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12 ways to remove tartar in dogs
In Indonesia, dog tartar is often found in dogs from the age of 2 years. This is caused by the humid weather and also the lack of conscience of dog owners to keep their beloved dog’s teeth clean.

A dog’s tartar buildup can cause various problems, such as a dog’s teeth becoming loose or falling out prematurely, and can also lead to conditions such as heart disease.

Dog teeth that have tartar are also a nest of bacteria, so the mouth of a dog that has tartar becomes very smelly, of course, it will bother you too. Therefore, it must be overcome as follows, 12 ways to remove tartar in dogs.

1. Tooth scaling

Tooth descaling requires special equipment like a dentist’s tools for dogs that have human tartar. For dogs that have tartar there is a difference because it follows the dental structure of a dog which is different from that of humans. (Also read about how to get rid of fear of dogs)

Dogs with tartar must be anesthetized when scraping the teeth. For dogs that have aged tartar, the doctor will first check the blood and use an anesthetic that is safe for dogs with aged tartar. (Also read about how to get rid of bad breath in dogs)

Sometimes a dog with tartar is not put under general anesthesia but is semi-conscious, just so that the dog with tartar will not have a problem cleaning the teeth. Tartar cleaning for dogs that have tartar should be done once a year from the age of 2 so that the dog’s teeth remain strong and healthy in old age. (Also read about how to get rid of hair loss in dogs)

2. Brush the dog’s teeth

It is not necessary to change dog food that has tartar in it to prevent or heal sore gums. To remove plaque, it is enough to brush the teeth of dogs that have tartar. Brushing a dog’s teeth that has tartar can be done using dog toothpaste or just plain water or children’s toothpaste (choose a fruit-flavored one). (Also read about how to get rid of worms in puppies)

There is no need to use a dog toothbrush, just use a piece of cloth wrapped around your hand and rub it over the surface of the dog’s teeth that have tartar. Even if you can’t reach between a dog’s teeth with tartar, this is much better than doing nothing. We recommend that you brush your dog’s teeth with tartar regularly, once a week or once a month at most. (Also read about how to get rid of wounds in dogs)

3. Give real bones

Nylabone or artificial bone to chew Dogs that have tartar. Many dogs with tartar who chew bone regularly have significantly less plaque than dogs with tartar who chew bone less frequently.

4. Give chew toys

Chew toys that have a rough surface can also rub the surface of a dog’s teeth that have tartar and massage the gums of a dog that has tartar.

5. Take your dog to the vet for a dental cleaning every year

Clean the teeth of dogs that have tartar regularly every year from the age of 3. The vet can clean a dog’s teeth with tartar without injecting anesthesia, if the dog’s behavior with tartar is sweet enough. If your dog’s tartared gums bleed while chewing on the bone, you should immediately have your dog’s tartared teeth checked by a veterinarian.

6. Give healthy food

Give raw fruits such as carrots and whole apples so that chewing the pulp can brush the teeth of dogs that have tartar.

7. Give a snack with ingredients for dental cleaning

It is highly recommended to give dogs teeth-cleaning snack products containing tartar on a regular basis. Choose products sold by well-known food and snack manufacturers for the best results. For dog teeth that have tartar that has accumulated a lot of plaque and tartar on the molars, so that the color of the dog’s teeth turns greenish brown.

Dog tartar is cleaned by a veterinarian who has the facilities to clean dog tartar. Dogs with tartar who like dry food and always receive regular dog tooth cleaning snacks from a young age can reduce the risk of damage to dog teeth with tartar by up to 70%.

8. Avoid acidic foods

Dogs that have tartar that are fed natural foods such as meat, eggs, or dairy products that contain amino acids are at great risk of damage to the teeth of dogs that have tartar, such as plaque or tartar growth, which can cause bad breath because amino acids contain sulfur that can damage the teeth of dogs that have tartar.

9. Make sure the dog is comfortable when brushing its teeth

  • When brushing the teeth of a dog that has tartar, it is not necessary to rinse his mouth. Because dog toothpaste contains enzymes that help prevent the formation of plaque and tartar on dogs’ teeth.
  • Never yell or make loud noises when brushing a dog’s tartared teeth. This can cause a dog with tartar to refuse if asked to brush his teeth again.
  • Always give praise after brushing a dog that has tartar.
  • For maximum results in removing or preventing the appearance of tartar in dogs that have tartar, do it regularly and as often as possible.

10. Prepare for every dog ​​brushing

Prepare the necessary tools to brush the teeth of dogs that have tartar. For this, you only need a dog toothbrush and a special toothpaste for dogs that you can get at the nearest pet store. What needs to be considered when cleaning a dog’s teeth that have tartar is the size of the dog’s toothbrush that fits the size of the dog. Also, use a dog toothpaste that has a safety guarantee so that dogs with tartar do not get poisoned.

11. Make dogs comfortable

When brushing your dog’s teeth for the first time, slowly get used to your friend’s hand on his mouth, touching his snout and lip area with your fingers. Do this until the dog with tartar feels comfortable and used to it.

12. Familiarize dogs with toothpaste

Apply a small amount of dog toothpaste and let the dog with tartar lick it off. This will allow dogs with tartar to get used to the taste and texture of the toothpaste. After the dog that has tartar gets used to it

Using dog toothpaste, slowly insert your finger into the dog’s mouth with tartar and rub gently so that the toothbrush is easily accepted by the dog with tartar. If done regularly, the tartar on the dog’s teeth will disappear.

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