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Among the many types of pets, turtle doves may not be the main choice for most people because their voices are considered too flat and monotonous. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any fans at all. There are still some people who love her, especially the turtledove, who has a melodious voice so she often wins contests.

If you are interested in having this type of bird, of course, you must first understand the ins and outs of this bird and the knowledge to care for it so that your pet dove can grow well and can sing well. For that, here they are: 11 strict ways to turn turtles into the champion of the competition which can be a reference for those of you who are interested in keeping turtles.

1. Bathe regularly

Bathing pet doves is important to maintaining the health and cleanliness of your doves. Bathe your pet turtle dove regularly by spraying it with spray. Choose a spray with the lightest tint possible. Also read about: http://benefits of keeping white turtles

It is even better if you spray it with a mixture of rice water and betel leaves up to 7 pieces to help eliminate fleas and brighten the color of your pet’s turtledove coat. Also read about: the benefits of garlic for local turtles

So every day your pet turtledove will be free of fleas and prettier. Like humans, birds also need regular baths to keep their bodies fresh and, of course, free of fleas and other nuisance animals. Also read about: the benefits of brown rice for turtles

2. Sunbathe in the morning

Just like humans, pet turtle doves also need adequate sunlight to stay cool and heat resistant. To achieve this goal, you must dry your flea regularly. You can dry your pet turtle dove every morning, from about 7 am to about 9 am, depending on the weather conditions at the time. Also read about: the benefits of mustard seeds for turtles

Don’t dry your pet’s turtledove in too hot weather because it can actually cause your pet turtledove to overheat. The principle is that your pet turtledove needs enough sunlight for its body to get used to being in the sun and cool down. Also read about: the benefits of kencur for the sound of turtledoves

3. Offer quality feed

Both animals and humans definitely need good food to support the development of their bodies. The same with the pet turtle doves you have. If you provide food that is not of high quality then it will clearly affect your pet dove.

The main food that is important for your pet turtle dove is food such as grains, grass or grains. Another alternative you can choose is corn kernels, brown rice, or a high-protein factory food mix. The higher the quality of feed you give your pet turtledove, the better the development it will experience. Therefore, do not delay in feeding your pet turtledove.

4. Provide a comfortable environment

Not only humans can get stressed because the environment is noisy and very disturbing. Animals, one of which is a pet turtledove you have, can also become stressed when you have a very harsh environment and it makes it easy to get stressed. Therefore, provide a friendly environment for your pet doves.

As far as possible, look for a quiet place, with a cool temperature and without many discomforts that can affect your pet dove. This way it will be relatively calmer so that the health and mental quality of your pet turtledove will be more awake. And finally, the sound quality of your pet turtledove will also improve.

5. Give mate

The power of love is amazing. Your flea will also grow healthy and be in a good mood if it has a partner that it likes. If your pet turtledove gets restless easily, even when placed in a quiet spot, perhaps the next course of action is to give it another bird that can be its companion.

Just try to include a female (if your bird is male and vice versa) so they are closer to each other. Well, maybe not to mate, but to find a suitable partner for them.

If they match, then your pet turtledove tends to calm down more easily and his mood will be better. Just like teenagers who find their soulmate, your love will have a positive impact on them.

Try to find a mate for your pet turtle dove if she is always restless and seems restless because maybe she is in heat but has no proper outlet. But if you have given him a mate but he is still not calm, it could mean that it is not the right one or that there are other problems that are disturbing your pet dove.

If he has managed to find a bird that is right for him, then he need not worry about his next partner anymore. That’s because pet turtle doves are loyal birds to their mates, just like pigeons. So if they are compatible with one of the birds, simply place the bird with it continuously. Things that should be imitated by humans, don’t you think?

6. Give vitamins or herbs

To increase the health and fitness of your pet turtledove, you can try giving it extra vitamins and special factory-made herbs or extra foods like Kroto, Hong Kong caterpillar and others as a source of animal protein.

You can also give saga leaves to help clear their voice once a week by feeding the saga leaf juice extract to your pet turtledove after it has twisted until it becomes a small poop and the water comes out.

7. Give fish oil

If you want your pet turtledove to perform quickly, then you need to give it several types of additional supplements so that the sound of your pet turtledove comes out wonderfully quickly. One way is to give him 1 grain of fish oil every three days. The trick can be passed directly into your pet turtledove’s mouth.

However, try to prevent your pet turtle dove from choking when you give it this fish oil because it can hurt its throat. Try moistening your turtle’s throat with water before applying fish oil.

8. Give kencur

Another additional intake that can be given to your pet turtle dove is to give it kencur along with the supply of fish oil. The trick is to spit it directly onto your turtle by peeling the skin off the kencur, then taking the inside of the kencur, then making green pea-sized pieces, and then feeding your turtle 2-3 seeds every 3 days to a week.

Please note that to give this kencur there should be a lapse of about 2-3 days from when the fish oil is given. So the order is to give fish oil first and then give kencur, if you intend to give both of these supplements to your favorite pet turtledove.

9. Give green beans

Another complement that you can give your pet turtle dove is green beans. You can give green beans by drying them in hot water until the texture is smooth, then pouring them over your pet’s turtle doves about 5 eggs per week.

Bird keepers have often used green beans to make their pet doves gacor faster. So there is nothing wrong with you if you want to make your gacor pet turtledove faster by throwing green beans at it.

10. Keep the cage clean

A comfortable house is certainly pleasant to live in. Including a comfortable cage will also make your pet dove feel comfortable living there. Try to keep your turtle’s cage clean, where food and drink are clean.

However, if your turtle drink contains moss, you do not need to clean it because the moss will help release oxygen which can help the pH level of the water to make it more comfortable for your pet to drink.

Don’t forget to clean up bird droppings, sawmill or dust that has been settling in for a long time, and other debris that can disturb your pet dove’s comfort while living in the cage.

11. Keep the place to eat and drink clean

It is also important to do to maintain the quality of food and beverages. Otherwise, no matter how good the quality of food provided is, it will not have maximum impact on the turtles. Instead, you can become infected with illnesses from germs contained in food or drink containers. Wash a maximum of 3 to 4 times a day to maintain cleanliness so that pet doves are not easily infected with diseases.

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