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10 Ways to Overcome the Young Chicken MentalityDear readers, see you again with the author who is happy to share ideas about the world of livestock and their maintenance. This time, as usual, the author will talk about one of the favorite farm animals, whether for complaints or for human food, namely chicken.

For those of you who understand about chickens and their types, of course you already understand that chickens have several benefits for humans, both for food and for fighting chickens for competitions. Well my friend, this time the author will talk specifically about young chickens who don’t have the mental strength to fight or even get mentally depressed, here are 10 ways to overcome the young chicken mentality.

1. General mental abilities of chickens

Gamecock mentality and courage are of course the main weapons for gamecocks to compete and become champions when contested. When you have a young gamecock, of course you will experience a period where he feels he cannot fight because he is inexperienced and feels weak when he sees other older gamecocks. (Also read about how to breed Super Javanese chickens with the HCS pattern)

In general, gamecocks will have a strong mindset since they are over 7 months old, but not infrequently there are gamecocks that are over 7 months old but still do not have a strong mindset due to experience, environment or other issues. . disturbances of animals such as dogs. Therefore, breeders are forced to find a way to fix them so that their natural instincts are heightened.

2. Separate cages

The initial way to improve the mentality of young gamecocks is to give them a special cage and separate them from other more mature gamecocks, this is aimed at reducing the risk of young chickens fighting with their siblings. (Also read about how to raise Arabian chickens successfully)

When young chickens mix with other chickens, usually those that feel superior or stronger will reflexively pressure and hit other chickens. This can cause the young chicken’s mentality to weaken because it is used to giving in and does not dare to fight.

It will get scared easily, when it comes across other more mature chickens, it will get used to running and will have absolutely no mindset to fight. Therefore, make sure that the young chickens have a special and comfortable place, away from the disturbance of other chickens or other animals such as dogs and cats.

3. Isolation cage

This is done by the mentality of a young chicken that is really weak, that is, with the characteristic that it does not dare to fight with other chickens at all and does not want to cluck. He must be put in an isolation cage, which is a closed cage where he cannot see other chickens at all.

Usually this method will work within weeks, young chicks that haven’t seen other chickens for a long time will begin to learn to cluck and defend themselves. (Also read about how to raise Brugo of the woods chickens)

4. Special herbs for fighting chickens

Herbal medicine for fighting cocks is a drink based on turmeric, piloncillo and honey mixed and mixed with the drink or given directly, this is beneficial for hens that may have problems in their internal organs because they are used to giving in and are reluctant to fight, the potion will restore their strength and stamina so their body feels healthier. (Also read about how to make organic chicken feed)

5. Feed live animals

The next way to overcome the uda chicken mentality, my friend should try to feed him live animals directly so that he will be more aggressive and willing to try to fight, even though in the early stages he will fight much weaker animals. that he first.

Live food is crickets, small frogs or rat chicks. Let your young chickens chase their food as a way to strengthen their mindset to find prey which will affect their fighting ability and spirit.

6. Improve nutrition

In addition to directly providing feed for live animals, you can also add healthy foods that should also be eaten by young chickens such as corn, paddy and brown rice, vegetables, beans and tubers. Thus, the body will be optimally nourished. Give according to the feeding schedule and do not overdo it so that it does not turn into lazy young chickens.

7. Adaptation to other fighting chickens

When you see that your young chickens have started to have a strong mentality, which is characterized by their increasingly healthy body, diligently cackling in the morning and daring to respond when they hear the sound of other fighting cocks, and enthusiasm every time they chase to your animal. prey, he begins to introduce them to his environment, he returns and mixes with other fighting cocks so that he gets used to it and learns to fight.

8. Fight training

Fighting training is a way to make the young chicken’s mentality more aggressive and fierce, he will have experience and gradually hone his mentality and courage, besides that, the young chicken will also have stronger muscles, longer breath and will have better fights. good techniques because they are used to dealing with opponents. Do it gradually starting from fighting him with a suitable chicken to a chicken older than him.

9. Evaluate

When your chick has been trained many times to fight, do not forget to evaluate its development, to what extent it is capable of fighting and take away its fear, train it continuously so that it has confidence and gets used to fighting while you provide it. with the best nutrition and a comfortable environment.

10. Familiarize yourself with the Competition Arena

From time to time, even if it has not been disputed yet, invite him to take a walk in the fighting cock arena to see other more experienced cocks, this will train his courage which is characterized by his courage to respond when challenged by other cocks. fight, so that he gets used to being in the arena of competition and is really ready when one day he is fought or contested.

This is what the author can convey, I hope it is a useful idea for all readers and can be directly practiced on your young gamecocks so that they have better quality and become strong gamecocks. Thanks for reading this article. Greetings from the author.

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