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12 ways to get rid of fat in obese canaries
Seeing a canary that remains fat and healthy and with a melodious song is undoubtedly a pleasure or entertainment in itself, my friend, which indicates that the treatment has been carried out correctly and has managed to provide a decent life for the canary.

However, my friend, everything that is excessive is certainly not good, including the problem of fat, canaries that are overweight or have too much fat in the body, are at risk of various diseases, and canaries become lazy, lazy to move, too lazy to sing.

Of course you care, mate? Therefore, a healthy diet can be carried out so that the canaries that are kept have a healthy and proportionate body. Well friends, here are the complete tips, 12 ways to get rid of fat in obese canaries.

1. Understand the characteristics of obese canaries

  • If you blow the feathers around the belly or the base of the tail, the skin surface will be clearly visible and yellowish in color. This yellow color appears due to excess fat deposits. In healthy domestic canaries, the surface of the skin is usually pink. (Also read about how to get rid of fleas on canaries)
  • There was a large bulge around her stomach. When walking, the pet canary appears to be holding something. When pressed, the lump feels a bit rubbery and yellowish in color.
  • Domestic canaries are more diligent about feeding, but lazy about moving.
  • House canaries with a lot of fat tend to get stuck. (Also read about how to make a lovebird nest)

2. Consult for Obesity in the Canary Islands, such as:

  • Domestic canaries are always overfed, especially seed canaries.
  • The given food is less varied. For example, only in the form of voer or seeds, without obtaining additional food / extra fooding (EF). (Also read about how to get rid of fleas in lovebirds)
  • Unbalanced nutritional intake. For example, too high a fat content or too high a protein content.
  • Domestic canaries are less active/do not move much due to the narrowness of the room (cage). This condition triggers the excess fat that causes obesity.

3. Reduce feed

Reduce grain feeding and add EF-appropriate fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. For vegetables, give dark green. Grain feed can be given after being processed into sprouting seeds (sprouted seeds). (Also read about how lovebirds lay eggs quickly)

4. Stimulate the canary to move a lot

Domestic canaries must have more opportunities to move. For example, moving to a sling cage for a few hours. By moving around a lot, the fat burning process in the body can work better. (Also read about how to treat cataracts in birds)

5. Switch feed menu

Limit provision of voer or seeds for seed-feeding domestic canaries. For domestic canaries that feed on voer but are also diligent about receiving additional foods such as kroto or crickets, limit voer to one teaspoon a day and reduce or stop giving crickets and only give one cricket once every three days. Do it for two weeks.

6. Give fruits and vegetables

For pet canaries that feed on seeds, canaries for example, give only half a teaspoon of seeds and multiply the supply of cucumbers or vegetables instead. For cucumbers, simply slice a cucumber lengthwise and feed half for extra food. Do it for a week or two weeks.

7. Frequent bathing

Carry out the fat removal method in canaries with frequent baths. House canaries that bathe often will expend a lot of energy.

8. It often dries in the sun

It should be noted that the relationship between drying and handling is not direct. In the sense that drying is not a way to “melt” fat. The fat will not melt no matter how long the pet canary dries. It is that, with a lot of drying, pet canaries will only drink a lot, and less in “pecking” of voer or seeds so that they can be thinner.

9. Drink special dietary supplements for birds

The way to remove fat that has been done can be accompanied by the provision of special dietary supplements for birds. A special dietary supplement for birds is an oral solution containing carnitine HCL, sorbitol, magnesium sulfate and plant extract to help break down fat in domestic canaries that are high in fat.

10. Sports in Umbarano

The exercise exhibited will force the pet canary to move more and of course to have a proportionate body shape. Quite unlike domestic canaries that rarely or never exercise in the sling which has a fat body, it tends to be rounded and unsightly.

11. Sauna therapy

This therapy is considered a high level therapy. Where domestic canaries are forced to sweat drying themselves in the sun in a hood. This therapy is not recommended for companion canaries whose condition is not suitable, as it is related to their strength or immunity. During sauna therapy, it is best if your pet canary remains while being monitored. If the pet canary already looks weak or pale, the therapy should be stopped immediately and done the next day.

12. Take him to the vet

In major cases, for example if there is a large lump of fat on the abdomen or at the base of the tail, it is best to take it to the vet for surgery to remove the fat from the body. Of course, this is for a canary whose fat status is really bad, man.

Well friend, as additional data, a lot of fat in pet canaries must be cured, because if it continues to have a lot of fat it can cause dangers, which are the following:

  • The appearance of a lump is similar to that of a benign tumor, but it is really just a layer of fat that continues to grow, called a lipoma.
  • Failure of liver function occurs because it is blocked by fatty tissue. In the long term, this can trigger the growth of beaks and nails that continue to lengthen, decreased appetite, and wounds/infections that do not heal easily.
  • Breathing problems can occur when fat deposits interfere with the respiratory organs or air sacs of the body.
  • Domestic canaries cannot reproduce properly due to reproductive disorders.
  • It ends in death if not treated immediately.

That’s what the author can say, don’t forget to take care of yourself and the canaries you take care of, having a proportionate healthy body is certainly better and more beautiful to look at, that’s fine friend, I hope it’s useful to you, see you at the next article, friend, thanks.

that’s the report over 12 ways to get rid of fat in obese canaries

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