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Indonesia is a country rich in biological and non-biological products, along with the development of the era of globalization and science, which caused the current Indonesian economy to enter into crisis. Due to various factors outside and within the country itself. In fact, at this time Indonesia has not been able to achieve general welfare equally at all levels of society. This has caused many Indonesians to feel the negative effects of the current crisis.

A crisis is a situation that is a turning point that can make things better or worse. However, behind the economic crisis in Indonesia, many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this situation to carry out various economic activities. One of the most outstanding efforts at this time is the construction of a swiftlet nest in the middle of the city. (Also read: Types of Diseases in Swallows)

The saliva of a swallow is compared to gold, a valuable object. Valuable goods always attract the attention of those who want to get rich, especially businessmen, however, not many know that the swallow has a negative side that is also harmful to humans. (Also read: How to grow Golondrina with little capital)

Swallow’s Nest House has a negative impact on the environment and public health. The sound of music that resembles the sound of birds makes noise, along with bird droppings that are indicated to cause bird flu. (Also read: How to swallow cattle)

Many people are simply stunned by the great health benefits of the swallow’s nest and the high selling price of the nest. Not many people know about the bad impact of swallow houses, so they are allowed to multiply in the middle of residential areas. (Also read: How to care for swallows)

There are several negative impacts of swiftlet nests, such as environmental and health impacts for local residents. Following 10 negative impacts of swallows for the environment.

1. noise

The bird’s nest nest house we can see is very noisy. Birds in large numbers can cause a boisterous sound. It is also a health nuisance. the noise of the song of the swallow, which sounds for up to 24 hours, is undoubtedly very annoying for the neighbors. Especially when the bird’s nest is located in a densely populated area, it certainly disturbs the sound. (Also read: How to raise swallow nest)

The sound of swallows is heard almost everywhere, they all compete to blast their sound system at full volume in the hope that they can summon many swallows. Not caring about the neighbors who are to the left and right. Regardless of the worship time. Regardless of the hours of sleep at night. The important thing is that the swallow came.

This has caused some people to complain about the actions of swallow house owners who make the sound of swallows 24 hours a day. Because some owners of swallow houses never pay attention to tolerance between neighbors. Logically, the swallow returns home in the evening and leaves in the morning. The swallows cannot go back out at night.

There is no need to be afraid if the birds are already living and nesting in your place, you will not move anywhere from the sound of the neighboring swallow. Why does the sound of a swallow have to be on 24 hours a day? In fact, it logically causes nocturnal animals to come closer by the sound of the sound equipment.

There is a saying “Empty barrels make a loud sound”. The house with the most votes means less content. Believe it or not, most swifts are like that. The sound of swallows with high volume and 24 hours a day is very annoying to neighbors because many cases are caused by the sound of swallows living 24 hours, such as disturbing sleep hours, disturbing worship, disturbing peace, neighbors complainers, swallow nest theft, resident demonstrations, reported to RT, etc.

2. Dirt causes germs

Not only that, even swallowing bird droppings, when dry, can cause germs. In addition, germs can interfere with the health of residents and the environment, the number of swallows that roam the residents’ settlements, and garbage.

3. Causes bird flu

Potential to cause bird flu. “Bird flu disease arises from birds, and the wallet bird is no exception.”

4. Become a source of disease

Swallowing animal waste, of course, can become a breeding ground for disease if not handled properly.

5. Causing paralysis

According to a researcher from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Mas Nurjitu, swallows can cause 24 types of diseases in humans, if the cage is not located according to regulations. People affected by this virus will quickly feel dizzy, weak and tired. The disease caused is very dangerous if the virus attacks the nerves then the person can be paralyzed.

6. Impact on water cleanliness

If the roofs of the residents’ houses are covered with swallow droppings, it will have a negative impact on the residents’ water reservoirs that are exposed to dirt. If the water is consumed by residents, it may become a source of illness.

7. The atmosphere feels tight

Every day is narrower, narrower and more exciting. With many buildings, swallows roam past, to the right and left of people’s houses.

8. Air pollution

Children who are still in their infancy need fresh air without the contamination of the nests of swallows that multiply more and more.

9. Causes of dengue

There are reservoirs in the building that are easy targets for the Aedes Aeghepty mosquito. Therefore, it is highly vulnerable to the threat of dengue disease.

10. Scattered dirt that disturbs the view

Not to mention that the swifts have not been taught manners so that their droppings simply fall into the settlements of the residents.

We know this is a halal business, but that doesn’t mean it can be shady and ruthless to build it carelessly and inappropriately. Also, with the condition of local residents with very few health workers or related agencies, the government should be able to take policy of this problem. Local residents are expected to be more careful and take care of the cleanliness of the water to avoid the threat of diseases that will be obtained.

Well, for those of you who raise waalets, try to check with your local health department and raise cattle in areas away from residential areas so as not to cause problems or illness to residents and the environment. Hopefully it will be useful, see you in the next article.

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