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12 Ways To Get Rid Of Needle Lice On Arowana Fish
Needle lice or anchor lice are large parasites that sometimes seem to attack their ornamental pet, the arowana fish.

This parasite is called needle tick disease because its body shape is similar to a needle attached to a pet arowana fish.

Also called anchor fleas because this parasite uses an anchor-like hook on its head to attach itself to the body of a pet arowana fish.

Well, my friend, of course, this disease must be eradicated so that it does not continue to attack the arowana fish that you keep, the way is to do it in the following way, 12 Ways To Get Rid Of Needle Lice On Arowana Fish.

1. Pay attention to the symptoms

Arowana fish that are attacked by fungal lice will display strange and unusual behavior. This pet arowana fish likes to rub its body against the walls of the tank and on the rocks at the bottom of the tank. Pay attention to your body

Of course, my friend will notice that there is some sort of needle-like object attached to the dorsal fin of a pet arowana fish. The object is slightly grayish brown in color and about 6 mm long. And needle-like thing sticking is disease of needle tick of adult. (Also read about how to overcome arowana fish lack of appetite)

2. Because needle fleas are dangerous for Arowana fish

Fleas, which in English are called anchor worms, are actually crustaceans that attach themselves to the body to suck blood and eat some of the cells of the pet arowana fish, making it dangerous and at risk of dying. (Also read about silver arowana fish care)

3. Remove with tweezers

The first and easy way to treat needle tick disease in pet arowana fish is to remove it with tweezers, you must remember to be careful when removing it. This is because if you are not careful, your pet’s skin will tear, this is caused by a needle lice disease web that is hook-shaped and sticks together. (Also read about how to make arowana fish big and fast)

4. Give antibiotics

After you have successfully eliminated it, immediately add antibiotics to your pet arowana fish in your pond or aquarium. These antibiotics can be purchased at your nearest arowana pet store. (Also read about how to keep arowana fish in an aquarium)

5. Always clean your aquarium regularly

Parasites can breed in the aquarium because your aquarium water is dirty, many diseases can soon attack your pet arowana fish. Also, your pet arowana fish will be easily stressed and unable to move nimbly. (Also read about the most profitable fish farming)

This will make your pet arowana fish look less than beautiful because the color will not be clearly visible and less attractive. At least the aquarium is cleaned once a week, if possible it is better to install a water cleaning machine so as not to manually clean it again.

6. Sterilize your pet Arowana

To overcome needle lice disease in pet arowana fish, the next step is to sterilize your pet arowana, the method is as follows.

  • Prepare an open jar filled with water.
  • Next, move your pet arowana fish from the aquarium to the jar.
  • Clean the aquarium by washing it.
  • Put clean water in the aquarium.
  • After that, add antibiotics for pet arowana fish so needle lice disease develops slowly.
  • Then return the pet arowana fish you put in the jar to the aquarium.

7. Addition of abatement powder

Who would have thought that abate powder, usually used to eradicate mosquito larvae, turned out to be able to overcome needle flea disease on your pet arowana fish? The method is quite easy to do.

Simply add abate powder to the tank where your pet arowana fish is kept, but keep in mind that the dose of abate powder added should match the water capacity of your tank. If the reduction powder you add is too much

and passing the capacity of water in the aquarium can cause your pet arowana fish to die too, since you know that this dust contains dangerous toxins.

8. Pick lice from needles by hand

Adult needle lice have a body size large enough to be visible to the naked eye. Actually, overcoming the attack of adult needle lice disease is very easy. What you need to do is remove the tick from the body of the pet arowana fish. Lice can be removed directly with your fingers.

9. Make sure that the head of the needle lice does not remain on the body of the Arowana fish

When removing needle lice, you must be careful because if the head is left on the body of your pet arowana fish, it can cause secondary infections. So try to remove the needle lice until all parts of the head are inside the body of the pet arowana fish. Plain language is ripping to the roots.

10. How to prevent infections

After the needle lice are cleared from the pet arowana’s body, administer pet arowana antibiotics in the aquarium so that the pet arowana avoids infection as the author described above. The antibiotics administered by pet arowana can be tetracycline, amoxicillin or something simpler

and readily available such as methylene blue which is widely sold in pet arowana fish stores. The area where the needle lice attach will usually be blistered and whitish in color, but after a few days of antibiotic treatment, the scar will heal and return to normal.

11. Make sure the pH of the water is normal so that the arowana fish recover quickly

Another thing to pay attention to when curing arowana fish is that the character of the water in the pond or aquarium should always be clear and try to keep the water flowing. Thus, you must make a filter for your pond or aquarium, you must also always maintain the pH level in the water, which is 6 or 7, neither more nor less because it is not good for arowana fish.

12. Provide nutritious food

For the food or meal given to sick arowana fish, it should be a combined pellet containing 32% protein and a variety of live foods in the form of carp, shrimp or chunks of meat and small crabs. Food is given at a size of about 2 percent of the arowana fish’s body weight every day, divided into 2 feeding times in the morning and evening.

That is what the author can transmit, hopefully it will be useful, see you in the next article friend, thanks.

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