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10 Ways To Breed Kebo Starling For Beginners
The kebo starling is a species of bird that has a medium size of about 25 cm, its feathers are dark gray and it has a short crest. The Kebo starling also has a melodious voice, which is why many people seek it out as an ornamental bird or as a pet. Kebo starlings are now difficult to find in the wild due to the high number of arrests made by humans and the natural conditions in Indonesia, which have suffered much damage.

On this occasion, the author will share tips on 10 ways to raise the Kebo starling that anyone can do, of course with patience and patience so that they can produce many offspring and profits. Let’s see the full explanation below.

1. Choose a good father

Before doing the Kebo starling breeding method, it is necessary to know in advance what the characteristics and character of a good father are like so that later he can produce good offspring as well. His characteristics are having a robust body and sharp eyes, having a large appetite, having a flawless body, brightly colored hair, and being free of any history of disease. both males and females have the same conditions described. (Also read about how to make turtle doves sound diligent.)

2. The right age for marriage

Adult starlings that are ready or have time to breed and reproduce are those that are at least 2 years old, at which age they already have a strong lust and the ability to lay eggs and incubate properly. If you want a Kebo starling that is capable of mating immediately, buy a pair that are at least 2 years old. (Also read about how to tame a parrot).

3. Cage manufacturing

Prepare a cage in the form of a permanent cage with an ideal size of about 80x100x180 cm made of wire by placing a twig as a perch in the middle. Put cement in the base of the cage so that it is comfortable and does not get wet. Also prepare a box for a bird’s nest in which hay is given for later when the kebo starlings have laid eggs. (Also read about wingko sparrow breeding.)

4. Cage location

The cage should be placed in a calm and quiet place, away from human noise or modern life, also away from pollution and pollution. An unfavorable environment will stress him out and affect his breeding and appetite. It also won’t lay eggs, so try to find a quiet spot with plenty of morning sunlight. (Also read about how to grow garden ciblek.)

5. How to mate

If you already have a couple of starlings then it is time to mate, first separate them in different cages in a close position so that they get to know each other, if they interact by looking at each other and whistling it is a sign that they like each other and immediately put them together in a cage so that they can mate. they will marry (Also read about how to grow cut pigeons.)

6. Rest time

Kebo Starlings that have laid eggs will lay their eggs and hatch in the location you previously provided. Try to keep the surrounding conditions calm and protected from predators so that it can lay eggs and hatch properly. Always complete the supply of nutrients so that it does not get hungry since if it is hungry when it is incubating it can become aggressive.

7. Starling Kebo Nursery

When you have children, you can give them softer foods, such as nutritious animals that are mashed into mush and put near the cage, let the young feed them, unless the parent has difficulties, you can help him by feeding his child with a stick.

8. Feed type

The best food for him is from the wild, such as crickets, bamboo caterpillars, German caterpillars, and voer. Give alternately to not get bored and have a balanced nutrition. Give him food in a disciplined way so that he has regular eating schedules and habits and has a good metabolism.

9. Drying and Health

Kebo starlings that have matured can be dried in the sun every morning when the morning sun shines warmly or before it gets hot so that they get a natural vitamin, namely vitamin D, which is very beneficial for the shape physical and health. Do this every day unless the weather is not nice, like when it rains a lot or there are strong winds.

Prevent various pests and diseases, which play a role in this, especially health and hygiene, both the cleanliness of the bird’s own body and the cleanliness of the cage and the environment. Clean the entire cage at least twice a week with diguyu water and then clean it with soap and dry it in the sun so there is absolutely no chance for germs to breed.

Also clean the eating and drinking place every day because if this part is dirty, it can also easily breed germs and bacteria, so the birds are easily infected with skin diseases such as fungus or flu. Make sure the cage conditions are away from moisture so they are free from pests and diseases.

10. Restrooms and Shelters

The Kebo starling is the type of bird that likes to bathe, in the wild it usually plays happily with the river water. Bathe starlings at least once every other day to keep their bodies fresh and germ-free, bathe them by gently washing them with clean, clear water and gently rubbing their fur to remove dirt and dust. After that dry and dry.

Kebo starlings do not like to be around other animals even though these animals belong to the same species of birds as them. If you have other types of birds, do not bring them close, much less keep them in the same cage, because it will make them fight because Kebo starlings are not usually close to other types of birds.

For the collection of Kebo starlings, it can be done when the body weight reaches the size expected by the market and is capable of mating, sell it keeping it alone or in pairs because the Kebo starling tends to be loyal and likes to mate only with His couple.

Therefore, the article on 10 ways to breed buffalo starlings is hopefully easy for you to understand and may be a useful idea for you. Thank you for reading. Greetings from the author.

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