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10 Super Javanese Chicken Shapes
Seeing the development of an increasingly good livestock market provides an exciting opportunity for all of us. One of them is starting a Super Jawa chicken cattle business, considering the growing demand for this type of free-range chicken.

Breeding is an easy way to increase income in addition to filling free time. Not everyone has the determination in the field of cattle breeding, so never throw your intentions away when you think of raising cattle.

One of the livestock that is usually cultivated is the Creole chicken. This is because chickens are cheap/affordable and easy to care for. Almost all parts of the body of the chicken are sold for sale.

These include eggs that can be sold in the form of eggs, chicken meat that many people are looking for, even feathers to make badminton shuttlecocks. However, not everyone has provisions for raising cattle, so they need to convince themselves to learn first before going any further down the path of Super Java Chicken Livestock.

The requirements to be a farmer are as follows:

  • Armed with the knowledge and understanding of good parenting procedures.
  • Have a sincere and caring soul in caring for animals.
  • Latent in the care of animals during breeding.
  • Watch out for animals.
  • Sincerity and serious intention.

It sounds very easy, but if you run it is more difficult than you imagine. Well, one way to equip your knowledge in chicken farming is the following farming techniques that you can follow to make Jawa Super Chicken business successful and profitable.

How to Live Super Java Chicken

  1. learning while adjusting

The first step to raise cattle is to learn, get information from people who have experience in livestock issues. You can ask a friend or neighbor for guidance who can raise cattle properly and correctly. (Also read: How to grow village laying hens)

  1. Determination of cage location

The next stage is to determine the manufacture of the cage. Choose a strategic place, if it is not very humid and it is not exposed to direct sunlight. In general, the preferred place for breeders is the backyard. In addition to being more closed, it is also invisible from the front and does not disturb the neighbors.

  1. Manufacture of cages

After having a place to raise cattle, another step is followed – to make a super Javanese chicken coop. The basic ingredients are bamboo and nails, or you can also use wood. This is because it saves more cost, compared to having to use iron.

  1. Parent Selection

Before raising cattle, you need to choose the type of superior seed or sire. The health of the chickens is a priority to produce the best quality. Choose a hen that is agile or not sick. Please pay attention to the condition before choosing, take a look at the physical immediately, and make sure there are no flaws. A healthy super java chicken is one that has a normal appetite, agile movements, and is not pale. You can identify a weak chicken by its condition which tends to be aloof and has an unstable appetite. (Also read: Symptoms of snot in chickens)

  1. Feeding

After having superior super java chicken seeds, do not forget to provide food. Because food is a daily staple that must be present regardless of anything. Feed it at least twice a day, but for best results, farmers feed three times a day paying attention to the capacity of chickens per cage.

  1. Water supply

Unlike feed that farmers must prepare, water for chickens must be available at all times. Water is usually placed in the cage and is only replaced every other day to maintain cleanliness.

  1. Maintenance

This procedure is an important component in raising chickens. Where you have to provide and care for livestock. Routinely bathe the chickens at least twice a week and dry them in the sun in the morning at 08:00. Right now is the right time for chickens to get vitamin D from sunlight. (Also read: How to take care of Bangkok chickens ready to fight)

  1. cage cleaning

Do not forget to diligently clean the chicken coop so that it always stays clean. A beautiful, clean environment will not be contaminated with bacteria that can stick to chickens and become diseased. One of the reasons chickens are often sick is because the cage has never been cleaned. It usually makes the neighborhood look run down or dirty.

  1. Vaccination

The purpose of implementing this method is to provide immunity to the chicken. So this vaccine can fight various diseases and make chickens healthier. Vaccinate twice a month for a minimum and a maximum of 3-4 times a month. (Also read: How to give vaccinations to laying hens)

  1. Nutritional Intake

It not only provides staple foods but also produces excellent quality Javanese chicken by providing nutritional intake. The vitamins that can be given are supplements that are available from all feed vendors at affordable prices. In addition, it provides other nutrients through homemade probiotics from the fermentation of yeast, molasses and water. (Also read: How to make probiotics for layers)

Those are the 10 Super Java Chicken Farming Ways that you can apply yourself to your Javanese Chicken livestock business so that when you farm in the future, profits can be maximized compared to ordinary care without this kind of prior knowledge.

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