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The southern starling is one of the most popular birds among songbird breeders or keepers. In daily care, supplementary food or EF is often given to increase stamina and improve health so that you have a beautiful voice and a strong physique. One of the common EF is crickets, affordable price and high nutrition are the main reasons.

These crickets actually have a good nutritional content for starlings, the content and benefits in general include protein for cell growth, fat to form meat, carbohydrates for energy sources, amino acids for antioxidants, collagen protein for extension of the cell Life,

steroid hormones for lust regulation, progesterone hormone and estrogen hormone for reproductive health, etc. For starlings consuming crickets, the calories or energy produced is around 4.87 calories per gram. This content exceeds in number of calories other types of food such as caterpillars, Kroto, etc.

So my friend, what are the full benefits in it? Why should you give southern starlings crickets? Let’s see the following full review on 12 Benefits of Crickets for Suren Starlings. (Also read about the benefits of crickets for pigeons)

  • Improve the capacity of Twitter

The benefits of crickets on starlings is to help increase the ability of starlings to sing so that they are more beautiful and melodious to listen to. If the sound produced by the starling suren is very influential from the womb (also read about the benefits of crickets on kacer birds)

protein in the body of the bird. To achieve a better chirping sound, it is possible to provide additional foods that are high in protein content value and one of them is crickets. (Also read about the benefits of ginger plants for cendet birds)

  • Increases the lust of the starling of Suren

Every songbird that will complain or dispute must have a strong mentality in addition to having a melodious song and gacor. To be able to form a strong mentality (Also read about the benefits of German caterpillars for cendet birds)

then the lust and emotions of the birds must increase. One way that can be used to help increase the lust and emotions of your starlings into a good mindset is to provide additional food such as crickets. (Also read about the benefits of papaya leaves for pigeons)

  • Make Suren Starling more powerful

Similar to the explanation of the benefits of crickets on starlings above, it was explained that crickets have a lot of nutritional content. The nutritional content contained in these crickets includes protein, fat, carbohydrates,

amino acids, collagen protein, steroid hormones, progesterone hormones, and estrogen hormones. Well, various types of nutritional content can make the starlings more powerful, especially when they fight.

  • Making Suren’s starling body solid contains

Crickets are a type of additional food often given to various types of songbirds, including southern starlings. One of the benefits of giving crickets

in starlings suren, that is, to meet important nutritional needs that are closely related to the appearance of their bodies, by giving them crickets, their stronger bodies become healthy, dense and full.

Starlings can easily absorb and digest the antioxidants contained in crickets’ bodies, these antioxidants are responsible for fighting free radicals and all the germs around them, so that they can keep starlings healthy, not susceptible to disease.

If you have a healthy body, of course, starlings will be excited to eat because they have a physical condition, it increases their appetite to maintain their stamina and starlings are always in excellent body condition.

Another benefit of crickets given to starlings is that it helps the bird to be calmer and away from stress. Calm and relaxed attitude in birds.

This can be obtained because resistance is maintained, various diseases can be avoided, and nutritional needs are always met by consuming additional foods such as crickets.

  • Treatment of a sick southern starling

Crickets that are high in vitamins can be a cure for all diseases because the cells in the body are always repaired, sick starlings can recover faster and avoid long-term illness.

If it has a good resistance, automatically the starling’s immunity will continue to increase, that is what can prevent disease, the starling will become strong and fit in any weather and condition.

  • Meet vitamin needs.

As the author explained in the initial review, crickets have various nutritional contents where the content includes all kinds of vitamins and minerals, by giving starlings crickets, their vitamin needs will be met where not all bird food can meet these needs vitamins.

  • Avoid harmful food ingredients

There are so many safe food options for starlings, ranging from instant to natural, for bird owners who don’t want to be bothered, usually just feeding prepared foods and not

giving natural food is certainly dangerous because there are many preservatives in instant food, giving crickets will provide safety guarantees for the given food.

  • Healthy bones and muscles

Not only humans need calcium intake, animals including starlings also need calcium, starlings need calcium to strengthen their bones so that they are always fit and ready in all weathers or during special periods such as periods growth and moult.

When feeding crickets, it is sufficient for calcium needs and ensures that starlings have good growth, birds grow faster and have strong bones and muscles so they look more manly.

Those are the various benefits of crickets for sure starlings, do not forget to give them in the proper dose or in consultation with a veterinarian. That’s all I can pass on, see you in the next article, thanks.

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