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12 ways to stop cats from fighting
Do you have several cats that do not like each other or always fight every time they are in the same room? Cats are territorial and aloof by nature and may not like it when a new cat walks into the cat’s place.

But with a few changes to your cat’s place of residence and suggestions for handling conflict or disagreement well, your cats may become friends or at least eventually be able to tolerate each other in the following ways: 12 ways to stop cats from fighting.

1. Let cats meet other cats

Let the cats sniff each other before they meet. Put the new cat in a separate room so the other cats can smell it through the door. you can use the bathroom if there is no other free space. (Also read about how to make a cat comfortable in a cage.)

Give the old cat a new cat-scented object and let the cat sleep with it. The ideal object for this would be a scented t-shirt on which the new cat has sat. The smell of fellow readers acts as an intermediary for old cats to gradually get used to the smell of a new cat. (Also read about how to get a cat to eat dry food.)

2. Let the cats get to know each other

Let the cats observe each other before physically meeting. If you plan to get a second cat or add a family of cats to your home, you need to make sure these cats get along by introducing them well. This means allowing cats to see each other before touching or interacting with each other. (Also read about how to make a sick cat want to eat)

3. Give him a different place or cage

Try putting the new cat in the cat crate and place the crate on the floor so the old cat can sniff and investigate without chasing the new cat. Alternatively, use a baby fence that is at least 100cm high.

Place this fence at the entrance to the new cat’s room so the new cat stays in his room and doesn’t interact with the old cats. (Also read about how to make our cat love us).

Let these cats show themselves. Then praise and reward with treats if no one attacks or shows signs of aggression, such as hissing. Make sure the cats see each other five or ten times in a row, two or three times a day. (Also read about how to make a cat happy.)

4. Understand cat body language

Pay attention to the cat’s body language. Before allowing these cats to physically interact with each other, you need to make sure the cats are used to each other through smell and sight. Cats should appear relaxed and calm when they see each other and feel good when they are together for long periods of time.

5. Separate if you both feel uncomfortable or whistle

If one of the cats starts hissing, growling, or looking uncomfortable, move one away from the others. Keep the baby gate closed so the cats can’t interact with each other.

Always stop before something happens and don’t force the cats to get along with each other. Patience is key because it can take some time before your cats accept each other.

6. Invite to play together

Invite the cat to play together. When your cats start to get comfortable seeing and smelling each other, you can encourage them to interact. Use a cat rope toy to play with the cat at the same time. We recommend that you also give each cat a toy. This will help cats associate playtime with being around each other.

7. Get off track if the cat is aggressive

If one of the cats starts to act aggressive, use a wind-up toy to distract it and direct your cat’s attention elsewhere. However, if both show aggression or tension, separate the cat and return it to a separate room. Never let the cat play alone until he is comfortable and accepts each other.

8. Give rewards when cats don’t fight

If the cats play well together, reward them with praise and treats. It is important to always reward these two cats so that the cat realizes that cats are the same and that no one is more loved.

9. Give yourself a place to eat

Give each cat a different toilet, food bowl, and bed. Providing each cat with a toilet, food bowl, and bed will prevent the cat from feeling competitive and reduce stress. Try to make sure that each cat’s litter box, food bowl, and bed look identical so that one doesn’t appear to be more loved than the other.

10. Don’t put it in one place

Place the feeders far enough from each other so that the cat can eat in the same room but in different areas.

11. Stop if cats physically fight

Stop the fight by clapping your hands or pouring water from a bottle. Don’t let your cat readers fight to solve the problem. Cats are not very good at solving problems by fighting, and this often makes conflict worse. Stop the fight by clapping your hands loudly or shooting water from a water bottle or squirt gun.

12. Do not break up with shouting or rudeness!

Don’t yell at the cat if you want it to stop fighting or show aggression by throwing objects at it. This will make him feel more stressed and possibly even more combative. Try to calmly break up the dispute. You can try to distract the cat with a toy to prevent the fight from happening again.

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