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Having a pet at home is a lot of fun. It can be a playmate and also a reliever of stress and fatigue due to daily activities. However, not all pets can be easily kept and become obedient animals. Also, the animal you just bought from a breeder or pet store.

You need tricks in the care of the pet you are going to take care of. Let’s say you’re going to raise a puppy. Next, you need knowledge about parenting and caring for puppies, such as the causes of dogs not wanting to eat, which could happen to your beloved pet.

When you decide to get a puppy, you must be the owner of a pet that is friendly and that the puppy likes. You can start raising a puppy when it is 8 weeks after its birth. Because at that age puppies usually start to wean.

Meanwhile, at the age of less than 8 weeks, this pup cannot be separated from its mother. Caring for newborn puppies will usually be handled by a pet store or breeder. Here’s how to tame a puppy that you can try when you’re just meeting or just starting to raise a puppy:

1. Give your puppy a favorite toy

It’s not just the nature of puppies that they like to play, but adult dogs want to play too. And sometimes while playing this, your hand or finger may fall victim to the bite. And when this happens, you should educate your pet not to bite you and change the bite to a toy that you can give your puppy. This toy can be a soft toy or a hard toy for your puppy to chew on.

2. Pet your pup often

In fact, all pets need affection, including the puppy you raise. Frequent petting of your puppy will strengthen the bond between you and your puppy. It can also make your pup feel loved. You can pet your puppy anywhere on his body such as head, hands, feet and body.

3. Provide a good place to live

A good place to live for your pet is important. It’s not just the cage or the bed that has to be good. However, the condition of your home as a place to live and play must also be maintained and adapted to the needs of the puppy you are raising.

4. Provide food as needed

Like pets in general. Puppies also need a nutritional intake to support their activities. Giving food to puppies cannot be given at once and in large quantities. You need to feed your puppy according to his needs and the portion according to the feeding time at that moment. This way you can also see if your puppy has a good appetite. You can also see the signs of a sick dog in dogs when his appetite starts to change.

5. Have basic grooming tools for your puppies

Caring for your puppy isn’t just about feeding him and giving him a place to live. However, other basic puppy care such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, brush, comb, rubber gloves and others. So if your puppy has hygiene problems such as fleas on his body, it can be solved by removing fleas from the dog quickly and accurately.

6. Get the puppies socialized

You can start inviting your puppy to socialize as early as puppy age, which ranges from 7 to 16 weeks. This socialization is not with humans but with dogs of the same age at the dog school so that your puppy gets used to the presence of other dogs around you.

7. Invite him to exercise

Exercise is not only important for humans, but also for puppies exercise is an important part. Because exercise will train the dog’s abilities and skills to socialize and adapt to the surrounding environment.

8. Vaccinate your puppy

Because this puppy lives with you under one roof. It is a good idea to vaccinate your puppy. Because puppies can also be at risk of disease. Therefore, so that it does not spread to all family members, it is better to get vaccinated immediately.

9. Provide compliance training

Of course, as an owner, you want your puppy to obey you. Therefore, it is possible to provide training to a puppy so that he can obey the basic commands that you instruct him.

10. Making Sure Your Pup Fits You

Last and most importantly, you need to make sure that the puppy you choose to breed can live with the conditions in your home. So that you do not inadvertently choose the type of puppy you are going to have.

In addition to the information above, here is additional information in the form of videos on how to care for dogs, especially small dogs.

Hence the explanation on how to properly care for puppies so that they are tame. Hopefully, some of these ways can help those of you who are still beginners in terms of raising puppies. I hope it is useful.

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