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Grass and vegetables are natural foods for pet rabbits, these foods are very easy to get, but there are some types of grass and foods that are not good for pet rabbits to eat. Foods that are not good for pet rabbits are foods that contain too much sugar (glucose and sucrose types), foods that may interfere with the digestion of pet rabbits, foods that are toxic.

In reality, raising rabbits is difficult. We can’t feed him carelessly. Especially if it is an ornamental rabbit. Food must be special. Just like grass bought at the pet store, this is imported grass that is dried.

But there is a kind of belief in the local Indonesian society. Basically, any pet food is fine, as long as it’s natural. Simple food sometimes gives a much better effect.

Actually, it is not that the following foods should not be eaten by domestic rabbits, but it is better to avoid them because according to some experiences, domestic rabbit breeders and lovers experience bad things with their domestic rabbits, so it is better to avoid them. Following 10 types of food that rabbits should not eat.

1. Food containing a lot of sap/water

Vegetables like cabbage and collards contain too much water, which can affect your rabbit’s urine and feces. The crude fiber content in cabbage is also too high, especially for domestic rabbits that are still developing. the most feared thing in cabbage is the gas that cabbage contains, (Also read about how to make vitamins for rabbits)

If eaten by domestic rabbits, cabbage can cause domestic rabbits to bloat, and sometimes domestic rabbits die from this symptom as well. There are some breeders that suggest aerating or drying approximately 6-8 hours beforehand. (Also read about how to breed successful ornamental rabbits)

2. Food with a coarse or sharp texture

It is feared that food with a rough and prickly texture may harm the domestic rabbit, either by hurting it externally or even injuring the rabbit’s body, for example, internal inflammation and gastric disorders. Therefore, avoid foods like this and replace them with good food for domestic rabbits. For example, elephant grass, prickly grass, etc. (Also read about how to bathe a rabbit without water)

3. Food too sweet

Like humans, most of the sugar (glucose sucrose) in the body is not good and will also damage the teeth of domestic rabbits. (Also read about the causes of hair loss in rabbits)

4. Lamtoro leaves

This chinese lamtoro or petai leaf is actually high in protein but it also has a toxic substance or mimosine which can cause hair loss in pet rabbits, the leaves in my area are also called mandingan leaves, this is not due to give to pets rabbits to anticipate things that are not desirable in domestic rabbits. (Also read about the causes of flatulence in rabbits)

5. Carrot

Perhaps most people think that domestic rabbits are identical to carrots, but in fact, carrots should only be given occasionally to domestic rabbits because carrots contain a very high sugar content, so it may have a impact on various things such as abnormal growth rates and digestive problems of pet rabbits from consuming excessive carrots.

6. Kang Kung

Kangkun may be a favorite food for pet rabbits, but due to its high crude fiber content, it can be difficult for pet rabbits to digest.

Also, kale, which is a bamboo plant, has the potential to store gas and bacteria. The basic thing when pet rabbits are given kale is that their urine smells like urine.

7. Elephant Grass

Elephant grass has a texture that looks sharp, so it can hurt the tongue and throat of domestic rabbits, so you should avoid this food, although basically this grass has good crude fiber content.

Actually, this grass can also be dried for two days and then finely chopped and then given to domestic rabbits, but because the texture is also dry, most domestic rabbits are not interested in eat it

8. Cabbage or leaf cabbage

Cabbage contains a high content of crude fiber, so it is not good to give it to domestic rabbits in excess, as it may cause domestic rabbits to bloat, due to bloating symptoms, domestic rabbits may die if not treat immediately.

9. Mindi Leaves and Corn Leaves

Mindi leaves are one of the foods to be avoided, because mindi leaves contain toxins, and in general, mindi leaves are often used as plant pesticides. It is not recommended to give corn husks to pet rabbits, because the texture of corn husks is very rough and hard, this will hurt the tongue and mouth and digestion, leading to diarrhea in pet rabbits.

10. Gadung leaves and tubers

Giving gadung leaves and tubers is the same as poisoning our domestic rabbits, because in the content of gadung leaves and tubers there is a very deadly poison, as we know this plant can be used as a poison to control rodents such as rats.

Well friend, as we already know, if the rabbit’s main food is feed in the form of forage, it can be grass and other types of vegetables. For vegetable and grass feeding types, rabbits need food that is still fresh and clean, we need this to maintain health because rabbits are classified as highly sensitive animals that easily experience death.

But you need to know if the fodder we provide you is also mandatory that we give it in withered state. In other words, before giving the feed to the rabbit, the feed must be exposed to the air for a maximum of 3 to 6 hours to eliminate the content of water and toxic substances that can be harmful to the rabbit.

Especially feed containing more water and sap. Because the food can make the rabbit sick, for example, vegetable food with water and spinach can cause the rabbit’s stomach to experience bloating, gas, and can be fatal, that is, death.

Ok friend, I hope it is useful, see you in the next article, thanks.

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