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Cats are one of the 4-legged animals that are most often kept as pets at home. His submissive and calm nature becomes a plus or a special interest for those who have a cat. In the world itself, cats are the main attraction for someone who has a cat.

Until now, there are many types of cats in which almost every country has its own domestic cat and continues to breed both with the same type or crossbreeding that will produce new breeds or generations. One type or breed that is often kept at home is the Persian breed.

In fact, it can be said that this breed or Persian breed is very popular in the world, where it has advantages in a very dense coat, obedient cats, and not too aggressive or moving around a lot. Keeping a Persian cat can be more difficult than how to care for a jungle cat due to the big difference where the Persian cat has thick fur and the jungle cat doesn’t have too much fur. So if we want to bathe this Persian cat, we must know how to bathe a cat without a dryer because some cats are always afraid of the noise of the dryer.

If you really intend to get a Persian cat but don’t know how to care for it, here’s how to care for a Persian cat.

1. Give him a place to live

The most important and basic thing in keeping a cat is to give it a place to live. Not only a place to live, we also have to give a decent and comfortable place for cats to live. Some examples of cat housing can be in the form of a cage made of iron, wood, or a special room in the form of a room suitable for a cat to live in.

If you want to take care of a 2-month-old kitten, it would be good to give him a place protected from cold air because when they were little, cats did not have enough resistance.

2. Protect the cat’s environment

Once we have a place to live for our pet cat, the next step is to take care of our cat’s environment. If we use a cage that can be moved, try to keep the cat as far away as possible from the threats of other animals that will disturb, such as dogs, birds, mice and even other breeds of cats that will interfere with our house cats.

In addition, also keep the environment and the cat’s cage clean, so that our cats are healthier because they have a clean environment.

3. Provide a place to eat and drink

The next way to keep a Persian cat is to provide a place to eat and drink for our pet cat. If we only have 1 cat, we only need to provide 1 couple of medium-sized places to eat and drink so that we can control the amount of food for the cat.

However, if we keep more than 1, it is better to provide a place to eat according to the number of cats or you can also provide a larger place where 1 place can hold multiple cats.

Not only a place to eat, a place to drink is also provided, and if possible, the cat does not easily change the place to drink, for fear that the water in the water bowl will rise and hit the cat, causing the cat gets wet It is not bad if the cat is wet, but there may be a threat of fungus if our cat is exposed to water that moistens its body.

4. Feed the cat and drink

After our cat has a place to live and also a place to eat and drink, the next step is to feed our cat. Particular attention is paid to feeding cats.

Globally, cats demand more protein-rich foods, such as fish, meat, and some high-protein foods. And avoid feeding carbohydrate-rich foods like rice, noodles, etc.

In feeding, it is recommended to buy food that has been provided by a cat food manufacturer that has been tested and is rich in the nutrients that a cat needs. There are 2 types of self-produced food, namely wet food or wet food and dry food, dry food.

We can give our cats both, but it is better to give our cats dry food and not too much wet food because some pet lovers believe that giving dry food too often will affect the quality of the cat’s teeth. not be sharp and not a bit of cavities in the cat’s teeth because too often it is given dry food.

5. Leading to dirt

The next step is no less important, which is to prepare a litter box for the cat. As many people know, cats like to poop or urinate in the sand. Therefore, we provide a special place containing litter that will later be used as a place to dispose of cat feces. We don’t need to teach him because we can make cat litter by looking for sand, from 2 months of age.

For the place, try to have a wide and slightly high place so that when the cat covers the sand, the sand does not spread everywhere. And for the type of sand itself, there are many types of sand on the market today, such as fragrant sand with various sand numbers and also ziolite sand with different numbers.

if we use scented sand or clumpy sand, we only have to throw away the part or the clumpy sand because the sand that is not exposed to dirt or cat urine will not coagulate, while if we use ziolite sand, better throw it away and replace it at least 2 -3 days depending on whether the sand condition is still good or not.

6. Bathing the Persian cat

How to keep the next Persian cat is to bathe the cat. Many people, especially our parents, forbid bathing the cat on the grounds that it will make it rain. In fact, the truth is not true because it is still an old legend.

Here we are forced to bathe our cat when it looks dirty, especially for Persian cats that have a white base color. Because the white color looks more wrinkled and less bright when you don’t take a bath for a long time. Especially if we let the cat play in a park with a lot of dirty ground, it will surely roll over what makes its body dirty.

To bathe him, you can use the services of a pet store, which can usually bathe and care for him. You can also bathe it yourself, but to bathe it yourself we must know the Tips for Bathing Cats starting from the use of water that is not too cold or too hot, the use of the right shampoo to how to cut the cat’s nails correctly so that the cat return to your beauty when you take a bath. It is not necessary to set the time interval for bathing, it can be once a week, once every 2 weeks or even once a month depending on the cat’s condition.

Keep in mind to always dry the cat’s fur until it is completely dry, because if it is still wet, our cat may be exposed to mold, which will cause its hair to fall out.

7. Administer vaccinations

Don’t forget to give your cat a vaccine against some viruses or bacteria that will make him sick. Not just our cats, there are several diseases in cats that can be directly transmitted to the human body. So don’t forget to give your cat the vaccine.

Vaccinations can be administered by veterinarians who are usually located at the nearest pet store and are typically given monthly or yearly depending on the type of vaccine used. When we have been vaccinated, there are usually several symptoms that arise or something different from our cat, so we must know how to care for a cat after vaccination so as not to panic easily.

8. Take care of the cat’s fur

The Persian cat is the type of cat with the thickest fur and for some people it can seem very complicated and difficult to have a Persian cat. but for people who like or like long-haired cats like Persians this will be easier, even simpler than How to care for angora kittens.

How to treat it can start by combing the fur of our Persian cat, bathing the Persian cat with the right shampoo, giving it the right food specifically to beautify the cat’s coat and, most importantly, preventing the cat from becoming stressed because stressed cats usually result in hair loss.

9. Invite the cat to play

Not only do humans need friends to play with, cats need friends to play with too. Invite the cat to play by using cat toys like balls or other things. If we have a large yard, we can release him from time to time in the yard so that he can do his activities without getting bored with a small cage.

10. Always monitor the cat’s health

The last way to take care of a Persian cat can be to always control the health of our Persian cat, since normally the health of a cat affects many things, such as the climate, the place of residence, the diet and others. So, as a cat owner, it is recommended to always check the cat’s health.

Also, keep some special objects or liquids that are toxic for the cat’s cage, as there are many cases in which the cat accidentally or intentionally drinks or eats something that it wants but is very toxic.

So, here we will provide you with information on how to prepare yourself for when you want to have a cat.

The following are 10 ways to take care of Persian cats that you can imitate and do at home so that our Persian cats stay healthy and active. The most important thing of all is that we must take care of cats seriously and very carefully because cats are very active animals.

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