therefore, the effects of injecting fleas into dogs can be helpful.

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