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There are still many people who do not realize that cats are true or perfect carnivores, that is, carnivores that can only process foods that contain proteins and fats into substances necessary for their entire body.

Therefore, the best cat food comes from meat, fish, or other sources of protein and fat, which means that cats are different from other carnivorous animals that can still process carbohydrates like dogs can digest foods that are not proteins. Also read about: how to get rid of stray cats

If we keep cats, never feed cats cat food that contains carbohydrates, because the cat’s digestion cannot process carbohydrates into the substances that the cat’s body needs. Cats can eat foods that contain carbohydrates, but their digestion cannot process carbohydrates properly, and if they consume excess carbohydrates for a long time, it can cause overweight or obese cats that are at risk of diabetes. Also Read About: Why Cats Sleep All The Time

Many people want their cats to be fat and are looking for ways to make their cats fat. Healthy fat cats are cats that are fat not because of carbohydrates, but because their protein and fat needs are met. Therefore, we must be able to choose the best cat food for our cats. A good cat food will make our cat’s animal health state excellent. The choice of cat food should not be neglected. Also read about: types of food that harm cats

In tips for choosing the right cat food, you should first consider the cat’s age, weight, activity level, and health history. Kitten food is certainly different from adult cat food, as pregnant and lactating cats need more protein than cats in general. Also read about: how to choose a cat collar

Here are some criteria that can help us choose the best pet food for cats. 11 ways to choose good cat food.

1. Whether or not you like cat animals with cat pet food

The first thing that becomes the main option when choosing cat food is whether the cat wants to eat it or not. Isn’t it funny if we buy expensive food but the cat doesn’t want to eat it? Also Read About: How To Clean Cats Ears

2. Basic ingredients

Cats are pure carnivores, which means that all of their dietary needs are obtained from meat. The best cat food is natural food, which we can fulfill by making our own meat (fish, chicken, turkey, etc.) with added vitamins. However, we are often faced with limited time and energy constraints. In addition, homemade cat food cannot be stored for too long, which will lead to nutrient damage and the risk of infection with bacteria.

In order to provide commercial cat food (food from the factory), we must realize that not all cat food is made with basic ingredients (meat) that are safe for cats. If the package does not state that it is made from human-grade meat (meat that is safe for human consumption), then we should suspect that there is a possibility that the meat is a by-product (leftovers from a slaughterhouse), or even the meat from a euthanized cat or dog. It is highly recommended to choose foods that list and guarantee that their products contain natural ingredients.

3. Protein content

Cats need food that is high in protein, especially cats at a young age. Often when we compare the protein content of canned (wet) foods to dry foods, we find that dry foods seem to have a higher protein content than wet foods.

It’s fine? The most appropriate way to compare is to compare the two under the same conditions. The percentage of protein in dry foods is not proportional to the percentage in moist conditions. For example, a dry food with a moisture content of 10% is said to contain 20% protein. This means that the dryness of the feed is 90% and the actual protein content under dry conditions is 20/90 = 0.2222 or 22.22%.

Compare to wet foods with 80% moisture content and 10% protein. The actual protein content in dry conditions is 10/20 or = 50%, more than 2 times the protein content in dry conditions! And since cats need about 40% to 50% protein content (dry basis), the wet food in the example above ranks higher than the dry food.

As a rough guide, dry foods generally contain 4 times the written percentage compared to wet foods. So for comparison, multiply the percentage level written on the wet food by 4.

4. Water content

Cats need food with a high water content. In the wild, cats feed on animals whose body consists of 70% water. Therefore, cats that eat natural food will have less need to drink. Cats that are fed dry food (kibles) and are not balanced by drinking plenty of water will overwork the kidneys. Problems that often arise later are urinary tract disorders or what are often referred to as urinary stones, with symptoms such as cats having difficulty urinating, bloody urine, urinating outside the litter box, cats often They often lick their genital area because they feel sick/uncomfortable. So, if possible, give the cat wet food, instead of dry food.

5. Low carbohydrates

Dry food generally contains high levels of carbohydrates that cats don’t really need. Unlike humans, cats require their energy from protein and fat, and are very low in carbohydrates. Therefore, the best commercial paint feed is grain free and contains no more than 5% carbohydrate content.

6. Anti-preservatives

Avoid feeding foods with harmful preservatives such as butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), propyl gallate, propylene glycol, and ethoxyquin. These materials are suspected of causing cancer in pets. Instead, choose foods that contain vitamin C and vitamin E.

7. Age and health of cats

Make sure that the cat food you are giving your cats is appropriate for their age. In addition, also adjust for the cat’s weight and the cat’s health history. Also, pet food for cats should be tailored to the type of cat you have and the level of activity your cat gets.

8. Budget

The last thing worth noting is the cost. Give quality cat food to cats according to their financial capabilities. Don’t let the costs incurred to provide food for cats become a burden.

There are so many pet foods for cats available in pet stores, please choose your cat food keeping the above explanation in mind. Of course, choose foods that have high nutritional levels such as proteins, vitamins, do not choose those that are high in fat, because it can make our cats overweight (obese)

However, apart from that we can also make our own food for our cats, of course at a lower cost. So that we can save on expenses, but still the food we make must be full of nutrition for our cats. These are the natural ingredients that can be given to cats and their benefits.

9. Meat and Fish

Beef, chicken, rabbit, raw meat can be given, but preferably cooked. Fish contains some of the nutrients cats need, but don’t give too much tuna because the levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids are quite high and can deplete cats’ vitamin E intake.

10. Egg yolk

Only the yolk can be given to cats, never give egg whites to cats.

11. cheese

Cheese is a good source of protein for cats, because it is made from milk. Give him little by little, because there are some cats that are not suitable for being given cheese, if he has diarrhea stop giving him cheese.

However, in general, the cat tends to prefer the food that it first ate as a child or the food that its mother ate. Well, for clarity and certainty, you can consult with the veterinary underwriting of him. Although they will usually recommend the food they sell themselves. Happy choosing! I hope your cat is always healthy!

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