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If we mention Serama’s pet chicken, we will imagine that it is a pet chicken with a small body posture and puffy chest. The average weight of a Serama chicken pet is less than 500 grams per head. Compared to other chicken pets, Serama’s chicken pets look the smallest.

This Serama chicken pet has a smaller stature than Kate’s chicken pet. In addition to being smaller, the difference from Kate’s pet chicken is that her chest is more swollen. So don’t be surprised if at the beginning of its appearance in public, this Serama chicken mascot was able to catch the attention of ornamental chicken mascot lovers. Also read about: types of vaccines for chickens from Bangkok

After the rise of the Serama chicken pet in the 90’s, many breeders emerged who tried to breed Serama chicken pets to make it a promising business. Also, the price of Serama’s chicken pet fluctuates, so it can increase drastically, especially if the Serama being traded has won a contest held in big cities. Also read about: the danger of fleas in chickens

Keeping Serama chicken pets doesn’t really require complicated care. The hard part lies in forming Serama’s pet chickens, from chicks to breeders, to be included in the contest. However, if you keep it as a decoration, it’s not as difficult to maintain as when you set up the Serama Chicken Pets for contest purposes. Also Read About: How To Grow Chicken Parts Quickly Harvest

If you want to have a Serama chicken pet, there are several things that need to be taken into account so that your Serama chicks can grow optimally, as follows: 10 Ways to Care for Unique Serama Chickens.

1. When the Serama chicken pet hatches in the incubator

then, after hatching, let it soak for 2 days until the skin is dry. At that time, Serama’s chicks did not need to be fed, because the food supply in their body was enough to supply them for 2 days. Also read about: how to prevent bird flu in chickens

after the third day then transferred to a heated cage. For light bulbs, 10 watts or 25 watts can be used, depending on the ambient temperature of the room. Also read about: how to raise broilers successfully

2. If Serama chicks are kept by their mother

make sure the cage is safe from nuisance animals or predators. In order to further optimize the production period of Serama domestic chickens, it is better if Serama domestic chicken eggs are hatched in an egg incubator or left in another parent. That way, Serama’s pet hens don’t need to hatch, but will lay eggs again in the not-too-distant future.

3. When the Serama chicks are over a month and a half old

Serama chicks can be left outside the cage so they can bask freely. It is useful to strengthen the bones and eliminate bacteria that adhere to the fur. For the age of more than 1.5 months, the heating of the cage can be reduced little by little. When strong enough, immediately remove the heater from the cage.

4. Serama Chicken Pet Food

For Serama chicken feed, it can be in the form of voer or BR 1. It can also be mixed with rice bran and bran. In general, there is not much difference between feed for domestic chickens and Serama chickens.

5. Cage cleaning

Chicken pet cages need to be cleaned regularly. The benefits of a clean cage, of course, disease does not come easily and in business it benefits you. If the cage is clean, the domestic chickens living in it will be healthy.

The cage is thoroughly cleaned starting from the floor, the ventilation, the bulkhead between the cages, the eating and drinking places and even a perching place for the chicken pets. Especially for Serama, don’t make a place to perch.

It is feared that later, if there is a tangkringan, Serama’s pet chickens may fly here and there, which may cause Serama’s feathers to fall off. For cleaning use a disinfectant.

When cleaning the chicken pet, try not to be in the cage. Take him out of the cage so he doesn’t come into contact with the manure in the cage while the cleaning process is still in progress. A healthy cage includes smooth ventilation, always clean and not waterlogged.

For the Serama cage, it is usually a box or round shape. Due to age variations, the cages used are also different. For the floor of the Serama Chick Cage, use a Serama Chick Secure Hold Down.

The easiest example to find is newspapers. Newspaper has the advantage that it is not slippery, easily absorbs dirt and is easy to clean. Just pull the newspaper on the surface, throw it away. Newspapers are also inexpensive because they are so affordable.

6. Separation from other types of chicken pets.

Serama chickens need to be isolated from the habitat of other pets due to their small body size. If it is not isolated, there is a chance that Serama’s pet chicken will be trampled by another pet chicken with a larger body posture. For isolation cages, the cage shape is larger because it contains the brooders and chicks of Serama’s domestic chickens.

7. Put the position of the cage facing east and exposed to the morning sun from 07:00 to 11:00 with the intention that the germs in the cage will die, so that the domestic chickens are free from disease.

The food and drink place is cleaned every day, and the food and drink is changed every day, this is to avoid developing diseases in the leftover food or drink.

8. Every day, the cage is cleaned of food and drink residues, as well as dirt, so that the chicken pet feels comfortable.

9. Spray disinfectant regularly so that germs and viruses are killed and do not turn into a disease outbreak.

Adjust the diet so that domestic chickens are not overweight by giving them only one tablespoon per head in the form of a mixture of millet and ground corn, give 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening.

If the weather is cold, domestic chickens are given a heating lamp both day and night because Serama domestic chickens are more susceptible to cold weather, sometimes this seems trivial, but this heating function is very vital.

Administer or inject NCD and CRD vaccine to your domestic chickens every 3 months aiming to keep them immune to NCD and CRD viruses, and do it regularly every three months, and this medicine is already available in the market, and the price is quite affordable .

10 Domestic chickens should be bathed every day in hot weather to keep them healthy and their coats shiny. Every day, domestic chickens are dried in the sun in the morning from 07:00 to 11:00 so that domestic chickens stay healthy and their vitamin D needs are met.

From time to time, chicken pets need to be displayed on stilts or retreat to the home yard to move around freely. Always provide medications and vitamins in the form of tetrachlor, Vitaplex, for initial treatment if your pet is ill.

Therefore, the author can convey, congratulations on breeding Serama chickens, good luck and success! See you in the next article, thanks.

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