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Passion is the condition of birds that are ready to mate, just like other animals that need to reproduce. Passion in lovebirds is usually marked by the aggressive attitude of caged birds. As good lovers of lovebirds, we need to know what the characteristics of the birds that are ready to mate are like. Our duty as bird keepers is to provide the right companion for our pets.

Whether in captivity or just in cages, we must pay attention to the biological needs of our pets, one of which is to provide them with the best food to warm them up quickly. Following 10 types of food that increase the lust of lovebirds. (Also read: how to treat hoarseness in birds)

1. Grains

The seeds are often referred to as a source of protein and a source of lust, which is a component of the fortifying meal of lovebirds. Also, the skin is very good at helping lovebirds digest their food. Some seeds that lovebirds like include corn, pedi, peanuts, green beans, and millet. (Also read: how swifts spend the night)

It would be good if before giving lovebirds, the seeds were washed so that all the dirt and empty seeds are wasted. When immersed in water, empty seeds float to the top, while good seeds sink. After that, the seeds are sun-dried to dry, then winnowed to remove any remaining seed coats. Finally, the clean seeds can be given to the lovebirds. (Also read: types of pests that usually attack Etawa goats)

2. Corn

For lovebird lovers, corn food in the form of cobs or shells is easily obtained everywhere from the lovebird market to ordinary traditional markets because it can increase lust. (Also read: types of eye diseases in birds)

Young ears of corn are very popular with lop-billed lovebirds such as cockatoos, parrots, parakeets and parrots. However, the new lovebird only eats a small part of the seeds, the rest is thrown away. On the other hand, pigeons. strengthen. and walnuts prefer shelled corn that has been roughly ground. (Also read: how to eradicate pests in milkfish ponds)

3. Rice

Oryza sativa rice is certainly familiar in everyday life. Since ancient times, rice has been used as food for lovebirds to increase lust. Rice is divided into three types, namely grain, rice and semolina.

4. Grain

In general, the grains of rice that are still covered and protected by the husk are called grains. The grain is often used as food for lovebirds, sparrows, canaries, pigeons, puter and turtle doves to increase lust. Lovebird fans have long known about another type of grain, Lampung rice. Lampung rice is small and slightly round with a slightly smooth yellow skin. As for the good quality of the grain, it fills up, if pressed it feels solid and not porous.

5. Rice

When the grain is milled and ground, the inside is known as rice. The surface of the rice is covered by a thin film that determines the color of the rice grains. This membrane contains proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and fats to increase lust.

According to the color of the coating, the rice is divided into three types, namely white rice, brown rice and black glutinous rice, although the outer color is different, but the three types of rice are divided inside and look clean white. The rice is generally oval in shape, slightly shiny and publis when dry is difficult to break with the fingers because it is hard.

6. Grains

The grains are the result of grinding rice into small pieces of rice to increase lust. The grains can come from white rice, brown rice, and black glutinous rice. These small pieces of rice are often given to lovebirds, pigeon parakeets. ticks and turtledoves. In the market for lovebirds or semolina, they are sold in packages at a relatively cheaper price than rice.

7. Soy

Soybeans (Glycine max) are widely known as one of the human foods. However, soybeans are sometimes fed to lovebirds, pigeons, tortoises, and canaries to increase lust.

Soybeans are also used as a component of mixed feeds that are cooked into porridge with other cereals. Because the soybeans are relatively large before we feed them to the lovebirds, we roughly crush them so that the lovebirds can easily eat them.

8. Green beans

As the name suggests, these bean seeds are dull green to bright green in color. However, there are also yellow, brown and black ones. Green beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) other than for human consumption. It is also commonly used as food for lovebirds, pigeons, puter. nut. and buckling to increase lust. These seeds are a source of B vitamins with little content of vitamins A, C and D.

9. peanuts

Among the types of nuts, peanuts (Arachis hypogaea) contain the highest fat content to increase lust. Therefore, its use as food must be done carefully, without giving too much to the lovebirds.

10. Sorghum and Barley

Sorghum seeds (Sorghum vulgare) are often used as a pigeon feed mix and can replace corn and rice to increase lust. However, sorghum seeds are quite difficult to find on the market because cultivation is still limited, unlike maize and rice.

Sorghum seeds are 0.8 to 3.5 mm in size with shapes varying from round, oval to flat round. If the seeds are pressed, they will feel hard, but some are soft and not too thick, in a tightly closed state, the entire surface is partially covered or not covered at all.

Barley (Panicum italia) is easy to find in kiosks or in lovebird markets to increase lust. This feed is usually given to lovebirds in the form of panicles or pipilen. Some lovebirds like puter, sparrows, sparrows, turtle doves, parakeets, pigeons and canaries get very hungry when they eat these seeds.

The barley panicle is cylindrical in shape, dense, thick and hairy. The seeds contained in panicles have a variety of colors white, pale white, yellow, bright yellow, reddish yellow, green, dark purple, mixed colors.

Well happy parenting, don’t forget to feed them nutritious and healthy food so your lovebirds will warm up fast so they can produce eggs quickly for maximum profit, see you in the next article, thanks.

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