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12 Ways to Care for Cucak Ijo Mini
The mini green cuckoo bird has the exact same physical appearance and feather color as the regular or larger green pet bird.

What distinguishes it is only its physical size, which is much smaller than the normal green pet bird or larger, which is why this bird is called a mini green cucak bird.

In terms of sound, the mini green cuckoo bird is also no less good than a normal or larger green pet bird. This mini green cuckoo bird is also good at imitating the sounds of other birds, just like the normal or larger green pet bird.

Green Cucak mini pet birds are found in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Although not as popular as a normal or larger green pet bird, this mini green cuckoo bird is starting to get a lot of interest because the price is cheaper, around 150-250 thousand.

Actually, in terms of quality, the green mini cucak bird is not far behind the green cucak bird, for although its physical posture is small, this green mini cucak bird has mental toughness and dares to fight compared to a bird green or normal cucak. largest pet bird (Also read about the types of diseases in green cuckoo birds)

However, due to its small physical stature, the green mini cucak pet bird loses in the volume of its singing sound. The mini green cuckoo bird also quickly adapts to its new environment and is quickly tamed, so it doesn’t take long for it to grow into a beautiful songbird. (Also read about tips for keeping more than one cucak green)

In terms of how to care for it itself, it’s also not much different from a normal or larger green pet bird because the types of food for both are also the same, namely fruits and insects. Following 12 Ways to Care for Cucak Ijo Mini plus. (Also read about how to tame the young forest green cuckoo)

1. Distinguish men and women

It is quite easy to tell the difference between adult male and female green mini cuckoo birds because the signs are the same as normal or larger green pet birds. If there is black color (mask) on the face, it means male, and if there is no black color (mask) on the face, it means female. (Also read about how to take care of the green cucak in the rainy season)

2. Condensation

I spray the mini cucak ijo pet bird from 05.00 am or before sunrise until the sun starts to shine friend. When condensed, give 3 Hong Kong caterpillars (UH). (Also read about how to hang caged green cucak cattle)

3. Take a shower

After 07:00 am, bathe the green mini cucak by spraying it with a sprinkler or let it bathe alone in the cepuk.

4. dry

After you finish bathing, feed 3 small crickets and then let them air dry until all the feathers are dry and then dry them in the sun for 1-2 hours. After finishing drying, the bird is placed in a shady place and

give fresh Kroto as much as a teaspoon. Also provide special vitamins for pet birds or songbirds to be dripped into their drinking water once a week to maintain their physical condition so that they are always healthy and diligent in singing.

5. I think and extra food (EF)

Give fruits as the main food, such as kepok bananas, papayas, apples, sapodilla, etc., alternately every day. For bananas, it is better to first spread the surface with pure honey before giving it.

6. The poor give

And to make it easier to take care of it on a daily basis, you can also feed it lean as its main food. If the mini green cucak bird is not used to poor diet (not poor yet), we can train it to eat poor.

7. Preferred Feed Processing

Buddy can process natural ingredients to become the Mini Green Cuckoo Bird’s preferred food by:

  • The bananas are removed from the skin and then softened until they turn to mush, then mixed with the poor and then stirred until combined.
  • Put the banana and poor mixture back on the banana peel, sprinkle the surface with dry poor then give it to the green mini cucak, stick the banana on top so that the spilled drops fall on the cepuk, so it will not get lost.
  • Do this method every day, increasing the portion of lean in the banana mix every day until the green mini cucak bird wants to eat lean without the banana mix.

8. Give Poor Dry

After a week of giving him a mix of banana and lean, try to start giving him dry lean in a bowl and give him no fruit food all day, only give him 3 crickets in the morning and also give him drinking water. If the bird feels hungry, the poor dry provided in the cepuk will definitely be fed because there is no other food.

9. Give PE

In addition to being poor and fruitful, the green mini-cucak bird also needs supplemental feeding (EF) to meet its protein needs, such as crickets, Hong Kong caterpillar (UH), and Kroto. Rules for giving Extra Daily Food (EF) for mini green cuckoo birds:

  • Give crickets with a ration of 3 in the morning after being bathed and 3 in the afternoon before resting.
  • Hong Kong (UH) caterpillars were given 3 heads in the morning at dew time and 3 tails in the afternoon before resting.
  • Kroto can be given 2 to 3 times a week with a one teaspoon serving. Give it to Kroto after the green mini cucak pet bird has finished drying.

10. Mastering

In order to make the mini green cucak bird have a more varied singing sound, my friend can do the mastering using the sound of the master bird, or he can also use the sound of Mp3. An effective breeding method can be done by hanging the bird in a quiet place without disturbance,

it must be done indoors if the mastering uses sound from an Mp3 player. However, if you use master birds to dominate, then it is enough to hang out with the master birds every day, either indoors or outdoors with a distance that is not too close.

11. How to Care Consistent

Do all the steps of how to take care of it regularly and consistently so that the mini green cucak bird is diligent in sound and faster, beautiful birds singing with melodious and varied songs.

12. If the Cucak Ijo Mini Bird gets stuck

To attract the mini green cucak bird that hasn’t made any sound or is stuck with the sound, you can place it near the sound of water splashing. Usually when you hear the sound of water splashing, the mini green cucak bird will immediately make a sound and after a while it will start to have a beautiful song.

Well friend, I hope you find it useful, see you in the next article, thanks.

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