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10 Ways to Care for Garden Chameleons - Complete and EasyAre you interested in having chameleons? Chameleons are indeed special and unique pets, rarely kept by the average person. Chameleons are used as ornamental animals because their colors can change and entertain anyone who sees them to make their keepers healthier and happier. Before maintaining it, of course, it is mandatory to know in advance what its characteristics are and what is needed during its maintenance.

On this occasion, the author will share unique tips, namely about 10 ways to care for garden chameleons, this method can be a guide for those who are interested in caring for chameleons, it can also be a useful idea for you about the animal. world where insight is something that is really needed to follow and understand the times. Let’s see the next article.

1. Characteristics of the chameleon

Before keeping of course you need to understand the characteristics first, garden chameleons are fragile or weak types of animals, they like to be picked up or carried, but they are not the type of animals that like to be petted because if they are caressed they will weaken their bodies and endanger their lives, so it is not allowed to touch it too often.

A garden chameleon will change color when stressed, cold, or sick. Garden chameleons are solitary animals and should not have more than one garden chameleon in a cage. Do not touch his back because it is a sensitive area and it can make him angry because basically this animal does not like to be touched. (Also read about how to treat a horse with a stomach ache.)

2. Cage preparation

Garden chameleons are also easily stressed animals, they should be placed in a quiet environment. Make a comfortable cage and place it away from crowds. Garden chameleons do not like to be in crowded places, so they should be kept away from other animals such as chickens, cats, and dogs.

Garden chameleon cage is also called reptile cage, make sure the cage is big at least three times its body size, do not place the cage near a window so it is away from too hot weather or sheltered from cold during rainy season, place it in a cool place away from loud noise or human activity. (Also read about how to grow Kroto on narrow ground.)

3. Glass cage

Try to make the cage out of glass because glass has good ventilation and lighting, provide objects that support comfort in it, such as natural objects in the form of plants, climbing twigs or objects that can be used as a place to play so that they do not stress and feel comfortable, like in nature. (Also read about how to fatten a cow.)

4. Feed type

How to care for garden chameleons, of course, you have to care for and ensure their nutritional needs with nutritious feed. The best food for him are crickets, caterpillars, insects, spiders, super caterpillars, moths, grasshoppers and flies. If you have difficulty obtaining these feed ingredients, you can feed them factory-processed feeds that are sometimes added with calcium content to maximize their growth. (Also read about how to make an appetite sugar glider)

5. Drink needs

Give drinking water to garden chameleons, there are several ways. The first way is to sprinkle water on the leaves that you have placed in the cage as a decoration, then it will actively seek to drink and think that the water is like the dew in nature. It becomes more active and can find its own drink when thirsty. In addition, water can also be sprayed on the glass walls of its cage.

Another way to keep a garden chameleon from drinking needs is to use a toy waterfall that you can buy at pet supply stores. This method will also make him active and try to drink directly like he does in the wild so that the chameleon is away from stress because he has a comfortable cage like in the wild. (Also read about how to deal with a stressed sugar glider.)

6. Stay warm

Put a 60 watt lamp on top of the garden chameleon’s cage, it will come closer when it gets cold. When the night is cold, turn on the light. During the day, especially when it is hot, it is not necessary to turn on the lights because it will make the garden chameleon feel too hot and risk stress.

7. Keep the cage moist

The humidity in the garden chameleon cage should be around 50%, if it is lower than this level it will interfere with the respiratory system, while if the humidity level is too high to exceed 80% it will facilitate the spread of kuan because the moss and fungi thrive in the cage.

8. Use the spray

Purchase and use a sprinkler to spray water periodically in the garden chameleon’s cage so that it always stays moist and as a means of drinking water. The water that comes out should be soft, not like a regular spray. Also make sure to use clean, boiled water so there is no risk of carrying germs.

9. Make interaction

Don’t forget to give him love by interacting directly, that is, feeding him directly by hand or taking him outside to sunbathe directly from time to time so that his body feels cooler and healthier because it gets natural vitamin D from the heat. Sun.

10. Cage cleaning

The cleanliness of the cage must be maintained so that the garden chameleon feels comfortable and disease-free. when you clean the cage, you need to move the chameleon to another place first. The way to clean it is using water mixed with a little soap and sprayed throughout the cage. After that, dry it with a tissue. Also use natural germ killers like vinegar and baking soda mixed with warm water and rub until clean.

The bottom of the cage should also be changed frequently to get rid of all sorts of debris such as food scraps, fungus, garden chameleon droppings, as well as any other skin that may be peeling off and being left behind. Clean at least two or three times a week so that the cage is free of germs and prevents all diseases.

So this article is about 10 ways to care for garden chameleons, hopefully it will be easy for you to understand and will turn into new useful knowledge for you. Thanks for reading, best regards from the author.

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