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10 functions of cat whiskers that you should know
Cats are indeed cute animals, which excites many people. His unique behavior makes many people feel entertained. For cat lovers, paying attention to health and care is the most important thing. On the other hand, as a lover, of course, you must understand anything about cats. One thing you need to understand is about cat whiskers. Did you know?

All cats must have whiskers as we know. You may have wondered why cats are synonymous with whiskers. This is also what makes cats look cute and cuddly. It is not surprising that many of those who have cats have them as friends at home. Many people don’t really know what the function of a cat’s whiskers is. The whiskers of animals that are often said to have 7 lives are also known as “Whiskers” or tactile hairs. Whiskers have many functions and are very sensitive to stimulation or touch.

Its size, which is quite thick compared to its fur, means that the whiskers that this cat has can connect with receptor nerve endings whose roots are deeper than the fur. (Also read: Signs of an old cat)

Many people are still figuring out what the function of whiskers is in cats. Just take a look at the discussion and full list below:

10 functions of whiskers in cats

  1. Navigation

One of the first functions of whiskers in cats is navigation. The whiskers of this fanged animal are sensitive enough to help them detect changes in the air around them. This ability is what makes cats navigate in a completely dark environment.

  1. as fit

In addition to navigation, the function of other cat whiskers is as adjustment. The muzzle of the whiskers also helps the cat to decide if he wants to go into a small hole or not. In detail, the muzzle of the whiskers is almost the same size as the width of the cat’s body. That is what makes the cat able to get into the hole. (Also read: How to find a lost cat)

  1. Hunt

The function of a cat’s whiskers is quite diverse, and one of them is very useful, namely determining prey or hunting. Carpal whiskers are whiskers found on the underside of a cat’s wrist and used for hunting.

  1. protect eyes

Well, the most important thing is to protect your eyes. This does not mean that only the eyelashes will protect the eyes, but the whiskers also play a role in protecting both eyes. The whisker on the eye also has its own function, namely to help the cat while searching for prey in grassy areas or dense ground. Whiskers cause the eyelids to blink if any branches or bushes have the potential to enter the eye. (Also read: How to take care of cats so they don’t run)

  1. condition indicator

The function of the cat’s whiskers is to find out how the condition and mood of the cat can be seen from the position of the whiskers. If the whiskers hang loose on both sides, it is a sign that the cat is relaxing. For the owner to more easily recognize and know what the cat’s will is like.

  1. Sensitivity

This function is an unfortunate action if you intentionally or unintentionally cut off the mustache that is very valuable to cats. The reason is that this can hinder the ability to hunt and interfere with the navigation process in its environment. (Also read: How to overcome itching in cats)

  1. scanning system

The cat scanning system comes into play thanks to their whiskers. This is the reason for the main function of the cat’s whiskers, that is, to function as a scanning system or what is often called environmental scanning. What’s even more interesting is that cats don’t need to touch objects with their whiskers to detect objects. Basal nerves can detect small movements of air that can vibrate the whiskers.

  1. Detect odor

Interestingly, cats’ whiskers are also useful for detecting scents around them. Another fact says that the cat’s whiskers are very important to balance the cat. Without whiskers, cats will have a hard time even just walking in a straight line, let alone running. (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Oil On Cat Skin)

  1. protect damage

Remember that whiskers are very important for cats. This is because cats have some kind of defense mechanism to protect their whiskers from damage. You can see when the cat is angry or about to fight, the whiskers retract to prevent damage from the fight.

  1. Detect air changes

The next function is that cats’ whiskers are very sensitive and can be used as a detection tool for changes in the weather or the air around them. When the cat is in the dark, the cat can sense the presence of objects that are nearby. Using whiskers, cats can detect objects through air currents in dark places. (Also read: The role of soft pads on cats’ paws)

After knowing some of the functions of the cat’s whiskers above, of course, the curiosity is no longer lodged in the minds of all of you. Because cats are always associated with cute whiskers. Not a few people make fun of cats for their whiskers, but they don’t know what they do. That is the function of whiskers in cats that has been passed down, hopefully this article can provide new insights into cats. Happy reading and I hope it is useful.

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