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Batik chickens are often referred to as sebright chickens. These chickens are divided into two types, namely Canadian batik chickens and Italian batik chickens. In general, this chicken animal is called batik chicken animal because this kind of chicken animal has a pattern like batik cloth.

Canadian batik chicken has a pattern of golden feathers with a black tip. While the Italian batik chicken has a pattern of white feathers with a black feather tip. Also read about: what to pay attention to before breeding native chickens

The body shape of the batik chicken animal at first glance is similar to the kate chicken animal, what distinguishes it is the pattern on its feathers that is similar to batik cloth. This has led many people to cross batik chickens with kate chickens. Also read about: the benefits of brown sugar for native chickens

However, not many of them failed to do this test, because the color of the coat produced fades compared to the original, so the difference between the cross and the original is very clear. Also read about: characteristics of chicken cemani

In terms of egg productivity, Batik hens are diligent egg-laying hens. In a year, these hens can produce eggs up to 6-7 times, and each egg-laying animal can produce 8-15 eggs, which is a considerable number. Also Read About: Characteristics of Lingnan Chicken

However, batik chickens are not good at hatching their eggs, so many breeders use egg incubators to hatch batik chicken eggs. In addition to batik chickens not being good at hatching their eggs, another factor is that their body shape is quite small so they can only hatch a few eggs. The productive age of batik chickens is 12 months or more. Also read about: how to care for serama chickens

Currently, the maintenance of Batik chickens has increased year after year. With more and more requests for batik chickens, of course, there will also be more people getting these chickens. Of course, the competition for chickens in the market will be faster, but for those of you who raise batik chickens, don’t worry too much because you can anticipate all of that while maintaining the quality of the chickens. Following 11 Easy Ways to Earn Chicken Batik.

1. In the keeping of Batik chickens, you must be diligent in cleaning the cage, feeding and drinking places for chickens to avoid various diseases.

two. Selecting quality brooders will also affect the quality of the chickens you have, including:

  • Make sure that the offspring you mate have reached a productive period (for 1 year old hens and 1.5 year old rooster).
  • Put the batik chickens in a proportional cage (the cage with the correct number of chickens, do not put the chickens in a cage that is too full).

3. Choose male and female bulls that have bright, pleasing colors.

Four. Don’t choose a male father who is too straight.

5. Choose a chicken animal that has the same batik pattern.

Basically, keeping chickens with Italian batik and Canadian batik is pretty much the same as keeping chickens in general. Batik chickens are animals that have not been developed in Indonesia for a long time, but according to the community, batik chickens have been developed since ancient times. However, batik chickens are only owned by certain people.

In the past, people raised batik chickens as meat chickens or chickens whose meat was eaten. However, after the development of the era, people began to know that batik chickens are chickens that are more suitable to be used as ornamental chickens that have higher sales value. To keep batik chickens, breeders need to prepare all the necessities. of the cage and how to properly and correctly care for batik chickens.

6. Cage Preparation

Before making the cage, breeders and keepers should pay attention to several things, such as choosing a dry and not wet place, the cage is not easily flooded, the cage is not integrated with the house (a distance of about 10m from the house) , the cage should always be clean and clean. It has a vent to get enough sunlight.

7. making the marriage

If you want to develop batik chickens as breeders, breeders can choose batik chickens that have bright and beautiful batik patterns, linear motifs that are relatively the same size, ideal body posture, and the chickens’ body is not too upright.

Batik chickens must be raised in a ratio of 1:10. But if you want good results, you can use a 1:6 ratio. Once the eggs are laid, batik hens can produce up to 12-15 eggs, so each year batik hens can lay eggs up to 6-7 times.

8. Chick Maintenance and Cage Cleaning

The hatching of batik chicken eggs will take about 21 days. After the chicks hatched, immediately place the batik chicks DOC in the box cage that received a 40 watt light. The lamp works as a cage heater so the DOC is always hot.

9. Disease Control

Diseases that commonly attack batik chickens are caused by farmers’ carelessness about dirty chicken coops. This disease is caused by chicken manure that is rarely cleaned, the cage is too narrow, the cage ventilation is not enough, and it makes the cage damp.

The diseases that usually attack are tetelo disease, diarrhea, intestinal worms, vitamin B1 deficiency, etc. To prevent this disease, it is necessary to routinely clean the cage and immunize the chickens since the chickens are 4 days old and they can be given a vaccine so that the body of the chickens has antibodies to fight the tetelo disease.

10. Food

Food is the most important need for animal survival. The provision of good feed will affect the growth of animals for the better. A good feed must contain vitamins, nutrients, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and minerals.

In the keeping of Italian batik and Canadian batik chickens in terms of feeding, generally the feeding is the same as for other chickens. Caring for this batik chicken animal is also not too complicated. In terms of feeding, breeders and maintainers can provide food in the form of wet food and dry food.

This food comes in the form of BR or Voer, rice bran and various foods in the form of granules or seeds. To get the food, the cost of spending is not too high, the price of the food is usually priced at RP. 7,500, – per kg of it. But the price depends on each region.

eleven By keeping this chicken animal, you will definitely experience obstacles that may occur. Perhaps the obstacles that arise due to climatic factors, since in the rainy season the chickens will be susceptible to diseases. But you don’t need to worry, because by providing regular feeding and

Whether it’s adding vitamins and keeping the cage clean, you can be sure that the batik chickens you have will be protected from disease. Not many of the other breeders also spray antiseptic on batik chicken cage once a month.

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