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10 ways to get cats to eat dry food
A healthy cat is the dream of every cat owner in the world, perhaps the author is sure that no cat owner wants to see a lame, inactive and

Unhealthy due to various factors that the cat owner may not know about caring for cats or providing healthy and nutritious cat food. (Also read about how to make a sick cat want to eat.)

One of the cat food is dry food, maybe the price and nutrition is below wet food, my friend. But the excess of these foods usually contain enough carbohydrates and less protein than wet food, (Also read about how to make our cats love us).

so it would be better to use dry food if you prioritize the health of your cat’s teeth because dry food does not stick between the cat’s teeth and the moisture content of dry food is only 10%, (Also read about how make a happy cat).

so the impact on your cat will be less, but it will need more water. so let’s do it 10 ways to get cats to eat dry food.

1. Change slowly

Find the wet food that your cat likes best and mix it with a lot of dry food. In this way, your cat is trained to get used to biting biscuits (dry food). (Also read about how to deal with rapid breathing in cats.)

This mix of wet and dry food, don’t be a long time taro reader in a cat cage, man. what my fellow readers put in the cage is just dry food. Within a week your cat will usually like dry food without a wet food mix. (Also read about how to treat tapeworms in cats.)

2. Provide dry food in the cage

Even though the dry food in the cage has not been eaten, you still need to put the dry food in the cage. but you have to change it for a new one, if it has been a long time, so that the smell is still good and not slow.

3. Get closer to the smell of dry food

Cats that have a habit of eating wet should be kept in a cage at night, so they are closer to their dry food. and friends, readers should try some of the brands or formulas of dry food that your cat likes best.

4. Give kittens dry food in the early stage

Many cats don’t like dry food because the kibble is too big. There are also many adult cats who do not like Royal Canin’s Exigent aroma, although it smells very strong, this is because the croquettes are large. so if your (adult) friend’s feline character is like that, you should give your cat kitten food, so that it is easy for him to bite.

5. Portion Replaces Dry Food

Well friends, here are the steps to change from wet food to dry food:

  • mix 30% dry food mixed with wet food
  • 50% dry food mixed with wet food
  • 75% dry food mixed with wet
  • 100% dry food

6. Comfortable and clean dining room

Choose a ceramic or stainless steel bowl because it’s easier to clean and tends to be odourless, making it more hygienic. Choose a bowl with the right depth. Provide a place to eat for several cats. completely dry to leave no odor.

7. Give Passport

The location of the places to eat and drink should be close and easily accessible. If you have many cats and some of them do not get along very well, it is a good idea to separate their feeding areas. Do not choose a place to eat made of plastic because it is prone to becoming a nest of germs and odors.

Don’t let the cat fight over food because there are not enough places to eat. Don’t let the eating and drinking place get dirty with leftovers for a long time. Do not place places to eat and drink near the litter box. Don’t move places to eat and drink suddenly. It’s best to add a new location before completely “removing” the old eating and drinking area.

8. Occasionally always Vary Dry and Wet Food

Choose the food according to the age and condition of the cat. Cats are true carnivores, so choose cat food with a high meat content. Vary food types (dry and wet) so that nutritional intake is met at the same time.

It is allowed to change the brand of cat food, as long as it is done gradually. For example, put two brands of food in two different bowls and let your cats make their own decisions. Cat treats are safe to give as a snack and in reasonable amounts.

9. Feed on time

Do not give him human food, especially from your plate, while you are eating. As well as being unhealthy, they’ll get into the habit of interrupting your fellow readers while they’re eating because they think your mealtime is also their mealtime. Try to feed them regularly at the same time every day. Regular meals can train the discipline of your beloved cats.

Align meal times with your cat’s bedtime. Cats usually sleep several times a day, for several hours. Readers can prepare dry food while they’re still asleep, so that once they’re awake and hungry they can eat right away. It is recommended that an adult cat consume 240 calories per day.

10. Monitor growth

The easiest way to determine how much to feed your cat is to look at the instructions on the cat food package. Another way to determine how much to eat is to monitor your cat’s weight and eating habits.

Is food always wasted? If there are leftovers, reduce the portion for the next meal. How much did you weigh this month? If the increase is rapid, reduce the portion of food and invite them to do activities.

If your cat’s growth and appetite are normal (not the overeating type), you can apply the free-feeding technique, where food is always available in the bowl and your cat can access it at any time.

Consult a veterinarian, especially if your cat has special conditions, such as allergies, health problems, obesity, or malnutrition. Do not overfeed.

This is what the author can convey, hopefully it will become a perception of quality and can be useful in everyday life. Don’t forget to update your readers’ information on the website to always update the latest information on animals. Thanks.

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