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10 functions of catnip in cats
Your favorite pet cat may now be an adult, he rarely plays and jumps like he used to when he was a child. He is now more quiet and indifferent.

Sleeping, eating and moving at his own paceā€¦ it seemed that friends meant nothing to him anymore. From time to time, try giving his cat catnip. Catnip is available in the form of snacks / treats / snacks for cats

or in the form of a spray that is sold in pet stores or pet shops. And, catnip can make a cat so playful, rolling around, excited… agile and running here and there like it’s a pet kitten again. What exactly is catnip? And why do domestic cats react like this? (Also read about the effects of eucalyptus oil on cats)

Well friend, Catnip is a bushy plant that grows wild in some areas like Eurasia and North America. The Latin name for Catnip is Nepeta cataria. Catnip belongs to the mint family of plants. Seen from the smell of mint (menthol) spreads. (Also read about the side effects of flea injections in cats)

Not all domestic cats are affected by Catnip. About 20% of domestic cats are not affected by catnip. It has to do with genetics and heredity. If one of the mother cats (female or male father) is affected by catnip, the kittens will usually be affected by catnip as well. (Also read about the effects of shampoo on cats)

A small percentage of the domestic cat population becomes more aggressive when given catnip. This usually occurs in male domestic cats. Well friend, to learn more about the function of catnip, see more in the following review, 10 functions of catnip in cats. (Also read about the effects of sedative medications on cats)

1. Make cats feel fly

Catnip function contains a chemical compound called nepetalactone. These compounds are concentrated in the stems and leaves. This compound is responsible for changes in the behavior of domestic cats. A pet cat. It will usually approach the catnip function plant, sniff it, and then start licking and chewing on it. (Also read about the effects of honey on cats)

It will rub its chin, head, and body against the catnip bush repeatedly. Then the cat shakes his head, meows and purrs loudly and turns around, which is a sign that he is happy and feels fly, feels free and wants to have fun.

2. Make cats happy with no pain afterwards (no side effects)

The effect of catnip on domestic cats is similar to the effect of ecstasy on humans. But the function of catnip does not create dependency of domestic cats. Once the effect of the catnip function ends, the cat returns to normal without any signs of illness in the future.

3. Cures various diseases in cats

The effect of the catnip function lasts approximately fifteen minutes. After the effect of the catnip wears off, the cat goes back to being indifferent as before. Only about an hour later, house cats can be affected if they are given catnip again.

A catnip function given earlier than an hour will usually not have much effect. FYI folks, in addition to the function of catnip, there are also other plants known to affect domestic cats, namely valerian (Valeriana officinalis) and Actinidia polygama.

The function of catnip is harmless to domestic cats. This plant has long been used as medicine. Some of the diseases known to be curable Catnip function is stomach disorders, bloating, relieving toothache, nervous/nervous disorders, smallpox, flu and cough.

4. Gives hallucinogenic effects

Function Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is often found as a weed, and is now widely used as a recreational substance for the pleasure of catnip-fed domestic cats. Research Shows Catnip Works Well

The cat’s joy is due to a type of terpenoid called nepetalactone. Cats treated with catnip respond to this substance with the help of their olfactory epithelium and then cause a hallucinogenic effect.

5. Make the cat relax and relax

The function of catnip that can poison cats can be used or given in the form of tea and drunk immediately. The sedative effect present in this plant is harmless to cats. Some of the features that

that can be obtained include: treating insomnia, reducing anxiety, reducing respiratory disorders, relieving stomach pain, stopping bleeding from wounds and for toothache, medicines so that the cat is always relaxed and relaxed under any circumstance.

6. Good for lazy cats

Scratching, sniffing, licking, eating, and rolling over are reactions of a cat given the function of catnip. Some house cats even make funny gestures due to catnip’s sniffing function. But two minutes later,

The effect usually wears off and can be repeated two hours later. If you have a cat that is too lazy to move, try stimulating your pet with the catnip feature. Domestic cats will be more aggressive and hyperactive after receiving the ‘catnip function’!

7. Make the cat happy

The compound nepetalactone is the reason that domestic cats react as an addiction to the function of catnip. These compounds do not have the same effect as marijuana on humans. So give the catnip function at all

does not interfere with the health of domestic cats. However, because the reaction to the compound is genetic, some house cats may not be interested in the sniffing function of catnip, while others will become aggressive.

8. Catnip function for small cats (puppies)

The function of catnip is harmless to domestic cats. However, catnip function should not be given to domestic cats under three months of age. They have been unable to react to the smell of catnip. Even if the little cat reacts, the effect is that they are usually less able to control themselves.

9. Get the cats excited

Catnip function contains a chemical compound called nepetalactone. The effect can change the “mood” of the pet cat. Domestic cats will be cheerful, happy or very excited, call it ‘crazy’. Domestic cats become aggressive but not destructive.

10. It can cure scabies

The function of catnip is not only used as a ‘cannabis’ plant, the local catnip (pending) can also be used as a cure for mange in domestic cats affected by the disease. Finely grind the leaves and apply to the affected skin, it will heal, of course it is better if it is accompanied by a consultation with the friendly veterinarian.

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