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10 ways to treat dogs that urinate bloodIt is not uncommon for traces of blood to be found in the dog’s urine or urine, it becomes a very worrying thing and confuses the owner because he is worried that something dangerous will happen or threaten the health of the dog he has. Therefore, it is mandatory to know where the blood is coming from and treat it immediately.

On this occasion the author will provide information about this disease and how to give first aid and how to treat it. To understand in more detail, see the full description in the following article, 10 Ways to Treat Dogs Who Pee Blood.

1. Make sure the dog is well cared for

How to treat a dog that urinates blood is to keep his body clean, that is, keep the area behind the dog’s body to keep it clean. Trim the hair around the genitals and around the bottom of the dog, if your dog is dirty give him a bath and make sure to clean the fur down to the genital area. (Also read about how to treat a rabid dog.)

2. Make sure your dog urinates regularly

The more urine that accumulates in the bladder, the easier it is for bacteria to multiply. Regular urination will remove bacteria from the bladder and reduce infection. Ideally, your dog should have a bowel movement every 4 hours. Make sure that your dog does it even at night, do not let him hold him so that the pain he feels is reduced. (Also read about how to treat a coughing dog.)

3. Give plenty of water to drink

Blood-causing bacteria in the urine that cause toxins in the dog’s body can lead to further infections. Give your dog plenty of deep, clean drinking water, make sure the water is always full, don’t leave it empty, and always change the water to keep it clean. Just give him water, don’t give him orange juice or acid water, because too high a level of acid can cause kidney stones. (Also read about how to treat fungus in dogs.)

4. Special diet

Provide wet food that contains more water than dry food, thus providing the dog with adequate fluids and preventing dehydration. Wet food often causes the dog to produce more odorous stools when the dog poops, but it will be able to eliminate toxins and bacteria that are in its body. (Also read about how to cure epilepsy in dogs).

5. urine sample

To find out more about the cause of your dog’s bloody urine, take a small amount of urine and test it by taking it to the vet to speed up diagnosis and estimate what medical treatment it needs. Do it while maintaining cleanliness, don’t let your hands get full of urine. (Also read about how to care for a pregnant dog.)

6. Prevent recurring infections

If you continue the medication and provide the best care but the infection persists and the dog continues to urinate blood, give him a multivitamin and antibiotics as recommended by the vet to avoid an emergency or worsening of the disease.

Urinating blood many times causes the immune system to weaken and the dog to weaken and its appetite to decrease drastically, immediately ask the veterinarian the cause after a urine test and ask for recommendations on treatments that can be done at home.

7. Ultrasound exam

Take the dog to the vet for an ultrasound so that they know in more detail about the cause of the pain, when the dog urinates blood there are several possible diseases that it can suffer from, such as kidney or urinary tract infection, all of them can be clearly identified if an ultrasound examination is done because the ultrasound can see the condition of the dog’s organs to the tissues in it.

8. Nutritional Adequacy

Make sure the dog has adequate nutrition during his illness, bloody urine easily lowers his immune system, so he must have adequate nutrition to help him survive and prevent more serious illness. You must give him a healthy and clean diet with a varied menu and give him the vitamins that the doctor recommends.

You can give him a menu of food that you make yourself, for example, food that comes from chicken or beef which is cleaned and boiled until it is cooked, then give it directly to your dog so that the food he receives is guaranteed clean and Health. If your dog has a hard time eating it, then you can grind the meat and mix it with a little water so that it does not have a hard time swallowing it and it is easier for him to eat it.

9. Body and environmental cleansing

As explained above, it is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the dog’s body and environment, including the genital area or area, getting rid of the hair that surrounds the area, so when bathing the dog it must be done thoroughly, in a that no part is omitted. Make sure your dog defecates in a safe place so that its bloody urine does not contaminate its body or fur and does not contaminate the surrounding environment, so there is no risk of contaminating or endangering other animals or people around it.

Also keep the environment clean by keeping the cage clean, when you bathe the dog and he looks weak you can bathe him by rubbing his body with warm water, giving him soap, and rubbing him again until he dries as usual. Because in a weak condition it may rebel or refuse when directly bathed.

10. Hospitalization

If your dog urinates more frequently as if it is always an emergency, it is possible that your dog is urinating blood due to a urinary tract infection, these symptoms are also accompanied by frequent squatting activities such as wanting to urinate but holding back or not urinating. coming out, that is, dogs have the urge to urinate but can’t get it out.

If blood continues to come out along with the urine, the dog should be taken immediately to the veterinarian for hospitalization, the dog will be subjected to various tests, the blood in urine in dogs should not be treated by humans without a medical prescription, since if it is giving you the wrong medicine can be risky and make the disease worse.

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