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10 Ways to Get Rid of Odors in Angora CatsThe Angora cat is a cat with thick and long fur, it has an attractive appearance and is popular with cat lovers, but sometimes the thick fur can smell if not properly cared for, so to get rid of it, 10 ways to get it. get rid of the smell should be done Angora cat below.

1. Nail care

One way to get rid of odors in Angora cats is to provide maximum cleanliness, that is, take care of cleanliness up to the cat’s nails, cats often perform activities and walk barefoot like humans. Your feet are easily exposed to germs and cause the smell to stick. (Also read about vitamins for cats to gain weight fast).

Sometimes a cat’s nails turn black if not cleaned properly. That’s why every time you bathe your cat’s nails to the maximum, clean them with a soft towel and cut them if necessary, clean nails will prevent the cat’s paws from smelling and make their body feel fresher. (Also read about the role of B vitamins for cats.)

2. Regular hairstyle

Perform combing the cat’s fur with a special cat hair comb regularly at least one day a day so that there is no dust or dirt that agglomerates in the fur, comb it thoroughly from the neck to the tail, apply pressure to the fur, don’t make it uncomfortable by giving it too much pressure. (Also read about the benefits of vitamin A for cats).

Comb the cat’s fur following the groove to make the cat’s fur look clean and feel fresh, pay attention to its cleanliness, or if there is a possibility of disease, make sure the cat’s fur is healthy and there are no problems like too loose. or dull color, do it every day so that the angora cat avoids bad smells. (Also read about vitamins for sick cats.)

3. Take a shower

Bathing is an important routine for cats, at least bathe him once every 2 weeks according to the activities he does frequently, limit his daily activities so he does not play too much outside the room full of dust that can stick to his fur and make his body smell, give him some time to play in a clean place. (Also read about skin diseases in Angora cats).

When taking a bath, please prepare warm water and the best shampoo for him, clean as much as possible and evenly, do not let it directly into the eyes, nose or ears. The wrong shampoo can create new problems, give him the best shampoo for him as recommended by the vet.

4. Massage

When you bathe and shampoo your body, give it a very gentle massage, this is to maximize the removal of dirt from your body and prevent dirt from settling, do this until your skin is clean and pay attention to any problems of health in your skin. .

5. Facial hygiene

The Angora cat naturally often wipes his face and licks his body for the purpose of cleaning his body, that is, to lift dirt from his body, but as an owner, of course, he still helps him to have maximum body hygiene. Wipe his face every day with a clean tissue or cloth to keep it odour-free.

Do it starting with the eyes and the nose, there is usually dirt on both parts, clean it as much as possible so that the dirt disappears. Dirt in an Angora cat’s eyes and nose, if left unchecked, can make it smelly and pose a disease risk, so it should be cleaned regularly.

6. Ears and feet

When bathing a cat, don’t forget to clean its ears and paws, gently wipe the dirt on the ears with a clean towel, wipe it as much as possible so that there is no dirt left, then wipe it with a slightly damp towel but make sure to make sure Don’t let the water get into your ears.

Also clean the paws that also tend to have dirt, i.e. between the toes, clean it if it has dirt stuck to the fur that makes the paws smell, make sure the cat’s paws are free of dirt so that it is comfortable during its activities daily and avoid odors that make your body sick.

7. Rinse and dry

After the bath, it is important to rinse and dry to prevent the Angora cat from smelling good, rinse well after bathing and make sure that there is no soap left so that it does not settle and cause a bad smell. Also make the drying on your body to the maximum so that it avoids the musty smell.

8. Dirt cleaning

Make sure that the Angora cat always defecates in the space provided and that you change the litter regularly. Obviously, dirt can make their body smell, especially not all Angora cats can optimally clean their own bodies after pooping. If there is a chance of dirt sticking to the fur, you should clean it.

Make sure that the Angora cat has clean fur and does not smell of feces on its body, if this happens, clean its body with a washcloth and dry it immediately and comb its fur so that the smell disappears and there are no traces of dirt attached to it. her fur. If there is a hair that bothers you, you can cut it.

That is, cut the hair around the tail and genitals so that when he poops there is no dirt attached, do the cut if the coat is too long consulting the experts first so that maximum health can be achieved without damaging the beauty of the fur.

9. Healthy Food

Healthy eating will affect the health of the Angora cat, give it a mature and healthy diet with balanced nutrition. Too much food, such as meat, can sometimes make the body smell more, so it is important to feed it in portions but with a balanced diet.

10. Cat perfume

For now there is a special perfume for cats that is safe and refreshes the feline’s body, you can buy it and apply it after bathing so that it is fresh, do not let you apply human perfume because it can be dangerous and can cause skin damage. irritation, if you want it more affordable you can give him baby telon oil with a small amount to give a sensation of fragrance to his fur.

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