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There are many types of animals that you know, but not all of them are good to have. All animals deserve to be protected, but there are ways and places of their own. However, only a few animals can be kept, especially at home. You may be wondering what type of Children’s Pet is the right one.

Why should there be pets for children? Actually not always or have to, but sometimes some people want to give their children friends who are not always human because even animals are cute to them. With a pet in your home, there are several benefits to the child, including the following:

  • Pets can teach kindness to children

Going out with pets will teach your child to recognize responsibility. She will learn and understand from the language of animals that animals also need to eat, bathe, play and take care of themselves like him. Then, with his effort, his little hands will learn to gently touch his pets and practice the habit of always feeding the animals. And for cats, here’s how to train cats to shake hands and be more active to play with children.

  • Able to increase children’s confidence

It could also be said that pets for children are quite important, this refers to the benefits of this, that is, the presence of animals at home will increase the confidence of children. Animals will also love anyone who loves them, and most children will love animals. Thus the animals will be familiar with the child and will always accompany him. With these animals the child does not feel alone even if there is no one around at the time.

  • Good pets for children’s immune level

The third benefit of Pets for Children is to improve the immune system. If you have interacted with animals since you were a child, you will adapt well to microorganisms. Of course, this is good for boosting immunity and training children not to be prone to allergies.

So what types of pets for children are suitable, appropriate and safe? Check out the following lists of pets that are worthy of being friends with your child:


The first is the weasel, being one of the types of Pets for Kids. But it takes more time to get the ferret closer to the children. Weasels are calm, friendly and quite intelligent animals.

But don’t let this animal fool you with its intelligence. Guaranteed children can feel at home playing with ferrets, because it looks very unique. How to train a ferret to obey the following you may be able to apply before letting him play with the children.

mini hedgehog

Why a hedgehog? Even though the thorn is not quite terrible attached to his body? It is a mini hedgehog that is meant here, or commonly known as a hedgehog, which is a smaller hedgehog than common hedgehogs in nature. They both have spines, only this mini hedgehog has a type of spine that is smaller and not as sharp. But your job is still to take care of the children. To be even safer, here’s how to tame a mini hedgehog you can try.


Squirrels are a type of rodent and are thought of by many as mice. Yes, rats are indeed a type of rodent, but they are classified as very harmful pests. But squirrels are marsupial rodents that usually live in groups. This animal is quite popular abroad as in America, one of them. And that’s how to keep squirrels in the right home.


For the next type, rabbits are tame animals that are often found and are best suited for your child’s friends. Rabbits are active and social types of animals, so there is a reason why rabbits are very suitable to be friends with children, especially rabbits that are safe for following children.


Turtles appear tame, but they can also be painful or harmful, so be careful. But for his son’s friend, he can only give him a small turtle. But when you have a turtle, you must be able to provide a comfortable place for it because it is not easy for rabbits to live in all environments. To be on the safe side, here’s how to deal with fungus in turtles so there are no longer any restrictions on children holding them.


Choosing a pet bird can be quite tricky, and it can also be worth a try. But keep in mind that not all birds are tame, and some have beaks that are sharp enough to hurt your child. Look for low-priced, tame birds to be on the safe side.


Indeed, there is no animal more tame than the fish, but in reality it remains the same because there are also dangerous fish such as piranhas for example. This type of fish has sharp teeth that are ready to tear your fingers. It’s just that most of the fish are tame, so they are suitable for children’s friends.

Try to buy a clown fish, in addition to being tame, the color is very beautiful, or a koi fish, which is sweet but a bit expensive. And to make it easier for children to reach, it can be placed in a jar, but do not forget to apply how to keep ornamental fish in this jar so that they do not die quickly.


Other pets for children are hamsters, which are also rodents. The small shape and soft fur will surely please children to make them feel at home. To keep them healthy, here’s how to take good care of your hamster.


Next is the cat, the most common and frequent pet. Cats are sweet and meek animals, and they have a strong feeling to distinguish who likes or who hates. Cats can be your child’s friends at home so they don’t come out to play all the time. Before that, try to apply how to make the cat feel at home in this house first.


In addition to cats, dogs are also included as common animals and are often found. Even this dog will be smart if you are diligent in training. There is no need to work hard at training, just take it easy and do the little things and the dog will get used to it day by day. When you have found the sign of a loyal dog, then you too are ready to accompany your child.

Those are ten of the types of animals that are worthy of being friends with children at home, give it a try.

In addition to squirrels, hamsters are also included in the rodent type, which means rodents. Unlike mice, hamsters are small and fat. Its small and cute shape makes it a good and safe hamster for your little ones to play with.

that’s the report more than 10 recommended pets for children

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