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10 ways to feed laying ducks
Raising ducks is not an easy thing, besides you have to hold on to the spirit of love and care, there are several different ways to treat them.

One of them is the way of feeding laying ducks that cannot be neglected. There are steps that must be considered and then applied, because feeding also affects the development of your duck.

How to feed laying ducks

  1. Giving Aking

Ducks need dry feed once with a minimum amount of 155 grams in a day. However, the actual supply of dry food such as breeding does not have an ideal limit, everything is adjusted to age and time.

  1. giving rice

In addition to dry feed, ducks need moist feed such as rice bran. At least you only need to provide 1 kg of bran in a day or more. If you only provide rice bran, at least 1kg for two ducks in one day or all depending on the capacity of your duck. However, it is better to feed them alternately, so as not to bore the ducks and provide them with vitamins that are not only obtained from one type of feed. (Also read: How to prevent diseases in ducks)

  1. fresh fish delivery

Ducks like fish very much, maybe you can take some nutrition from here. Feeding fresh fish to ducks is one of the most effective ways to increase their appetite. But keep in mind that the fish given must be fresh, because when you give rancid fish, the health of the ducks will worsen.

However, don’t give your fish fresh feed too often, because if it’s too much, it’s not good enough. They all have rules that you should pay close attention to. Fish contains fatty acids and omega 3 for very satisfying egg results.

  1. fishmeal feed

Fishmeal is one of the duck feeds that are needed. In one day, the ducks should receive 220 grams of wet feed. Give fishmeal as a side dish or snack. The nutritional content of fishmeal is capable of providing health to ducks and increasing appetite. Seeing that the ducks have a bigger appetite, automatically you as a farmer feel very happy because healthy ducks can produce a lot of quality eggs. (Also read: How to overcome snot in ducks)

  1. special cage

Actually, the way to feed laying ducks must have a special cage. It’s just that some people ignore this. Make a certain cage when providing feed so that the ducks also feel comfortable eating. This cage should also be kept so that it is not exposed to sunlight.

  1. Determine capacity

You have to be good at delivering the food to the ducks. If you have too many ducks, you can fill each cage with several by feeding them. The capacity of the ducks that are too many at mealtime will surely torture them, because in addition to having to fight, the environment fills up. Not to mention that sometimes there are ducks that don’t feel full yet but have lost out to the others. When raising laying ducks, you really need to be able to ensure that your livestock are satisfied with their feed. (Also read: How to raise Peking duck)

  1. separated pregnant duck

Check which of your ducks are pregnant and how to feed them separately from normal ducks. This goal is so that the pregnant leg can concentrate and not get stressed. Remember that the initial goal of a laying duck farmer is to produce duck eggs that are then sold on the market. When the mother is stressed, the eggs will also be difficult to hatch.

One more thing, the cage should also be free from sun exposure so that the ducks don’t get overheated. This goal is to keep the duck’s appetite high and awake. The feeding frequency can be done twice a day at 7 am and 5 pm.

  1. Consisting of feeding

It is highly recommended to provide a variety of foods so that the ducks do not get bored easily. This does not mean changing the approach on how to feed laying ducks. As for what is meant here by focus, do not give him food from time to time outside of his usual hours. Feed him according to the daily schedule you give him, in addition to that, do not force the duck to fast even if it is not for a long time. Animals are clearly not the same as humans, so the recommendation is to continue feeding according to the schedule. Not too much and not too little, all of these goals are to keep the ducks from becoming stressed. (Also read: How to breed modern laying ducks)

  1. Give tofu stool

Tofu feces is solid waste from soy porridge. You can buy these grounds from tofu farmers who make their own tofu at home. Tofu grounds tend to be soggy and easily covered in fungus. It is better to dry the tofu pulp first before feeding it to the duck. The protein content in tofu feces is quite high so it is very good for the development of ducks. Dry leftover tofu until the water content is less than 13%.

  1. Maintain container condition

First clean the duck feed container before giving new feed. That way, the container won’t fill up with mushrooms. (Also Read: How To Grow Java Duck)

Those are 10 ways to feed laying ducks that you should pay attention to. Do all the above steps so that the ducks will develop better even when they hatch. Hopefully this article will help you handle ducks. Good luck and good luck.

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