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Owning a pet has now become a hobby that many people from all walks of life do. One of the most popular pets today is a cat.

Cats are very cute pets and can be a source of entertainment for their owners. In the process of raising livestock such as cats, of course there must be careful efforts to maintain the health of cats. Also read about: how to get rid of stray cats

The condition of a healthy cat can be seen through various physical and psychological characteristics displayed by the feline animal. The next 11 Characteristics of Healthy Cats that every cat owner needs to understand and can be a reference that the treatment process being carried out is correct. Also Read About: Why Cats Sleep All The Time

1. Clean the hair and do not fall off.

The first thing that can mark the characteristics of a healthy feline animal is when the coat looks clean and does not fall off. A healthy cat will regularly clean its own fur. Conditions that experience hair loss may be a sign that there are parasites or fungi infecting the surface of the skin in cats. Also read about: types of food that harm cats

2. Eyes, nose and mouth that look healthy.

Another condition that can also indicate that a cat is in good health is a condition where the cat’s eyes, nose, and mouth are in very good condition. Healthy eyes will look bright and no impurities will be found. Also read about: how to choose a cat collar

A healthy nose does not look too wet and does not look too dry and in a clean state with no signs of fungus. A healthy cat’s mouth does not smell bad and does not drool uncontrollably. Also Read About: How To Clean Cats Ears

3. Clean the ears

The next body part condition that can show a cat is in good condition is its clean ears. In addition to being clean, the cat’s ears must also function properly so that when the cat is called, its healthy condition immediately responds to the call. Healthy cats also don’t scratch their ears or shake their heads as a sign of problems in the ear and head area.

4. Active and lively

As well as being seen by some of the physical symptoms mentioned above, the characteristics of healthy cats will also be known by their active and agile behavior patterns when invited to play. In addition to having an agile behavior pattern, healthy cats will also have a good appetite so their bodies will appear plump. Puppy or cat litter will also show a healthy condition, which is brown in color.

5. Healthy gums and teeth

Other parts of the body that can also show that the cat’s condition is in good condition without any health problems can be seen in healthy gums and teeth. The cat’s teeth should appear white with no stains and should be solid or strong. Healthy gums are indicated by a pink color with no bleeding from the gums.

6. General condition

  • Normal appetite. Sick cats often eat less than usual.
  • Body temperature is between 37 and 39.2 degrees Celsius. Cats with higher or lower body temperatures are more likely to have the virus.
  • The mouth does not smell.
  • The cat litter is solid and the smell is not too strong. Sometimes a slightly liquid stool does not mean that the cat is sick, it may be due to a change of type of food or a new type of food that is not suitable for him.
  • Lively and love to play. If your normally lively cat suddenly becomes quiet, sleeps a lot, and becomes lazier, there’s a good chance he’s sick.

7. Happy facial expressions and always awake

Healthy cats are characterized by facial expressions that look happy and always awake. The cat’s happy face is marked by the cat’s eyes that look bright and do not look sad. In addition, a healthy cat will also be awake, always paying attention to what is around him to see if there are enemies or things that can scare and surprise him.

You may have seen your cat suddenly jump when something in your house fell or an unknown object was suddenly nearby. On the other hand, a sick cat will look sad with droopy eyes and crooked ears. Sick cats will also usually ignore their surroundings.

8. Kind and calm when around humans.

Healthy cats are usually calm when held or petted by humans. He will snore when he is on his lap and his owner rubs him as a sign that he is comfortable with him.

On the other hand, a sick cat will have a drastic change in behavior to become more aggressive when held by its owner. The aggressive nature comes along with his declining physical condition. So, if you notice a sudden change in your cat’s nature, it may be a sign that your cat is feeling pain in his body.

9. Clean regularly

A healthy cat will always look clean with a shiny coat and will look clean even if it has never been bathed. According to some experts, cats are in fact one of the cleanest animals and that fewer bacteria or germs nest in their bodies. On the other hand, if you see that your cat’s fur looks messy with watery eyes, it is a sign that your cat is sick.

10. Eat and drink in sufficient portions

A normal cat will always eat the right portion for its age and size. It will follow you everywhere if you don’t feed it at your regular feeding time. Also, it will continue to be noisy if you don’t immediately give it the food it likes.

Sick cats, on the other hand, will eat smaller portions than healthy cats or may not eat at all. In addition, sick cats will feel weak and limp with fur that falls off easily when handled.

11. Urine normally

A healthy cat will regularly excrete in the form of solid feces with less water content. Also, the color of normal cat feces is yellow. If your cat has diarrhea, there is usually a lot of water in the stool and the color will be black or even bloody.

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