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10 Ways To Get Over Bloated Betta Fish
Dear readers, see you again with the author who is happy to share ideas about the world of livestock and their maintenance. This time, as usual, the author will talk about one of the favorite animals, which is commonly used as an ornamental animal, namely the betta fish.

For those of you who have ever met or owned betta fish, you have of course heard of the problem of flatulence in betta fish, where the small stomach is really vulnerable to this situation. To understand more about the causes and how to overcome them, this time the author will share the full view of it in the following description, 10 ways to deal with mackerel betta.

1. Bloat Disease in Betta Fish

Bloated or distended betta fish illnesses usually occur because the betta fish is full and there is a lot of bacterial activity in its stomach, if not treated immediately there can be a risk of death because the betta fish’s bloated stomach interferes with working. system of other organs and the system of work in the body as a whole.

Betta fish are lazy to eat and float on the surface, they are lazy to move even if they move very slowly, so their metabolism is disturbed and other diseases such as infections and stomach inflammation are easy to occur. (Also read about how to deal with non-blooming betta fish)

2. Separate sick fish

Separate betta fish that are sick with bloat from healthy betta fish, give him a special pond with clean water and a smaller pond so he is not exposed to too much air, make sure the water he is given is free of chemicals like chlorine and has adequate lighting, that is, sunlight can penetrate but it has the right temperature between 21 and 26 so that it does not overwhelm the digestive system and increase the disease. (Also read about how to breed elephant eared betta fish)

3. Continuous flow water

Special ponds for diseased betta fish should be drained so they are always clean, flushed continuously up to 80% volume, and flushed regularly. This is intended to provide space for the betta fish to keep their metabolism running and have the ability to move or swim, albeit slowly. (Also read about diseases in betta fish)

4. Treat with salt

Give betta fish treatment to neutralize the bacteria in its stomach, this method can be done with natural ingredients, i.e. using salt, do this by adding 1 teaspoon of salt per 1 gallon of water, the amount of salt can be adjusted to the amount of water in the aquarium pond for the treatment of bloated betta fish.

The salt will neutralize the water, kill the bacteria and give the betta fish a calm feeling, the feeling of tightness or pain in the stomach due to the accumulation of bacteria will decrease, and if there is a problem of constipation or the digestive system will slowly recover because the water it occupies is at the right pH. . (Also read about treating pineapple scales in betta fish)

5. Keep feeding yourself

Keep feeding the bloated betta fish, give only a little, which is about half of the daily food portion, this is not a problem and is still safe for the betta fish so that its stomach can process and break down the food it has previously accumulated in his stomach.

It’s even better if you replace your diet with natural ingredients that are rich in fiber so that your body can easily absorb them. If he’s having trouble, you can help him by hand-feeding him directly. (Also read about how to raise a good betta fish)

6. Give antibiotics

Give the betta fish pond water antibiotics if they have signs of infection, like their stomach is reddish and they won’t eat, usually antibiotic solutions to eradicate bacteria are available at veterinary supply stores, my friend can buy direct and mix it with a predetermined level according to the user guide.

7. Keep the water in good condition

Don’t forget to change the water that has been mixed with antibiotics within 2 days so that the betta fish are back in normal, healthy, fresh water. You can do this by gradually emptying it, or you can replace it directly by moving the mackerel betta back into the pond with the water that has been previously provided.

8. Do an evaluation

In general, if the methods that the author has mentioned are done correctly, the betta fish will recover slowly, that is, the swelling in the stomach is reduced and it is characterized by that the appetite returns to normal and the swimming movements are more agile. If the recovery is more than a week, there may be smallpox or an injury to the internal organs so it takes longer to heal.

If this happens to the betta fish you keep, continue treatment as described, i.e. maintaining water quality and continuing to give antibiotics and high fiber nutritious food while continuing to watch their development and recovery.

9. Feed a reasonable amount

When the bloated betta has started to recover, feed it a reasonable and not excessive amount so that it does not bloat repeatedly, just feed it small portions 1-2 times depending on body size and age, immediately clean the aquarium pond. if there are any leftovers, feed them with water to prevent the betta fish from eating too much air.[akanyangterllaubanyakkandunganudaranya[akanyangterllaubanyakkandunganudaranya

Do not mix a betta fish that is sick with swelling with another healthy betta fish if its condition has not fully recovered, give the best treatment first until it is completely healthy and has agility and active movement as before it was sick, then mix with other betta fish.

10. Follow-up treatment

When the mackerel is healthy as usual, carry out follow-up care by providing foods rich in fiber and nutrients in reasonable amounts and always maintaining a healthy water quality free from contamination or chemicals. Don’t forget to change the water at least every 2-3 days and do regular weight checks to check your progress and ensure the quality of your health.

This is what the author can convey, hopefully it will be useful to other readers and become a quality guide in the care and daily cultivation of betta fish. Thanks. Greetings from the author.

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