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12 side effects of flea injections in catsEvery cat lover certainly wants a cat that stays a cute, active and clean animal figure so that it is easy on the eyes and fun to play with.

This can be achieved by regularly cleansing the body to prevent all skin problems, one of which is head lice.

Fleas are a nuisance problem for pet owners, especially cats themselves, because they make the skin uncomfortable and can risk breaking or injuring the skin. To overcome this, there are various ways, ranging from taking manually to medication, shampoos and injections.

Flea shots are still rarely used because they must be done by a veterinarian. Flea shots are certainly not done randomly, but are based on the fleas they have and the level of danger estimated by veterinarians.

Every drug that enters the cat’s body has a friendly effect, one of them is the injection of the tick, here 12 side effects of flea injections in cats what all friends who love or have cats should know, let’s see, friend.

1. Risk of kidney pain

Flea shots for cats work by increasing the release of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the nervous system of insects, including fleas. GABA works to block nerve impulses, which results in a failure of the nervous system in the tick and the tick becomes paralyzed). Flea shots for cats have a long half-life, which means this medication lasts a long time in the body.

As with drugs and other toxins, all of these chemicals are broken down in the liver and excreted through the kidneys or feces. So if the cat’s body can’t accept it, it will make the kidneys and liver work harder and put him at risk for kidney disease. (Also read about the effects of shampoo on cats)

2. Interrupts organ growth

Since flea shots are broken down in the liver and excreted through the kidneys, they should not be given to cats before 8 weeks of age. The liver and kidneys of young cats are not fully developed. Giving too much medicine at a young age will affect the development of the body’s organs. (Also read about the effects of sedative medications on cats)

3. Allergies

Of course, not all drugs can be well received in the cat’s body, one of them is the flea injection drug, although it has been tested before administering, sometimes the cat’s body condition and health may change, so if it is in poor condition it can cause allergies. . (Also read about the effects of castration on male cats)

4. Being affected by drugs

When doing a flea injection, a light anesthetic is sometimes applied to a hyperactive cat, so a light anesthetic is applied to facilitate the action, now my friend, this anesthetic certainly makes the cat sleepy and lazy to move, sometimes it can go for a while that even though the effect of the medication has worn off, they become sluggish and inactive in the days after the tick injection. (Also read about the effects of honey on cats)

5. It does not guarantee that ticks are gone forever

Of course, flea injections do not guarantee that fleas will disappear forever, my friend, but it has to do with future care, if in the future the cat is left in a dirty state or does not have good hygiene care or can be infected by another cat. It is of course possible to get fleas again. (Also read about Pamol side effects in cats)

6. Discomfort at the injection site

If you have received an injection, of course you often feel discomfort in that area, that is what the cat feels, the cat feels uncomfortable and sometimes often licks the injected part, this can certainly interfere with activities cat daily.

7. Pain or cramps

Like humans, injections often cause pain in the area, cats will also feel the side effects of the tick injection, their body that has been injected becomes sore and they are lazy to move because they feel pain and discomfort.

8. Reduces appetite

If the cat is uncomfortable with his body, of course he will also be uncomfortable with his appetite, my friend, the cat will have less appetite, so he is at risk of losing weight. Of course it’s sad, my friend, seeing a loved cat is hard to eat.

9. The reaction of anti-lice drugs on the body

Each foreign object that enters must react with the organs and hormones in the cat’s body, the reaction for healing is sometimes something that is uncomfortable for the cat, the cat feels something strange in his body that confuses and stresses him.

10. Risk of infection

When a cat receives a flea injection and feels uncomfortable at the injection site, the cat will usually relieve the discomfort by licking or scratching, if this is done continuously it may risk infection because the injection wound has not fully closed and it receives germs from outside, so supplementary medications should be given to minimize infection.

11. Diarrhea

As explained above, injecting flea medications in cats will of course be processed through the kidneys and liver then eliminated through the feces, now my friend, by using injectable flea medications that are uncomfortable or do not react well in the cat’s body, of course the drug will be eliminated in large quantities.

and sometimes it causes the cat to have diarrhea, it is the body’s natural response to excrete the drug, of course, if the cat has diarrhea it causes alterations in its appetite and interrupts its daily activities.

12. Digestive disorder

Well friends, other digestive problems besides diarrhea are stomach upsets such as nausea, etc. because they inject fleas that enter their body, of course, the digestive problem decreases their appetite and causes discomfort in their body, so the cat is at risk of being lazy or lazy to eat.

In fact, injecting fleas is one option to get rid of fleas in cats, of course, if you want to do it, please consult a doctor seriously, mate, if there is another way, you should use another method that is more friendly and has a side minimum. Effects for cats.

That is what the author can transmit, do not forget to keep your cat clean, so that it does not have fleas and is always clean and healthy. Well friends, see you in the next article. Thanks.

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