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10 ways to overcome stress in catfishPatin is a species of whiskered fish and belongs to the genus Pangasius, which is widely farmed.

However, fish often experience stress caused by various factors.

So, for those of you who are farming catfish, you can hear the following ways to deal with stress in catfish.

There are several ways below to be able to do the correct treatment when things happen that can impact this loss in your cattle.

  1. regular water change

Stressed catfish have different characteristics, some are weak, helpless, or even aggressive. But that can be overcome, you may need to replenish the water in the pool, tank or other container where it belongs. Because basically the cause of easy catfish stress is environmental factors that are less favorable. For example, a less clean and uncomfortable place. By regularly changing the water, it also means providing fresher mineral salts. (Also Read: How To Farm Saltwater Lobster)

  1. Cleaning of the pool or tank

Wherever you have catfish, try to pay attention to the place. Not only do you change the water frequently, but you also have to get used to cleaning the pool or tank. So the water that has been replaced earlier will be cleaner.

It is different if you change the water regularly but do not clean the pool, the situation will remain cloudy and the catfish will still feel uncomfortable.

  1. Soak in a salt solution

If you find that the number of catfish that are stressed is quite low, or even at the same time, treat it immediately. The way you can do this is to quarantine stressed fish.

Regardless of the quantity, separate it from the regular fish and gather the stressed catfish yourself and soak it in water containing a salt solution for about 3 minutes. In addition, you can also use a solution of potassium permanganate and methylene blue. (Also read: How to grow a milkfish pond)

  1. drug administration

Giving medications to catfish that are stressed should also be appropriate, and there is no need to worry anymore because there are now many medications being sold specifically to treat fish stress.

One type of drug is sulfamerazine at a dose of 2 grams/10 kg of feed. Also, to attract the interest of the fish, the drug is spread along with the food. Even natural ways such as medications in the form of papaya leaves, sweet potatoes, sente, and noni can be given to treat catfish stress.

  1. Theramycin Injection

To overcome catfish stress more efficiently is to inject theramycin. If the number of stressed catfish is not too much, you can do this injection method.

This method is believed to be more effective, especially for the parent catfish that will undergo the spawning process. But before being injected into catfish, theramycin must first be dissolved in 1 ml of aquabidest. (Also read: Soil Pond Catfish Farming)

  1. loose space

Stress can also be affected by a very limited range of motion. Like humans who are in a crowd, of course they feel claustrophobic and irritated. This also applies to catfish. If you stock a pond with a large number of seeds, it is not impossible that the fish will become stressed or even have a high mortality rate.

An effective way is to spray regularly, usually growers only release 50 minerals for a pond. Yes, it all depends on the size of the pool you make. But definitely think carefully about fish spacing, because this is an important formula commonly used by growers.

  1. Malachyt’s green oxalate soaking solution

It should be understood that the stress that occurs in catfish is not only influenced by environmental factors or the like. However, disturbing fungal growth is also the next trigger. The types of fungi that commonly attack are from the groups Achlya sp and Saprolegnia sp.

The visible signs are the appearance of wounds on the body, especially on the gill cover, the fins and the back. In that part it is covered with fine threads like cotton. For that, the catfish must be given a solution of Malachyt’s green oxalate to soak them.

Ideally, it is administered in an amount of 2-3 g/m2 of water (1 litre) over approximately 30 minutes and repeated for three days. (Also read: Catfish Pond Tarpaulin Collection)

  1. Potassium Permanganate Solution Supply

Bacteria become a major scourge of stress. Therefore, a solution of potassium permanganate is also needed in fish. Generally, the types of bacteria that attack are Aeromonas sp and Pseudomonas sp. The trick is to soak the fish in a 10 to 20 ppm potassium permanganate (PK) solution for 30 to 60 minutes. In addition to potassium permanganate solution, you can also give 5-10 ppm nitrofuran solution for 12-24 hours.

  1. Administration of prebiotics

Prebiotics can break down ammonia and can help digest food in fish. Stress in catfish affects the digestive process at the same time, so prebiotics play an important role by mixing them in the feed and in the ponds.

  1. Vaccination process

Currently, the method of vaccination is not yet familiar. However, stressed fish require proper health. When you are stressed, you not only want to eat, but you look limp or as if you are already dead, you float on the surface of the water when you touch it, you are still alive. The purpose of this vaccination is to provide immunity to the catfish. (Also read: How to keep catfish)

Those are 10 ways to deal with stress in catfish that can make the catfish calm down and the mortality rate can be suppressed so that the benefits gained from the results of fish farming can be maximized and satisfactory.

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