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10 Ways to Overcome Snot in DucksBasically, there are many types of duck diseases, and one that can be experienced quite frequently is booger. This disease is a cold that attacks ducks that occurs with the change of seasons.

The snot appears because it is caused by a bacterium called Haemophilus paragallinarum that attacks the respiratory system of ducks.

Snot is also known by another name for coryza, which basically attacks the duck’s breath and causes death if not treated quickly.

The mortality rate of ducks affected by this mucus reaches 50% of the existing population. Meanwhile, the pain level reaches 100%.

It is necessary for all breeders to find a way to deal with snot in ducks. Generally, mucus is characterized by the presence of a viscous liquid in the duck’s nose. Also, other symptoms include swelling of the face, shortness of breath, snoring, and decreased appetite.

This disease generally attacks ducks from 2 to 4 weeks of age. According to experts, snot is caused by contact between ducks and the bacteria that cause it, and the resistance of the duck tends to be weak. Likewise, environmental conditions are also a trigger. Cage condition that is not clean and poorly maintained gives the opportunity for snot disease to spread easily.

How to overcome snot in ducks

  1. Paying attention to the environment

The first step in dealing with boggy ducks is to keep the environment nice and clean. Provide a place or cage that is not in poor condition. (Also read: How to raise ducks on narrow land)

  1. water change

In addition to the cage that needs attention, you also have to condition the water so that it is always clean. Cloudy water causes various diseases more quickly. One of them is a mucus, a small situation that seems trivial but deadly. For this, the water in the chicken coop must be changed frequently to keep it clean.

  1. Pay attention to where to eat and drink

Don’t forget to keep changing the containers of your food and drinks. Eating or drinking places that are rarely replaced will harbor bacteria due to food residue still attached. Not to mention that later it will cause an unpleasant odor that can attack the breath.

  1. food

Provide feed that has high nutrition in ducks that have boogers. Their goal is to provide immunity and recover from disease. (Also read: How to raise Peking duck)

  1. give supplements

Supplements are given to sick ducks and can be obtained from animal feed vendors in the market. Appropriate supplements can be a cure for ducks that have snot. The vitamin content in each dose of supplement can improve the condition of the duck.

  1. Vaccination

If some of the above things are still not enough to beat boogers in ducks, another step that can be done is to vaccinate.

This method is enough for poultry farmers such as chickens and ducks to rely on it. Vaccination is usually done by injecting the body of the duck. Automatically the medicine that is inserted through this syringe will flow into the duck’s body and seek out the virus that causes the snot and destroy it.

  1. toilets

Perhaps it is rare that you come across a breeder who bathes ducks. Because basically taking care of the ducks that are raised is a bit inconvenient and a waste of time. However, on various occasions, someone often comes across someone grazing their ducks in a river or rice field with flowing water.

It is very clear that the objective is to clean the body of the duck of the dirt that sticks to it. When you also do the same thing, bathing the ducks regularly will indirectly flush out the dirt attached to the ducks that causes the transmission of bacteria and viruses. (Also Read: How To Grow Java Duck)

  1. Pull apart

To deal with ducks experiencing snot, separate sick ducks from healthy ones. Put it in a separate room so that the snot does not attack or infect other ducks. Because boogers can be contagious the longer they are left alone.

  1. avoid contact

The purpose of contact avoidance is to maintain a healthy duck body so that it does not come into direct contact with snot-affected ducks. We recommend that you provide a special spot or provide a barrier between the ducks that are being hit by Snot and the ducks that are still in tip top condition.

  1. give herbal medicine

Herbal plants are more recognized as natural than other medicines. Medications made from herbal plants can prevent or treat diseases in ducks as a result of infection or virus.

The plants that can be used are papaya leaves, ginger, turmeric, propolis, oregano, garlic, among others. You can mix it yourself into a concoction or herbal medicine by mixing the herbal plant into food or drink to treat boogers. (Also read: Modern ways of laying ducks)

Snot sounds trivial, but it’s actually quite dangerous. It is better that as a breeder you can understand faster before booger disease attacks the body of the duck. Prevention is better than cure, so try to always provide a good and comfortable place or environment.

In addition, also try to keep the duck’s place of residence free of humidity, although basically these animals like places with a lot of water. You can avoid this by making your own pool made of cement or rocks in the form of a small artificial (rocky) river filled with clean water. Likewise, by providing food, drink or the container as indicated above.

Those are 10 ways to overcome Snot in Ducks that can be applied to the duck farming business so that you do not experience losses because the ducks die in vain. I hope it is useful.

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