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10 ways to turn a stray cat into a house cat
We often see stray cats on the road, which sometimes makes us feel sorry and we want to take them home until we finally pick them up as pets.

However, the stray cats we collect are not necessarily house cats. Of course, we want a cat that is tame like a domestic cat in general.

  1. Give a cat a name

Giving your cat a name, especially if it’s a boy, will make the cat friendlier than just calling it “pussy.” Initially, the cat will be indifferent when we call it, but if we get used to calling it or fishing it by giving it food, then it will get used to it and listen every time we call it by its name.

  1. Prepare a room and a cat cage

Cats need a special place or room. Although they live indoors, cats still need a special place to rest, eat and urinate. We can educate it slowly so that the cat gets used to the place we give it. In addition, a cat cage or basket is also needed to take the cat on a trip or to the doctor. (Also read: How to make cats feel at home)

  1. Provide comfortable facilities

When the cat has its own room, don’t forget to provide it with comfortable facilities as well. In this way, the cat will feel at home in its place and will not wander, which can make the cat’s wild character appear again.

  1. Food supply and vaccination

Cats are living beings that need food for their survival. We can give special cats and adjust their diet so that the cat remains healthy. In addition, stray cats that are suddenly kept in captivity should also be vaccinated, which is not only beneficial for the cat but also for the other residents of the house. (Also read: Vitamins for sick cats)

  1. Train cats so they don’t get used to stealing food in the kitchen

Cats are often accused of stealing food. To avoid this, then, of course, the cat is given a proper and regular feed. Cats that are still hungry are sure to steal food. Cats will sleep or play when they are no longer hungry.

If your cat steals food, you can train it by clapping your hands while saying prohibitive words, such as no or not, to discourage the cat from stealing. One way to turn a stray cat into a house cat is to feed the cat outside of the kitchen so it doesn’t think of the kitchen as a food store.

  1. Train cats to stop biting and scratching

Cats are one of the animals that like to bite and scratch. If the cat does this, then there are several possibilities that the cat wants to play, a form of affection, or is angry. If the cat does this, try not to mistreat it. To reduce it, it is enough to treat it gently and gently.

Wild cats usually like to scratch something like trunks, trees, and others where this helps them to sharpen their nails to make it easier to catch their prey. To prevent our furniture from being scratched by cats, this can be done by making special places out of wood such as tree trunks, for example. (Also read: How to lengthen a cat’s fur naturally)

  1. Training a cat to use a home toilet

The next way is to give it its own bathroom so that the cat does not defecate carelessly. To avoid this, it is best to provide a tub filled with sand that can be used as a toilet. To prevent cats from littering, it can be done by placing the cat in the litter box before and after sleeping.

  • Train your cat not to leave the house
  • There are several things that cause cats to leave the house, including:
  • Lack of love from the employer.
  • A place to live that is no longer safe
  • Disturbance of other animals.

So that the cat does not feel these things, it is better that you pay attention to it, such as inviting it to play or simply caressing its fur. Avoid cats on animals that frighten him, for example, animals that are larger than he is.

  1. Training Cats Shaking Hands

We can do this exercise with food media. You can give the food with your hand slightly raised, so the cat will not only focus on the food but also on your hands. Do this continuously until you get used to it and the cat can do it without using food. We can give a reward every time our cat manages to do it. (Also read: How to take care of a cat to be pampered)

  1. Training cats to jump and climb on us

To train a cat to want to jump and climb on top of us, of course, we must know and be diligent in playing and petting the cat’s fur. Next we can do it by scratching our hands on the head and neck and then slowly practice making movements like scratching from various directions, then the cat will continue to move closer to the movement of the hand.

  1. Training cats to follow us wherever we go

An easy way to turn a cat into a house cat is to train it to follow you. By getting used to it, such as feeding it or playing with it, the cat will like to follow us wherever we go. (Also read: How to tame cats)

That’s 10 ways to turn a stray cat into a house cat and hopefully this discussion can make it easier for those of you who have a stray cat and want to turn it into a house cat.

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