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10 ways to breed elephant foot tortoises
How to Livestock the Elephant Foot Tortoise is practically the same as other types of care. Have you ever heard of this type of turtle? Perhaps most people think that this type of turtle has legs the size of an elephant. Yes, as its name suggests, this tortoise has a foot shape similar to that of an elephant.

In fact, this type of turtle is emys. It’s just that most people are more used to calling it an elephant foot tortoise because of the shape of its legs that swell like elephant feet in general. Emys is one of the largest land turtle species in Asia. Even growth can reach a length of 80 centimeters with a weight of about 37 kilograms.

Turtle breeding will be more fun, in addition to its unique shape, it is also an animal species that is rarely easily found. In Indonesia, the Emys tortoise is found mainly in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Emys likes a fairly humid environment or in tropical climates. The higher the humidity level, the more comfortable the turtle will be.

We also share how to raise elephant foot tortoise on this page to help you care for it the right way. It is not easy to keep the Emys tortoise that likes a humid environment. Although as you know, what is the weather like on the island of Java.

Perhaps if you are in Kalimantan, Sumatra or areas with cold temperatures, it will not be a big problem. Unfortunately, if you are on the island of Java, of course there must be a trick for emys cattle. (Also Read: Farming Indian Star Tortoises)

The following is an elephant foot tortoise farming method that you should be fully aware of.

  1. prepare the cage

Not only turtles, even if you want to keep any animal, of course what you need is a cage. The first thing you have to prepare is a cage that will fit Emys based on the size and height of the cage. The cage for emys must be equipped with a hiding place. Why? Because if it gets too hot, the emys can become dehydrated, while this type of tortoise likes the extra moisture.

  1. Ensuring sufficient mineral intake

Emys loves humidity, cold and water. So the second tip that she should do is to provide the turtles with enough water reservoirs. She can use a small pond medium for a special turtle area. The cost may be a bit more of an issue than making a regular cage. But so it keeps emys if not in full.

  1. give UVA

What is UV? This is a nutrient to increase appetite. You can give Emys UVA to eat normally. Usually, a turtle that is kept by someone has to start adjusting, and at this point it takes time for the turtle to get used to it. One thing that can be seen is the difficulty in eating, so the need for UVA nutrition. (Also read: Fresh Fish Turtle Farming)

  1. Supply with the right supplements and vitamins

Provide other additional nutrients in the form of vitamins and calcium that contain a large amount of D3, this is intended so that the turtle can be healthier and not susceptible to diseases.

  1. Get away from the heat

Emys really didn’t like heat that was too intense. You must be able to understand what the turtle’s condition is like so that you don’t carelessly put Emys under the sun. Also, there is no need to dry the turtle like someone after bathing a pet.

Even if you have to dry it out, make sure the place for the Emys tortoise to bask has a temperature level of 31˚C, and try to keep the temperature in the cage around 28-29˚C.

  1. give favorite food

Emys has types of food that are easy to obtain, namely grass, various types of fruits such as carrots, papaya, tomatoes, bananas, cucumbers, fumark, bokhoy, caisim, etc., as well as leaves such as taro and aquatic leaves. plants like the lotus. It’s just that sometimes emys also eat earthworms and small snails. (Also read: How to care for a small turtle)

  1. Put it in an outdoor place

Don’t put too much pressure on the emys by restricting the habitat. Sometimes people are afraid that their pets will get lost, so they take good care of them. However, the Emys tortoise likes the outdoor environment.

  1. Peaceful place

As with bird breeding, the Emys tortoise, as the largest tortoise species in Asia, needs a quiet place. One of them is to keep it away from the sound of other animals such as cats or birds. (Also read: How to breed Kacer birds in a cage)

  1. Mustard leaves

Another way to breed the elephant foot tortoise is to give it mustard greens. Mustard greens and stems are highly prized by Emys. If you give him mustard greens regularly, then Emys will be more submissive to you.

  1. Try not to be obese

You can give as much food as you want, but there is still a limit. Don’t let your overfeeding habit make your turtle obese. In the end, what happened was that Emys got tired easily and walked more slowly.

Those are 10 ways to raise elephant foot tortoises that you can do easily and precisely so that the tortoises can maintain their health and are not susceptible to diseases. (Also read: How to treat swollen paws in cats)

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