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10 Ways to Treat Skin Conditions in Angora Cats
Skin diseases can attack at any time in the Angora cat, especially when it is in a condition of decreased immune system and it is in an unhealthy environmental condition, if this happens, treatment should be carried out immediately so that it does not from becoming an infection, that is by 10 ways to treat skin diseases on the skin. Angora cat below.

1. Separate yourself from other cats

The first way to treat skin diseases in Angora cats is to separate sick Angora cats from other healthy cats and from other animals or human disturbances so that they do not infect each other and so that sick Angora cats can rest comfortably. (Also read about vitamins for cats to gain weight fast).

2. Wash all the cat’s tools

If there is an Angora cat that is infected with fungus, of course the germs are likely to hang around it, so all Angora related equipment should be cleaned, from bathroom tools, for food and tools for daily use. care like combs and tools in the kitchen cage, wipe everything until clean. (Also read about the role of B vitamins for cats.)

3. Use a special shampoo

Angora cats affected by fungus are bound to keep bathing because if they are not bathed the fungus on their body will build up and not heal, so keep bathing the cat with a special shampoo that contains anti-fungals to help speed recovery. (Also read about the benefits of vitamin A for cats).

Do not forget to give him a special shampoo for cats, not a shampoo for humans and give him oral medication according to the doctor’s consultation first so that he receives perfect care and treatment, that is, from outside and inside the body and is effective. to give you healing. (Also read about how to treat flu in Angora cats).

4. Give ointment

Administer an ointment according to the skin disease Angora cat is suffering from as a way to treat Angora cat skin diseases to maximize fungal removal and prevent Angora cat from excessive activities such as scratching or rubbing the body with others. objects that can cause injury to your body. (Also read about how to relieve stress in Angora cats).

Give him ointment when the skin condition is dry and make sure the skin is clean when applying the ointment, also watch out for an Angora cat reaction like being licked or rubbed by it, calm him down and comfort him with the best ointment that helps speed up your recovery.

5. VOCs

That is, virgin coconut oil or pure coconut oil that has many benefits for the health of the skin of all living beings, including the Angora cat, the oil contains natural antibiotics that can help the Angora cat to heal from diseases of the skin and is also made from natural ingredients so it does not contain any harmful chemicals. .

6. Vaccine injection

Inject the vaccine at the veterinarian that is usually done for total cure and prevent skin diseases from returning, do and consult with the veterinarian so that the Angora cat receives maximum care and treatment so that the skin disease it suffers from be much faster. cure.

7. Body cleansing

Of course, in a state of illness, anyone will feel more tormented if he is in a dirty body condition, both from the environment and from his own body. Angora cats that are affected by skin diseases should maintain their health by keeping their body clean, bathing them regularly, and combing them so they do not mat.

When you bathe an angora cat that has a skin disease, give it a very gentle massage on the skin so that the dirt on its body is lifted as much as possible and nothing remains, do not forget to dry the body as much as possible so that it does not there are parts of the body that are still wet.

8. sun

After bathing the Angora cat, do not forget to invite him to meet the warm and healthy morning sun to relax his body and give him a feeling of fitness, dry him for a while in the morning sun that is not yet hot, which is before 8 o’clock because now at 8 o’clock it is already very hot. , you as an owner must also participate in the sun so that you understand first-hand what the sun’s heat conditions are like.

Healthy morning sun can help your recovery because it contains natural vitamin D that works to kill bacteria and prevent germs so that germs that cause skin diseases can die and disappear quickly, also pay attention not to let the Angora cat is exposed to dust or pollution and heat, do not let it dry badly. Take the best possible care of its condition and coat.

9. Environmental condition

Maintain the environment where the Angora cat lives as a way to treat skin diseases in Angora cats more optimally and quickly so that the Angora cat feels comfortable and does not feel worse due to its environmental conditions, give it a comfortable bed and smooth away from dust and away from any dirt and away from wet conditions.

Also put him in a comfortable place away from other animal disturbances but with good lighting and good air circulation so he isn’t hot and doesn’t make skin conditions worse. Give it a cool place and not too cold, keep it away from hot and dirty places.

10. Nutritious food

Whatever disease you suffer from, nutrition always plays an important role in the healing process, as well as what the Angora cat needs, the Angora cat should be given a healthy and nutritious diet according to their needs, prioritizing increasing their protein needs and prevents you from becoming dehydrated You have a strong immune system to fight skin diseases.

For proper feeding, seek a veterinarian’s recommendation to achieve the best and correct results so that the nutrients entering the body are not useless, but these nutrients can help cure Angora cats and can prevent Angora cats from they get sick more serious disease and angora cats receiving The best treatment will be a speedy recovery.

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