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12 tips to prevent cats from running away from home
Domestic cats are pets that love to explore new places to channel their instincts. This will make it difficult for your beloved cat to stay in the house.

This is a problem for those of you who don’t have a large yard or even live in an apartment with your favorite cat, especially for those of you who live in big cities. With compulsion, you often have to lock him in a cat cage when he is not at home.

However, locking him in a cat cage sometimes makes you feel regretful and guilty for limiting his range of motion. It can also stress and depress your cat. Well friend, to solve it without saddening your favorite cat, let’s do it in the following way, 12 tips to prevent cats from running away from home.

1. Give him some wiggle room

Don’t force your cat to stay in a cat cage. Make the home environment comfortable for your beloved cat by making various corners of the house a place to explore.

You can make your bookshelf a place to climb and relax for him. Add a pillow in the corner of the room for the bed. You can put the pad under the table or in a hidden place. (Also read about the benefits of drying cats in the morning.)

2. Provide a place to climb

Give your cat a place to climb, jump and relax indoors. You can provide small shelves, like ladders, to make it visible from a height. Domestic cats love to see things from a height.

Try to keep your cat’s space in a place where not many people pass by. The place is not a crowded place and it is a place away from noise. Crowded places will often be avoided by favorite cats. (Also read about the benefits of vitamin C for cats).

3. Meet all needs

Domestic cats have instincts to hunt, feed and sleep. For your favorite cat to feel at home in the house, you have to channel the instincts that cats have. You can give him toys in the form of balls, mice, or fur to channel his hunting instincts. You can also give a toy that can be hung for the cat to play on its own.

Toys will ease the boredom of being in the room. Don’t forget to provide a scratching place so the cat doesn’t damage your sofa. Give him your free time to play with him regularly. (Also read about the benefits of egg yolks for cats).

4. Give the outdoors a view

Give the cat a room with a window facing outside with a good view. House cats love to see things move. You can make a small receptacle for him to sit by the window and begin to pay attention to people passing by or just pay attention to the situation outside the window. (Also read about the benefits of honey for cats).

5. catnip

Catnip is a plant much loved by domestic cats. A beloved cat that smells the scent of catnip may become revitalized and act aggressively. Catnip works like marijuana on your cat, but it’s a safe plant because it doesn’t interfere with your cat’s health. Catnip is also not addictive. (Also read about the benefits of fish oil for cats).

The scent of catnip is like mint and contains a compound called nepetalactone, which can change your cat’s behavior briefly and return to normal when the effect wears off. You can give him a toy filled with dry catnip to get him excited again. But you can also grow this plant yourself at home. Catnip can also be added to your favorite cat’s milk.

6. grass

Keep your cat’s grass indoors to give it the same opportunity when the cat is outside. You can give grass seeds and plant them yourself in small pots at home. Eating grass is a cat’s natural instinct to reduce excess food in the pet’s stomach or to eliminate hairballs. Food containing hairball formula can also help eliminate your beloved cat’s hairballs.

7. Varied diet

Take care of your cat’s feeding pattern and determine the feeding time. Give your pet cat food that she likes, such as food that has a scent that might whet her appetite. However, keep an eye on the nutritional content of the foods he eats. Change feeds every few days or once a week to prevent boredom.

8. Give a playground

The playroom can be in the form of a cat tree which can be a means for a favorite cat to perform activities such as open space, jumping and climbing. You can buy cat tree products from online stores with a price range of IDR 500,000 to IDR 2 million. If you want to save money, you can make your own.

9. Make sure the litter box is clean

Provide a litter box and make sure it is clean. Give the number of litter boxes one more than the number of favorite cats. So, for example, my friend has 2 favorite cats, the number of litter boxes should be 3 pieces. Make sure to place the litter box in a place where your favorite cat spends time frequently and not where people hang out because your favorite cat also needs privacy. Also make sure that the litter box is clean, that there is no buried dirt because your cat does not like dirty places. Clean at least twice a day.

10. Make sure the cat is easy to do all the activities.

Did you know that a concave cat food dish interferes with the comfort of your beloved cat while eating? This is because the whiskers are blocked by the edges of the container. Your cat’s whiskers are very sensitive, so it is highly recommended to use a suitable feeder.

11. Provide a place to hide

Put a cardboard in the corner of the living room, leave some space on the shelf or give any place for your beloved cat to hide in the house area. Your beloved cat may feel anxious or scared from time to time. This type of hideout helps your cat deal with her anxiety or fear, but still builds trust with family members.

12. If cats keep seeing other cats outside

Try placing a bookshelf or whatever for your beloved cat to face outside. Although limited by glass, the presence of other cats outside can instantly unnerve your favorite cat. If that’s the case, cover the glass with a lattice or move your cat somewhere else.

Okay, friend, always take care of the cat you have, make sure that it is nutritionally guaranteed, the body is healthy, its needs are met and, of course, the important thing is that the heart is always happy and joyful because the friend who takes care of it must be fully responsible for their comfort and survival. Well friends, see you in the next article. Thanks.

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