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The aggressive parrot is one of the unique birds because this bird can sing along with the sound. But of course it is not easy for an aggressive parrot to sing like a human. Here are some methods you can do to train an aggressive parrot to talk. Or rather it can mimic the words that humans often utter. 10 ways to train an aggressive parrot.

1. Train birds using MP3

One method that has proven to be effective is the use of audio sound. You can provide images of other aggressive parrots that are already intelligent. Then set the sound of a smart and aggressive parrot versus the aggressive parrot that you are training. This is done daily, so that an aggressive parrot can quickly record all or part of the sound on the recording.

2. Choose the right moment

You also have to choose the right time to train an aggressive parrot. It is better to do it in the morning before 11:00, then in the afternoon from 15:00 to 17:00. During training, my friend can provide food such as voer and fruit when he leaves the cage. Then he covers the cage so the birds can focus more.

You can also play sounds that you have downloaded. You can use a cell phone or an mp3 player. Your voice should be clear and not loud, but still be heard by birds.

3. Create a training program

Buddy can do an exercise program, such as exercising in the morning for 30-60 minutes. You have to be routine and do it every day. After practice, my friend can reopen the kerodong and give him his favorite food, like fruit or crickets.

If you want to repeat the training, the cage must be covered again. Then play the masteran sound for 20 to 30 minutes. You have to do this regularly, especially for aggressive parrot chicks, in less than a week the chicks can memorize some of the sounds that they have been trained.

4. Train aggressive parrots using other aggressive parrots

You can train an aggressive parrot to talk to other aggressive parrots. Especially aggressive parrots who are already good at talking. But my friend must put him in a separate cage, but he must hang very close. Aggressive parrots that have been trained can only be half covered, only on top like the garden ciblek breeding method.

5. Owners directly teach aggressive parrots

When training an aggressive parrot, it is best to use the same sentence and repeat it over and over every day. Like the words Good morning, Hello, how are you?, Assalamualaikum and others.

So during training you have to use that phrase. Do not mix it with new sentences before the aggressive parrot has been able to follow the sentences you have taught him. If the sentence you teach is too difficult or has too many words,

This will make it difficult for aggressive parrots to register your training material. So my friend must first focus on one, two or three simple words. If the aggressive parrot has been able to imitate it, after a day new material can be added.

6. Hang out in crowded places

You can hang birds in crowded places. It can be in front of the house or on the side of the road. In this way, an aggressive parrot can record the sounds it hears around it. Like the sound of a baker, a satay maker, or a shriveled bone passing your house.

Even aggressive parrots can mimic the sound of a child crying or laughing. Or also imitate greeting sounds, such as excuse me, salamualaikum, spada, punteun, kulanuwun and others.

7. Practice using polite words

Some things to pay attention to when training aggressive parrots are that the sentences being taught should have manners and courtesy. Because aggressive parrots that are smart, but say words that tend to be dirty or disrespectful, will lower the quality and price of your pet bird.

Like humans, you know that since you were a child you have been taught to speak and recognize the environment around you. This also applies to aggressive parrots when they are young, they usually have a higher level of intelligence and success.

But an aggressive parrot that has matured can still be trained to mimic a human voice, but it won’t be as fast as a young aggressive parrot. But all this still depends on the patience and persistence of each friend.

8. Take the time to train

On the training of an aggressive parrot, you need to spend at least 3 hours every day. With a training time of 3x the exercise with a sequence. Because without an intermediary from a friend, it will be very difficult to train an aggressive parrot so that it can imitate sounds similar to real humans.

Although some aggressive parrot owners are worried about negative words you don’t want. Remember that some of the sounds are obtained when an aggressive parrot meets another person. like how to grow glass ciblek birds

9. Pay attention to feed quality

The quality of the feed must contain a large amount of high nutrients. This will also determine your future results. Give them enough fruit and energy often to help an aggressive parrot survive for a day. This process aims to provide food that is always fresh.

10. Keep the cage clean

It is also mandatory that you keep the cage clean, so that aggressive parrots feel happy and do not get stressed easily when they are in their cage. Even aggressive parrots always consume a large amount of food. This makes it easier for dirt to accumulate in the cage. So if you rarely clean it, it will attract bad bacteria and viruses that can endanger the survival of aggressive parrots while they are in their cages.

Like regular songbirds, aggressive parrots should be bathed and dried. So that aggressive parrots are always in good health and fit. Buddy can move the birdcage to an open place in order to let it dry.
Bathing and drying can be done at least 2 times a week for aggressive parrots that are tame. But if your aggressive parrot is still excited, you can do it every day.

Give an aggressive parrot a surprise or treat when it begins to imitate the master’s voice. You can give him his favorite food if the aggressive parrot has finished talking. So the birds will do it in the best way to get more attention.

Those are 10 ways to train an aggressive parrot. You can also care for various types of birds by following How to Care for Magpies, How to Care for Swallows, and How to Care for Cockatoos.

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