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Doing business is a job that many people choose. In addition to the many types, other people also do not order you around or follow rules that are not in accordance with your passion and desires. Doing business, especially trading, can have its own strategy in work and business.

One of the businesses that can be run is a pet and pet business. Where many people need pets to participate in the benefits, such as milk and meat in cows, skins in goats, and eggs and meat in chickens.

Meanwhile, pets are a stress reliever for some people. If so, which animals can make big profits in business? Following 10 profitable pet businesses.

1. pet cat

Who doesn’t like cats, maybe some people can’t have cats due to allergies. Apart from this, the cat is one of the animals whose level of business generates high income. Also Read About: How To Treat Boils In Cats

Although some people are against it, and for Muslims themselves, cats should not be traded. But at least the side business is adequate, such as the sale of food, cages and others. Also read about: how to deal with the voice of a lost cat

2. Pet Chicken

Chicken business is one of the most popular and profitable pet businesses. In addition, all levels of society consume food, there are also many fast food vendors who use the main ingredient, namely chicken. Therefore, it can be said that the chicken business is making a profit in the market due to the high level of demand. Also Read About: Easy Way To Raise Batik Chicken

3. Ornamental fish

It is no secret that ornamental fish command exorbitant prices in both business and corporate capital. But when your business starts to grow, ornamental fish can be a very promising business, especially when there are so many types of ornamental fish, both mid-priced and high-end markets. This ornamental fish business is indeed more of a hobby, so it is quite difficult to popularize this business. But if you can dominate the market, you will make huge profits. Also read about: types of louhan fish

4. Bird mascot

Bird pet is one of the businesses that many people do. Various levels of society do not hesitate to keep birds and sell them. Especially birds that have beautiful patterns, good voices and extraordinary agility. Also read about: types of vaccines for quail

However, pet birds are not easy, in addition to being sensitive to the environment, raising them is also quite complicated. Therefore, there may be many who sell, but there are still few who keep.

5. Hamsters

A few years ago, the hamster business was busy, where initially this pet was very easy to get pregnant and gave birth to a large number of children. From the ease of breeding, the sales of hamsters began to flourish and increase in the market. Many people choose hamsters because they are quite small and don’t take up a lot of space or cost a lot to care for.

6. Pet Cow

Cattle is the choice of big businessmen, in addition to big profits, the market share is also big. Especially when it sells in the Eid season, holidays and also when Eid hajj or the day of sacrifice.

It is not uncommon for businessmen to achieve success and large profits. But behind these advantages, many people want cows that are healthy, well cared for and fresh when they buy them. Then it is the job of the seller or entrepreneur to take good care of it.

7. Rabbit

Children or maybe you have raised rabbits yourself, right? everyone must have bought a rabbit, although it often ends tragically or experiences events such as illness or death or even being euthanized if the rabbit cuts through the meat. But the rabbit business has a big name in the pet market. For that you can have a rabbit pet business. But keeping it is not easy.

8. Catfish Pet

Catfish is the next pet that can be your choice. Where healthy and well cared for catfish have good nutrition and omega 3 which is very healthy for children. For this reason, it is important to eat catfish at standard levels, as it can increase brain intelligence. If you want to sell it for consumption, you can choose a catfish pet. How is the market? very profitable, especially catfish is very easy to live.

9. Dogs

Dogs are the next cute and cool pet choice that a lot of people make. Puppy or puppies are often in business, especially for those who are pet lovers. Of course the advantages of buying and selling dogs are not said, they are very profitable.

10. Pet Goat

Goat pets are often used as a separate investment, due to the high sales of goats. You can also choose to pet goats if you want to get a great deal. Goats are used quite frequently in Indonesia, for consumption, Eid, for big events like sacrifices, aqiqah and others.

It turns out that there is something amazing about raising animals. Apparently, the hobby of raising animals has an effect on success. They can make you better in your professional life.

Companies like Google and Amazon are now making the workplace pet-friendly. In fact, several billionaire giants like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are proud to have pets.

It turns out that there are three scientific reasons why pets can propel a person to success. First, pets can reduce stress. Research indicates that pets can reduce stress and anxiety levels.

In one study, participants who were under stress were asked to pet rabbits, turtles, and other toy animals. They don’t say it has no effect on stress. When playing the original version, the participants stated that they were less stressed.

Another study showed that dogs can reduce students’ stress levels during pre-exams. The American Heartt Association released an official statement that having a pet can reduce stress. Racing experts Annie McKee and Emma Seppala say pets can take mental and emotional burdens off a person.

Second, pets can help you prevent feelings of sadness or mild depression. Studies show that playing with pets can promote a positive mood and cause the brain to release good neurotransmitters like oxytocin, which creates a sense of calm, and serotonin, which regulates mood.

Third, pets can help you socialize. These “little partners” not only offer friendship, but can also help foster interaction with people.

One study found that pet owners were 60 percent more likely to meet new people than non-pet owners. Close friendships can help you build resilience and bounce back from adversity.

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