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10 symptoms of toxoplasma in cats that you should know
In a general sense on the part of the community there are some people who believe in the myth that it is not good to have cats because of the risk of causing infertility.

Of course you’ve heard of him, right? The myth assumes that infertility is caused by cat hair and feces, that if they are accidentally inhaled or touched and enter the body through the skin they will cause a virus and cause infertility, you know, is this true?

Actually the myth is not entirely true. The myth is related to Toxoplasma, which is a virus that attacks and poses a risk to all mammals, including cats, and the disease is called Toxoplasmiosis. So far there is no vaccine for this disease, only prevention can be done so that it does not become a more serious infection. Of course you’re worried, right? What if your favorite mammal, say a cat, turns out to have the disease?

Therefore, on this occasion, the author will talk in detail about the symptoms of Toxoplasma in cats as an intuition that you should know to prevent various diseases and unwanted dangers, let’s see more in the following article.

1. High body heat

The first symptom of Toxoplasma in cats is that the body suddenly experiences a high fever until the body weakens and the coat looks dull, first aid provides medicine for fever and infection prevention, of course, consulting with a doctor first. doctor. If it still persists and there is no progress, it should be taken to the nearest veterinarian for laboratory tests. (Also read about signs of allergy in cats).

2. lethargic

Another symptom is that the cat becomes lethargic even though it was previously active when playing in daily life, there is a possibility that it is an early symptom or symptom of another disease, the way to prevent the virus from developing further is to give it vitamins to increase the resistance of the body so that it can help increase the cells in the body against the Toxplasma virus. (Also read about how to treat a pregnant cat with worms.)

3. Loss of appetite

The next thing is that he suddenly doesn’t want to eat anything and is lazy to drink, his face is weak and his stomach becomes more sunken, at this time sadness may have started to infect his digestive tract, so we can’t help him anymore We need to take him to the vet for a test so that we clearly know how this dangerous virus develops in the cat’s body and treat it as soon as possible. (Also read about how to treat diarrhea in Persian cats.)

4. Weight loss

Consult a doctor if your cat suddenly loses a large amount of weight in a short period of time, the Toxoplasma virus sometimes strikes quickly and becomes parasitic in the cat’s body causing weight loss, treatment and screening should be done as soon as possible. as possible. (Also read about prohibited foods for Persian cats).

5. The pupil of the eye shrinks

The next symptom of Toxoplasma in cats is that their pupils look smaller, their eyes look confused, prevent further infection by increasing nutritional intake and giving vitamins for body resistance, don’t forget to wash your hands before and after touching the cat, keep an eye on it, if the situation does not change, immediately take it to the doctor because these symptoms risk blindness in the cat’s eyes. (Also read about how to tame a kitten.)

6. Seizures Seizures

If this happens, it is possible that the virus has attacked the nervous system, the best solution is to consult a doctor, do not wait any longer, then take care of the nutritional intake and cleanliness of the cage, do not give meat or raw food. that’s not clean because that’s where the virus grows and enters the cat’s body.

7. Tremor

The next symptom is that the cat is trembling so that it becomes unable to perform activities and does not want to play because its body feels weak, the way to treat it is not to give the cat its entrails even if it has been cooked. because he is at risk of causing more danger, take him to the vet and the best way to get treatment.

8. Paralyzed

The symptoms of Toxoplasma in cats that have reached the paralyzed stage means that they have reached an advanced stage, at this stage the cat feels pain throughout the body, there is no better form of treatment than taking it to the veterinarian since this condition indicates the the virus has attacked. It is best to avoid touching the cat or wear gloves to protect it.

Never touch the feces because the Toxoplasma virus in cats attacks humans through the feces, if you clean the litter box, do not use it directly with your hands and then rinse with hot water to kill the germs. Improve your hand hygiene by washing your hands with alcohol.

9. Vomiting, Diarrhea

This symptom occurs because the growing virus is exacerbated by environmental conditions or dirty food, the way to overcome it is to give him a prescription medication for vomiting and diarrhea and clean the feces daily and the cage routinely .

The cleanliness of the cat’s environment and body is the holder of the most important role in the cat’s daily health, in addition to external factors, such as the recruitment of cats or other animals. The prevention and treatment that can be done is to keep the cat and the environment around it clean so that the viruses that can attack do not develop further and do not cause more infections.

10. The Death of a Kitten

The last symptom of Toxoplasma in cats is if in her history the cat often gives birth and dies before growing up or before weaning. This happens because the Toxoplasma virus destroys the cells of the fetuses that develop both in kittens and in human and other animal fetuses. so that the children that are born do not survive long because they have been infected since they were in the womb.

The treatment method consists of preventing the mother cat from eating foods that are not guaranteed to be clean, such as cockroaches, mice and other live animals that cats sometimes like to hunt, and carry out regular check-ups with the veterinarian so that the problem is known. general condition of your body so that when there is a risk of certain diseases, it can be prevented and cured immediately.

Thus a complete explanation of the symptoms of Toxoplasma in cats, it is better if you have a cat with these symptoms, you should be careful especially for pregnant women not to touch it because it represents a risk to the health of the mother and the baby. The best treatment is to take him to the doctor.

He still loves your cat because the illness that comes is not the cat’s fault and the cat does not want the illness to come to him either, precisely at times like this the cat really needs you to be able to recover from his illness. Thank you for reading. I hope it is useful.

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