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If you have a Persian cat that is only 2 months old, of course you have to take care of it in the right way. Apart from being young, it is important that you know how to take care of Persian cats so that your beloved cat can grow well. Thus, you will have a healthy Persian cat, free of diseases, and of course capable of cheering us up when we are sad. Do you already know how to take good care of yourself? Here are 10 ways to care for a 2-month-old Persian cat that are good for you. Don’t worry, you can do all of this easily! (Also read: How to care for 1-month-old Persian cats)

1. Caring for the mother

Persian cat of only 2 months, requires adequate nutrition from its mother. Like a newborn baby. They both need their mother’s milk. In other words, for the mother cat’s milk intake to be gentle to support the growth of your little Persian cat, then you must also take good care of her mother. One of the things you need to pay attention to is what food you give the mother. Make sure the food you give him is nutritious. (Also read: Signs of a pregnant cat)

2. Provide nutritious food and drinks

Ensuring that your cat’s food and drinks are nutritious foods and drinks is one of the right things to do. This is important for your cat’s health and development. Some things to pay attention to include:

  • Drinking water and the right place to drink

The first step for your cat to have a good nutritional intake is to take care of its drinks. For that, you need to make sure that you provide clean drinking water that is easily accessible to your 2-month-old Persian kitten. It is important that you pay attention, so that you provide a place to drink water that is easy to spill, as this will make your little Persian cat easily restless because he has difficulty drinking. Also, do not provide a water bowl that is too large because it could cause your small Persian cat to play with the water all day. Choose a container that has a flat and strong mat, so that when your cat drinks the water does not come out easily and does not spill easily.

You must provide nutritious food for your beloved cat. Some pet stores often provide food specially labeled for small cats, ie, with the name “kitten food” or something similar. For small cats, including your Persian cat, they need good nutrition and plenty of calories. Your needs include protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. In fact, its need for fat and saturated fat is the same as that of an adult cat. Make sure you provide plenty of food!

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3. Provide fun toys

As a baby, your little Persian cat also wants to play with you. By playing, they will also become more active and won’t get bored easily. So your muscles and senses will also be trained more sharply. There are several types of toys that you need to make yourself at home. The toys include sound balls, swinging cardboard boxes, furry sticks, even light-up toys that you can make with your own flashlight. (Also read: How to overcome sprains in cats)

4. Administer medications and vaccinations

It’s not just humans that can get sick, cats can get sick too, including your little Persian cat. The next way to prevent it from being susceptible to the disease is by giving it special vaccinations and medications for small cats, such as anti-worm medicine or anti-flea medicine for cats. For this problem of giving vaccines and medications, you can consult a veterinarian you trust to choose the appropriate vaccine and medication for your cat.

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5. Bathing with dry bath

Persian cats that are still 2 months old are very susceptible to cold and illness, especially if you bathe them in water. Even if you dry it after that, the chances of your little cat getting cold and sick are still pretty high. Therefore, if you want to clean him of dirt and dust after he plays, just do it by bathing him in a dry bath. Just clean the dirty parts of the body and, as far as possible, avoid too cold water if you have to splash a little water on your cat’s body to clean stubborn dirt. Use a cloth that is not too rough to hurt your little cat, if necessary provide a special cloth to clean and bathe your little Persian cat.

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6. Provide defecation area

To keep the chances of your cat getting sick high, it’s important to make sure your cat’s litter doesn’t get splashed everywhere. Because if that happens, it will be vulnerable to becoming a breeding ground for bad bacteria that can attack your little Persian cat. One way is to provide a special area for your cat to defecate. You can provide a container, or you can even provide another special place.

For cat litter containers, or more often called litter trays, you can buy them at your nearest pet store. There are several variants of the litter tray that you can choose from. However, if your cat’s litter has run out, don’t forget to buy litter from a pet store and don’t replace it with general construction litter or other types of litter, as it may not suit your cat’s needs . To make it easier for you to dispose of your cat’s litter and prevent litter from getting everywhere, you can add newspaper as a bottom layer for the litter before you put it in your cat’s poop box.

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7. Keep the cage clean

The shelter, or cage, is an important place to pay attention to. In addition to providing a defecation area, the cage should also be cleaned regularly to make it a safe and comfortable place for your little Persian cat. Keep in mind that your little Persian cat is still very susceptible to disease, so it’s very important to pay attention to where it lives. Make sure your cat’s living room is soft, warm, clean, and spacious enough to provide enough space for your little cat to move around and train her body.

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8. Give love

Not only from their mother, Persian cats that are still small also need the affection of their owners. If you give him enough love, it will be easier for him to relax and unwind, and he will be happy to be around you. On the other hand, if you don’t love him very much, then when your little cat interacts with you, he is more likely to be agitated. Try petting your 2-month-old Persian cat regularly, petting, or pampering him in other ways. Thus, your cat will grow well and will not be prone to stress. Furthermore, loving our little cat will also have a positive impact on ourselves. For example, we relax more because we see the cute kitty’s behavior when we give it love.

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9. Maintain facial hygiene

Some types of Persian cats have facial structures that cause your cat’s eyes to produce more water and dirt. One of them is a Persian cat that has the most bulging eyes or, in other words, a face that appears flat. If your Persian cat looks like this then you should keep the water running not too long and it will disturb your cat and make it susceptible to diseases. For that, you need to clean the face of your little Persian cat. The number of times you should clean your cat’s face depends on the size of the face, the flatness of the face, and the size of your Persian cat’s nose.

10. Prevents the formation of hairballs

The next step is to prevent the formation of hairballs on the body. A hairball is a ball of hair that rolls up and obstructs the cat’s digestive tract. Cats that have long hair, such as Persian cats, are more prone to hairballs. So that your little Persian cat does not get hairballs and it hurts, then you must take care of it by providing it with a healthy diet. One way is to give your Persian cat about a half teaspoon of coconut oil to drink about 2-3 times a week.

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Those are 10 easy ways to care for a 2 month old Persian cat that you can do. So that your little Persian cat can grow perfectly, then take care of it by taking care of the 2-month-old Persian cat that we described above. Hopefully by doing the above method your little Persian cat will be healthier and will grow and develop perfectly. Happy taking care of your little cat!

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