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12 ways to get over a cat with seizuresSeizures in cats can begin when the cat suddenly lies down, stiffens, and then begins to convulse (i.e., involuntary muscle movements that appear as if a cat straightened its body,

paddling with the feet, raising the jaw, etc.). Cats may urinate or defecate during seizures. Seizures usually occur within 1 to 2 minutes.

Cats sometimes show special features or signs before a seizure, such as pacing, meowing loudly, or vomiting. After a seizure, the cat may be confused, momentarily paralyzed in one or more legs, appear blind, vomit, or display behavioral changes.

It’s usually temporary, although it may take a few days before it’s “normal” again. Seizure disease in cats certainly sounds terrible, right my friend? because it makes cats dangerous and usually occurs due to serious diseases related to brain work.

To deal with convulsive crises in cats, it is clear that the contribution of a veterinarian is needed for the best treatment, however, if this happens suddenly, my friend can do How to get over a cat with seizures the following first for first aid, the following in full.

1. Understand the symptoms

Seizures in cats have symptoms that are almost the same as those that occur in humans, namely becoming weak, running in circles, becoming angry, and the muscles appear to clench. The cat will tense up and search for its owner or people around it, then it will be trembling and unaware of its surroundings. (Also read about how to take good care of local cats)

He doesn’t respond to your friend’s commands either, his body stiffens, he falls, salivates continuously and loses control of his limbs. After waking up, the cat looks wobbly, tired and sleeps for a while, and sometimes there is even a cat who goes blind after having a seizure. (Also read about how to take care of cats so they don’t run away)

2. Behavior Log

Seizures are a disease that cannot be overcome alone, the disease must be treated and cared for by a veterinarian. Before taking him to the vet, you should examine and record his behavior related to his symptoms and report this to the vet when you see him. (Also read about how to care for a stray cat to make it obedient)

3. Measure body temperature

Regularly measure body temperature, usually seizures occur with high body temperature, check whether seizures occur in certain parts of the body or only in one part of the body, checks should be made when the cat has seizures, which part has the most muscles powerful. or pulsations are seen. (Also read about the function of whiskers in cats)

4. Stay away from stairs

Try to keep the cat away from stairs or high places that can cause it to fall and hurt itself, if it gets hurt it will be more difficult to heal, put it in a flat and safe place, protect it from everything that is dangerous for it, because in a seizure condition, you will lose consciousness and lose control of yourself. (Also read about the role of fur in cats)

5. Stay away from heavy objects

Protect the cat from heavy objects that may fall on him so as not to risk injuring himself or falling on his body when the cat has a seizure, give him a wide and safe place, which does not allow him to touch or be near heavy objects . This is also important to keep in mind because cats with seizures often approach and express weakness in objects around them.

6. Do not put your hand in the cat’s mouth

When a cat has symptoms of seizures starting to appear, never put your hand in his mouth to hold him, the seizures make him unconscious and he runs the risk of biting your hand, it is better to leave him or put another object that is safer in his mouth , don’t Don’t let your partner get into danger.

7. Check duration of seizures

Record the length or duration of seizures as a way of dealing with cats having seizures, this is used as a reference to look at the level of pain or how far the disease has taken you, the treatment cats are given with seizures should be able to reduce the duration of the seizures, my friend needs to record it and report it to the vet to provide the best follow-up treatment.

8. Don’t hold your body

Seizures are a natural part of brain disease or other disorders, when you experience them you do not need to be restrained by restricting your movements or restricting your body, it will only make you feel depressed and stressed, you will become weaker and much weaker afterwards.

9. Put a cloth in his mouth.

If he has seizures that are continuous and of short duration, put a cloth over his mouth so that he does not bite his tongue when he has seizures. The fabric will keep you safe, but you won’t risk injuring others. Give the fabric firmly or you can form a light rope without obstructing your breathing.

10. Avoid from other animals

Do not allow a cat with convulsions to get close to another cat, because it runs the risk of attacking and endangering the animal, place it in a special place and away from other animals so that it does not attack other animals and does not endanger itself. . A large area or free area, such as a quiet, shady backyard, is ideal for him.

11. Prevent infection

Do not forget to prevent infection in your cat when your cat has seizures or when he is weak before the seizures occur, do it by placing it in a clean and germ-free place, treat it immediately with antiseptic liquid so that the germs do not spread and infection does not occur.In addition.

12. Consultation of Medications to the Veterinarian

Seizures in cats should obtain medication and direct treatment from a veterinarian, treatment consists of complete care from food recommendations to daily oral care. Everything must be consulted with a veterinarian and you must follow all his recommendations, so don’t wait any longer, take him to the veterinarian immediately.

That’s what the author can convey, I hope it’s a useful idea, I hope that every cat we keep healthy is always away from seizures folks. See you in the next article, thanks.

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