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In fact, the presence of pets in the house can give a different feeling. Therefore, many people keep certain animals as a relief from fatigue and even serve them as friends and are treated as if they were members of their own family.

You should no longer be curious about cats and dogs as animals that most people have. Although that is not the only animal that is good to have at home. Actually, there are many options of animals that can be kept at home. One of them is a rabbit. These adorable animals are gentle and can be obedient if you take good care of them. Also read about: types of rabbits that are safe for children

This cute animal that is synonymous with carrots can easily adapt. Its calm and non-destructive nature is perfect to have around the house. In addition, it is also friendly to small children. Also Read About: Types of Food Rabbits Should Not Eat

There are 2 rabbits namely fattening rabbits and ornamental rabbits. The ones that become pets are of course ornamental rabbits, well, there are several ways to make the ornamental rabbits that are kept even more adorable, here are ways that can be applied, 11 ways to make decorative rabbits more beautiful and attractive. Also read about: how to make vitamins for rabbits

1. Choose cute, unique and interesting clothes

Ornamental rabbit lovers, of course, have or want to submit their ornamental rabbit in a decorative rabbit beauty contest, right? I am looking forward to testing the scope of our decorative rabbit in the eyes of others. Usually, to win in the contest, read also about: the benefits of cucumber for rabbits

Decorative Rabbits Decorative rabbits will also be judged by the clothing worn by their patrons. One thing to keep in mind, ornamental rabbits often don’t like to be dressed up. Therefore, the clothes you wear for your decorative rabbits should be comfortable and safe so they don’t get hurt. Also Read About: Causes of Flatulence in Rabbits

2. Choose high quality material

One thing to keep in mind, for ornamental rabbits to feel comfortable wearing clothes, the condition is that the material of the clothes is of high quality. For example, if you want to wear a sweater, then choose a high-quality knitted sweater.

Do not choose ugly and rough fabrics. Pick a stitch and knit clean. If you want to wear a themed costume, choose one that is cotton and will not fade. I am afraid that if the material wears, the textile dye may stain the delicate decorative rabbit fur.

3. Pay attention to accessories

Try not to overdo accessories in rabbit decorative clothing. The accessories used should add to the cuteness of your decorative rabbit. Make sure that each accessory does not interfere with the movement of the decorative rabbit. Avoid accessories made from rough materials, as they will shed fur and damage your rabbit’s body.

Choose the right accessories. To do this, match the color of the accessories to the color of your decorative rabbit fur. Then choose the size of accessory that fits the body of your ornamental rabbit. Don’t let accessories keep your decorative bunny from moving nimbly.

4. cute sweater

The first recommended outfit for your decorative bunny is a cute knitted sweater. The color is soft, which makes your decorative rabbit look more adorable. During the rainy season, this sweater will warm your decorative rabbit so it won’t get sick easily.

5. Pirates

Your naughty bunny will definitely suit a pirate costume. Equipped with a faux pointing arm, it will make your decorative bunny look bossy but also adorable. This costume is made with interesting details and colors, it also comes with a belt.

6. Hoodies

Decorative rabbit hoodies are often equipped with a cute hat to put on a decorative rabbit’s head. Decorative bunnies who like to obey will definitely feel right at home wearing your hoodie. For those who don’t feel at home, the hoodie can be easily removed. Pick up a cute hoodie with the Bee/Bee oodie Rabbit decorative t-shirt. The material is made of comfortable fabric for your favorite decorative rabbit.

7. ballerina

Beautify your bunny with a cute ballerina outfit. This decorative bunny t-shirt is made from a polyester/cotton fleece blend. It has a beautiful design, combining soft pink and white colors with a polka dot motif. Don’t forget to decorate the two cherries in front of you.

8. Bees

The bee costume is suitable for your ornamental rabbit who likes to jump and jump. Equipped with fake wings, your rabbit in this costume looks like it’s flying towards something. Of course, an active decorative bunny will be adorable when wearing this bee costume.

9. Keep it clean

To have a cute decorative rabbit, of course you have to keep it clean, you can bathe it regularly so that it always stays clean and don’t forget to keep the cage clean as well.

10 Brush your decorative bunny to clean dirt from its fur

Many decorative rabbits like to be brushed, and this is a great way to keep their fur clean. Purchase a brush designed specifically for decorative rabbit fur (usually softer than a brush designed for rabbits). Every few days, gently hold your rabbit while you brush its fur. Focus on the area where there is lint or dirt. When you’re done, wash the brush and then dry it.

  • Make sure to gently hold the decorative rabbit. Not all ornamental rabbits like to be brushed. If your rabbit seems startled or irritated when you brush it, stop the process and try again at another time.
  • Decorative rabbits with long fur require a little more preparation. You have to be diligent in trimming the decorative rabbit fur to about 1 inch so it doesn’t get tangled. This will help reduce hair loss and keep the coat clean.
  • If your rabbit accidentally gets its fur wet, it is very important to dry it off as quickly as possible to avoid hypothermia. You can use a hair dryer, but you should set it on a low setting and move it back and forth so the heat doesn’t stay focused on one area for too long. Check the heat emanating from the hair dryer by placing your hand between the hair dryer and your rabbit’s skin. Rabbits are also very sensitive to heat, so prolonged intense heat can cause your rabbit to overheat and die.
  • Talk to your rabbit in a calm and happy voice when you clean it.
  • Clean your rabbit only when necessary. Decorative rabbits, like cats, love to lick themselves, swallowing loose hair, so we do not have to clean them too often.

11. You should keep trimming the fur to keep it short so your rabbit doesn’t get wet.

The long fur around the anus and the bottom of the ornamental rabbit can moisturize the body of the ornamental rabbit. Shaving or trimming this area can help the fur on your rabbit’s underside dry faster and keep this area clean. Ask your vet about how to care for your rabbit breed’s coat.

Good friend, congratulations for applying to your favorite ornamental rabbit, see you in the next article, thanks.

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