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1. Don’t hold your dog

This is usually one of the biggest mistakes most owners make when a dog is having a seizure. It is also recommended by doctors when the dog has a seizure. Since dogs don’t feel pain when they have a seizure, you don’t need to restrain your dog. Seizures are spastic contractions of the dog’s muscles.

If you try to hold your dog during a seizure, you will hurt the dog or yourself. The most important thing is to prevent the dog from falling and getting hurt.

2. Make sure there are no objects around the dog

Here’s how to deal with an epileptic dog having seizures, you need to immediately put away items that could hurt your dog. If possible, block off the area around the dog, such as the stairwell area.

Make sure your dog is away from stairs, away from sharp objects or other objects that can fall, hit and even injure your dog. When a dog is having a seizure, he is not allowed to put his hands around or in his mouth. Considering that dogs have sharp teeth, when they have a seizure, dogs can’t control their bodies and may accidentally bite your hands.

3. Don’t grab the dog’s mouth

Never try to hold a dog’s mouth because he’s trying to keep him from biting his tongue. Because when a dog has an epileptic seizure, this will actually increase the dog’s stress and even cause your dog to bite your hand without realizing it.

When the symptoms disappear, the dog is usually disoriented and does not recognize you. This condition can also make the dog more likely to attack you, so be vigilant when handling it.

4. Be calm

This is important when it comes to epileptic seizures in your dog. He does not panic, but he should try to speak to his dog in a soft and comfortable tone. Since loud noises will stress you out and even make your dog’s seizures worse, try to keep your dog calm.

5. Remove other animals from your dog’s area

When your dog has a seizure, he may bite and even attack other people and other animals around him. For this reason, keep other pets away from the dog’s head area and away from your hands while your dog is having a seizure.

If you already know your dog has epilepsy, it would be best to separate him from dogs with other dogs/animals. Because every dog ​​with epilepsy should be separated, as epileptic seizures often occur suddenly and can harm other dogs/animals. In addition, this will also protect your own dog, because disputes can arise between them.

6. Find out what triggers your dog’s seizures

If you know your dog has epilepsy, another thing you need to do is find out what triggers your dog to have seizures. Try to identify the character of your dog’s epileptic seizures. This is very important so that you can help your vet immediately identify the trigger for your dog’s seizure.

7. Treatment of epilepsy

During an epileptic seizure, all accessories and clothing should be loosened. You can also put a pillow or blanket under the dog’s head. You can also insert folds of fabric or handkerchiefs. Place it between the upper and lower jaws slowly so it doesn’t bite you. This is to prevent the dog from biting its tongue. Let the dog rest or sleep for some time.

8. Call the vet

Most epileptic seizures will not require medical treatment. Especially if the dog is under treatment for epilepsy. If your dog has an epileptic seizure for more than 20 minutes. Even experiencing seizures repeatedly continuously, this can be fatal. For that you should immediately contact the vet.

Your vet will usually immediately perform a complete exam on your dog to find out what’s triggering your pet’s seizures. The vet usually prescribes some medication to control the seizures.

Some medications, if taken too often, can damage the liver. For this reason, dogs are strongly advised to have a blood test every six months. Never ignore the doctor’s instructions regarding the administration of medications. Do not let him give more than the recommended dose without the advice of a veterinarian.

9. Trying to talk to the dog

During epilepsy, you can try talking to the dog gently and reassuring him to stay calm. She should also record how long her dog has had seizures so he can report it to his vet. If your dog has seizures that last more than 5 minutes, take him to the vet immediately.

10. Overcome depression

Usually when a dog has epilepsy they will often look depressed. When depressed, dogs often prefer to laze around or sleep. Although they occasionally strolled through the house, they seemed less than enthusiastic. You can invite them to play while you pet them as a way to deal with depressed dogs. Also know why dogs sleep all day.

Those are 10 ways to treat dogs with epilepsy at home. You can also try taking care of other types of animals like birds by following How to Take Care of a Magpie, How to Take Care of a Swallow, and How to Take Care of a Cockatoo.

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