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11 Effects of Castration on DogsOnce neutered, your pet will really need your attention. The effect of castration will affect the health of the pet dog and its ability to produce offspring. Although the method is simple, the dog will be very tired and may be uncomfortable for a while.

Even so, pets will still love you. Therefore, do everything you can to prevent infection and treat your pet to a speedy recovery by understanding what it is. 11 Effects of Castration on Dogs and how to handle it below.

1. Get more sleep

Once you get home, make sure your dog has a comfortable crate to lie down in. It is best to provide a crate that is as quiet as possible because your dog will be sleeping long after he is neutered. Check your pet once an hour to make sure he is not vomiting. Keep other pets and children away from your pet. (Also read about treating ear infections in dogs)

2. Drug effect

Always prepare drinking water for domestic dogs. However, do not feed your pet until the anesthetic wears off completely. Usually the anesthetic effect wears off at night after castration. However, many dogs experience nausea after neutering and are only able to eat very little.

even if you eat something. For a pet dog’s first meal after neutering, give him half a serving of food per day. Give the rest little by little throughout the day. (Also read about how to relieve dog trauma)

3. A little lethargic

The effect of neutering in dogs can make them a bit lethargic, but if there is continued lethargy, decreased appetite, and vomiting or diarrhea that doesn’t stop in companion dogs. Call your doctor if these symptoms appear more than a day after castration.

  • During the first 24 hours after castration, the above symptoms are not cause for concern, unless they occur in excess. (Also read about how to relieve itching in dogs)

4. Cough effect

Don’t worry if your pet dog coughs a little. The breathing tube used to help a pet dog breathe while under anesthesia can cause irritation that will resolve within a few days.

Put on a necklace that is now known as a “funnel” and is shaped like an inverted lampshade. This tool will prevent the dog from licking and biting at the wound. This is important to maintain stitches, prevent infection, and speed healing. (Also read about how to deal with constipated puppies)

5. Redness in previous castration

Make sure the castration scars on your dog’s body are completely healed. Mainly, pay attention to redness, swelling or discharge around the scar. A slight red swelling near the wound is usually normal, but call your vet if fluid or swelling appears in the scar. (Also read about training dogs not to be fierce)

6. Temporary stress effect

The healing effect must not be altered, so the dog must rest enough. Take your dog for a short walk on a leash, preferably away from other animals. Don’t let go of the reins, even in parks or fenced yards.

  • Pick a time to take a quiet walk away from other dogs.
  • If you see another pet dog, cross the street or turn to avoid bumping into it to reduce stress and reduce the chance of sudden movements.

7. Itchy scars

For two weeks after neutering, don’t let your dog fight, jump, or even run. The wound must be completely healed before the pet dog can become active again.

  • You can start letting your dog roam around the yard when the scars start to heal. However, she continues to wear the harness until the castration wound is fully healed.

8. The stabbing effect in castration

It is better if your dog does not take a bath for 10 days. Follow the vet’s instructions regarding the length of healing time. It is best to wait at least a week before wetting your dog to avoid the risk of infection.

  • If your dog is lying in the bathroom or needs to be cleaned for any reason, use a non-aqueous shampoo from the pet store. Do not allow this shampoo to touch the dog’s scar area.

9. Castration scar change effect.

Reread the dog sterilization documents. He must ensure that the castration uses a “thread that turns into meat”, which does not need to be removed and is securely fastened. If the floss is not being flossed, you may need to return to the vet to have it removed. If in doubt, contact the veterinarian who performed the neutering procedure.

  • A pet dog spaying document can prove that a pet dog has been spayed, so keep it properly. In addition, the document also shows the vaccinations the dog received and other information, such as whether the dog was microchipped (usually done in conjunction with the neutering procedure).

10. The effect of feeling calmer

If your dog is crazy and has so much energy that he jumps out the door, ask your vet if a brisk walk is okay. Always wear a dog leash when walking.

  • In the three to four days after neutering, you may want to consider taking your pet for a walk. Walk on a flat surface for no more than five minutes.

If you have another pet dog that wants to play rough with your healing dog, keep an eye on them so they don’t do this to your new neutered pet dog. Do not play war with your pet, or any other game that requires movement.

  • If you’re worried you won’t be able to control your other pet dog, try asking your friend to watch the pet dog until the stitches are removed.

11. Temporary sensitive effect

As with any major castration procedure, the patient should feel no pain. Most vets use a combination of pain relievers (opioid and non-steroidal) when neutered, returning dogs with oral pain relievers to take home.

  • Keep in mind that some pet dogs are more sensitive and may feel sicker than others. The average time it takes to use a pain reliever is four to five days, but your dog may not need it that long.
  • Do not use pain relievers without your veterinarian’s prescription.

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