Then you can’t miss our Terraviva Blog today! And if you already have one as a pet, confirm that everything is true. Do not miss the curiosities about ferrets that we bring you!

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Did you know…

In Spain, the ferret is third favorite pet to take care of at homeonly behind the puppies and kittens.

These little ones are sociable and, if you teach them from an early age, they are a great pet. Find out more about them below!


1. They have poor eyesight

It cannot be said that sight is the most efficient sense of ferrets, really. Fortunately, They compensate for that poor vision with their great sense of hearing and smell..

2. Are they pets or hunters?

The ferret domestication It has been developing for centuries. But, although today, ferrets are becoming the new pets, in some countries they are used for rabbit hunting.

3. Its color often changes

Due to age, environment, some disease or castration, the truth is that the fur of the ferret can change markedly throughout his life.

4. They are therapeutic

This is one of those surprising curiosities about the ferret. And it is that these precious animals are beginning to be used as an aid in therapy with autistic children for being so playful and docile.

5. Sleep is your pleasure

Up to 18 hours a day can sleep! What a good life for these little sleeping beauties…

And the funniest thing: have you observed a ferret while it is sleeping? They usually have the tip of the tongue sticking out. ¡They are very cute and peculiar!

curiosities about ferrets

6. They can spend the decade

The life expectancy of a ferret ranges from 6 and 10 yearsbut they can live up to 12 if they are in good health.

7. They are “mini” Indiana Jones (born explorers)

ferrets they are quite playful and curiousso if you let them loose at home do not lose sight of them completely because they love it loiter and get lost in their adventures.

8. They are super quiet

Ferrets usually They are extremely silent animals. but the curious thing about them is that they usually have hiccup very often. But it is completely normal!

9. Your worst enemy is heat

Not only cats and dogs suffer from high temperatures. Ferrets can also get heat stroke. Be very careful!

Here we have a blog so that we can be careful with the heat in small pets

10. Curiously fast digestion

Having a very short intestine, its digestion is very fast. As for their diet, although there are special feed for them, they are carnivorous animals, so you can’t deprive them of the meat. At Terraviva we give you the best food for ferrets. Take note!

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11. Your intelligence has reached NASA

Since they are so smart, the ferret has been employed by NASA to help them carry cables through long conduits. They are incredible!

12. Accelerated playback

They can reproduce several times during the year. Their gestation period lasts only 42 days. In addition, many young are born during childbirth (between 7 and 10).

What do you think of our Terraviva curiosities about ferrets?

12 surprising curiosities about ferrets

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