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10 ways to overcome bird flu in ducksAvian influenza is one of many lists of deadly diseases among poultry.

Therefore, Sangta is advised to know how to treat bird flu in the following ducks.

Because this is one of the dangerous diseases that must always be watched, although in reality there have been many prevention and treatment measures in various places.

Because the spread of bird flu causes various problems and characteristics that are not very different from other diseases that cause sudden death in cattle and, of course, in ducks.

Even the cause can occur unknowingly and in a short time. That is why in this opportunity we will discuss about 10 ways to treat bird flu in the following ducks.

1. Know and pay attention to the symptoms

In order to correctly apply how to treat bird flu in ducks, we as breeders must first recognize the signs and symptoms of this disease.

Although basically it is a disease of which it is difficult to know the symptoms and even cause sudden death. But there are still some distinctive signs that can be a reference for breeders.

The symptoms of ducks affected by bird flu will be similar to the symptoms of tetelo disease or a type of serious poisoning that attacks ducks and meru[fromanacute(shorttime)diseaseoutbreak[akansebuahwabahpenyakityangbersifatakut(waktuyangsebentar)[deunbrotedeenfermedadaguda(tiempobreve)[akansebuahwabahpenyakityangbersifatakut(waktuyangsebentar)

In fact, the problem of swelling in the beard and comb area makes this type of bird flu similar to infectious diseases and acute cholera that often plague poultry.

Unnatural secretion in the lower part of the body is also one of the symptoms of the bird flu transmission problem.

Even in some cases of bird flu this will cause a very fatal hemorrhage in the body of the duck. (Also read about: how to cure diseases in ducks)

2. Keep the environment clean

A dirty environment where ducks live will only facilitate the transmission of any kind of dangerous disease.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to always keep the environment and the cage where the ducks are raised clean. (Also Read About: How To Get Rid Of Smell In Duck Cage)

3. Change drinking water

Another way to deal with the bird flu problem affecting ducks is to pay attention to water supply and provision.

Make sure that the water available for the duck drinker is clean water, and if necessary, be diligent in replenishing the drinking water for the ducks.

Because trivial issues like drinking water can have a huge impact if not taken care of properly.

4. Pay attention to where to eat and drink

Not only to know and monitor the drinking stock of the ducks, but another important thing is to know and monitor the feed and water supply for the ducks in the cage.

Always try to clean and replace both types of drinking and eating places for the ducks.

this is useful to always guarantee their health and prevent them from getting infected with harmful viruses and bacteria that often nest in dirty places to drink and eat.

So don’t be lazy to keep your computer clean. (Also read about: how to make organic feed for laying ducks)

5. Pay attention to the type of food

Don’t forget to always pay attention to the nutritional intake of the ducks by providing them with the type of feed that is nutritious and sufficient for the nutrients they need.

This will make the duck’s body defense maximum and not easily get sick.

6. Give supplements

Don’t forget the role of supplements in helping the duck’s body stay strong and fit to attack and fight off the virus that causes bird flu.

Later, giving the right supplements will make it easier for the ducks to fight off the bird flu problem. (Also read about: how to breed dry laying ducks)

getting supplements can be in an easy way. Because there are many types of duck supplements that can be found and they are easy to find in the market.

The condition of the duck’s body will improve with the help of the nutrients contained in the supplement.

7. Vaccination

Actually, vaccination is included as a preventive measure that can be done to overcome the problem of bird flu attacks in any bird.

It is believed that vaccination, which is an attempt to inject the vaccine into the duck’s body, can effectively overcome the problem of bird flu. (Also Read About: Successful Peking Duck Breeding Tips)

8. Bath process

Most duck farmers rarely perform this bathing process, because the time required for the daily line-up in the bath one by one of the ducks is certainly time consuming.

Therefore, they usually only let their ducks bathe themselves in the pond or paddy field.

At the very least, allow the ducks to be bathed and cleaned regularly so they are not susceptible to disease and can get rid of various disease-causing messes.

Try to make a pond in the chicken coop for comfort. (Also read about: how to feed laying ducks)

9. Isolation

separating or isolating is best if one of the ducks is infected with the bird flu virus. This will give ducks that are still healthy a chance to survive and not get the same disease.

Therefore, keep and separate sick ducks during the treatment process.

Take care that other ducks in the cage that are still healthy are not exposed to and come into direct contact with ducks affected by this avian flu problem.

If necessary, keep them away and create a separate cage to keep them away.

10. Giving Medicine

There are many types of medications that can overcome and treat the avian flu problem in ducks.

Both natural treatment with a variety of reliable herbal ingredients and the use of chemical drugs. Whatever you choose, you will recover and help get through the bout of avian flu.

Treatment with various kinds of natural ingredients and herbal plants.

This can usually be done by making the medicinal ingredients themselves which will then be mixed with the feed or poured into the drinking water of the ducks.

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